Milky White Nails Are The Sleek Alternative To Bold & Bright Warm-Weather Manis

Bold and bright nail polish has been a staple for spring and summer forever, but this year, it's getting a much-needed upgrade. Introducing milky white nails — the sleek alternative to the classic colorful manicure. While we love bright blue nails for summer, it's time we tried something else. Though the milky white shade is chic and mature, it's still totally appropriate for warm weather. White nails are a common summertime trend, so it only makes sense this new mani is becoming a big thing for this summer.

The biggest difference between a standard white polish and a milky white is the vibe. The milky option is more sophisticated and classy (though there's nothing wrong with the standard shade). As far as designs go, you can never go wrong with a simple nail, but we're also going to show you decorative versions you can use to create your perfect milky white manicure.

The classic milky white

Simple, chic, and sophisticated, the classic milky white nail polish is an absolute dream. It complements any skin tone and goes with literally any outfit. Because it's so classy, it's perfect for fancier occasions. The last thing you want to do is show up to a wedding or work event with neon green nails.

Accent nail

Bold and bright or milky white, an accent nail is always a good idea. The ring finger is the usual choice to place the accent, but feel free to choose whichever finger you like. For a more subtle look, choose a design that blends with the milky white polish like the one you see in the photo. Of course, if bold designs are more your thing, that's okay too!

Subtle speckle

Adding a speckled top coat onto the milky white polish is fun without being too much. It's a barely-there look, so the milky white shade can still shine through. If you want a more saturated look, apply a few coats of the speckled polish to really amp up the wow factor.

Cutesy design

If the classic milky white nail is too plain for your taste, add a cutesy design! You still get the tone of the sleek polish, but the design shows off your playful side. Apply it to one finger or the entire hand — there is no right or wrong answer. We personally love featuring a design on the pointer and middle fingers. It's a fun take on the typical accent nail.


If you thought the marble nail manicure was long gone, think again. This gorgeous design is not going anywhere soon. Incorporating marble into the milky white manicure adds a new element but maintains the classiness of the polish. For an extra pop, opt for a glitter gradient toward the bottom of the nail. Again, it's fun but still chic and sophisticated.

Pink tint

Believe it or not, this milky manicure isn't exclusive to just white. Choosing a nail polish with a pink tint offers the same effect. Think ballet-slipper pink. The key is to pick a polish with that milky, creamy finish. Otherwise, you won't get that sleek aesthetic you do with classic white.

Glitter gradient

You know what they say — when in doubt, add glitter. You don't need to have plain nails to participate in the milky white trend. In fact, we encourage you to tailor your manicure to your personal style. If you like girly and feminine nails, add glitter! However, to ensure the milky white base comes through, consider a glitter gradient instead.