The 'Milky French' Manicure Is The Creamiest Take On The Classic Nail Look

The beloved French manicure may be the most timeless classic of them all when it comes to nail style trends. Over the years, we've seen new and exciting iterations of the Frenchie, including ombre, side-tip, v-tip, vanilla, and reverse varieties. Now, there seems to be a new version of this tried-and-true manicure in town. Behold, the milky French manicure: a softer, opaquer version of the nude-based, white-tipped classic.

If you're a diehard French mani devotee but are starting to crave just a bit of change, this is the trend for you. You can keep your milky French manicure as classic as possible or you can take a step out of your comfort zone by adding a pop of color, embellishments, or trying out a new shape. If you're still on the fence, take a look at this collection of inspiring milky manis that will have you running to the nail salon. 

Classic nude oval

If you're in the market for a slightly trendier version of your classic French mani, start out by trying a simple oval or almond-shaped milky variety. You're looking for a nude base that matches your skin tone, is slightly less sheer than the classic version, and features a less harsh line between base and tip. 


Not a fan of long nails? No worries; even the shortest of nails can join in on the milky French trend. Micro-tips, also known as a baby French manicure, feature a milky nude base covering the vast majority of the nail. Then, a teeny, tiny white tip is applied, followed by a high-gloss top coat. 

Long and embellished

Have you ever been accused of having a flare for the dramatic? Make your milky French mani match your high energy by going extra long and sharply square. Then, pick your favorite nail and go extra with embellishments like jewels, stenciled art, polka dots, hearts, or pearls. 


A classic French manicure's nude base is meant to match your skin tone as closely as possible. When you're embracing a new style like the milky French, however, there's no reason not to bend the rules. If you love pink, show it by requesting an extra-pink milky base. It's more important that your nails make you happy than it is to adhere to tradition. 

Square and sparkly

Looking for a little extra pizazz as you make the switch to the opaque style of a milky French mani? Make it sparkle by requesting a splash of glitter added to the base color. Keep it neutral with gold, silver, or rose gold, or stand out from the crowd by choosing your favorite bright color.

Mixed accents

If you're the type to put your own unique spin on every trend you embrace, a milky French manicure is a perfect blank canvas. Any theme you choose can be applied in the form of full accent nails and/or decorative tips mixed in with the standard nude and white. 

Pale and softly squared

If you're a fan of all things soft, delicate, dainty, and demure, opt for a milky French mani in a light pinky neutral and a square shape. Slightly rounding the edges of the squares provides a softer, more delicate aesthetic that's fit for a true vanilla girl.