The 'Vanilla Girl' Is TikTok's Latest Covetable Aesthetic

As TikTok continues to rise in popularity and create hyper-specific, algorithmically-generated feeds, we've seen quite a few trending aesthetics come and go, from the relaxed coastal grandmother to the quirky frazzled English woman. In stark contrast to trends of the past, however, these niche aesthetics encompass an entire lifestyle, not just a few key clothing items, and the popular "vanilla girl" vibe is no exception.

This look, popularized by TikTok videos like one from creator Bianca Cristino, is described as an offshoot of the classic clean girl aesthetic with some coquette-ish, cozy, and feminine elements mixed in. This girl is on top of her work, prioritizing comfort and health, and is always surrounded by fuzzy cream tones with a homemade iced vanilla latte in hand. If you want to see if you can incorporate this aesthetic into your daily life, or if you're still curious about what exactly makes up the vanilla girl vibe, we're here to lay out some specific pieces and key elements of this style.

Cream and tan tones

The most obvious place to start with this aesthetic is the color scheme, and, unsurprisingly, it involves a lot of white. Followers of this look frequently fill their homes and closets with simple creams, beiges, and tans, using texture instead of color to bring some more variety to the final product. Sticking with neutral tones is a great way to create an instantly cohesive, relaxing look, so this is an easy practice to incorporate into your own life.

Cozy knits

One of the primary tenets of the vanilla girl look is comfort, and, especially during the colder months, knitwear is the way to go. Cozy sweaters in clean, simple cuts bring femininity, softness, and a bit of understated elegance to an outfit. It'll instantly leave you feeling more put together, even if you're just lounging around the house. Consider incorporating supple materials into your interior design, as well — trendy, fuzzy chairs, knit blankets, and simple, cream-colored throw pillows can help you embrace the vibe of this aesthetic throughout your day.

Simple makeup

You've likely already seen the glowy skin, cream blush, and brushed-up brows of the clean girl makeup look, and the vanilla girl aesthetic is following in its footsteps. This skincare-first approach to beauty will leave you with a natural, timeless look that features just enough product to make you feel put together and polished before you face the day. Look to minimalist brands like Glossier for some popular products like liquid blush, lip oils, and barely-there skin tints.

Polished, blown out hair

After the rise in popularity and ease of use of the Dyson Airwrap and other similar stylers, blowouts have found their way back into people's everyday beauty routines. The vanilla girl aesthetic works with a myriad of different hair types and styles, but by far the most popular is the layered, blown-out look a la Rachel Green from "Friends." Soft, bouncy volume, coupled with simple makeup and a monochromatic, neutral-toned outfit is sure to make you feel like a true vanilla girl. 

Cohesive loungewear

Even if you're just going about your chores or relaxing after a long day, the vanilla girl aesthetic offers a simple way to feel more cohesive: matching loungewear. Throwing on a pre-paired set or simply combining two pieces in a similar color palette can help you break out of your big tee and pajama pants habit without sacrificing comfort. Toss your hair up in a claw clip, throw on a cream sweater and biker shorts, and, suddenly, you're ready to romanticize even the most mundane day.

Finish off with a warm scent

Everything else in the vanilla girl look is about channeling the popular product's vibe — soft, warm, simple, feminine — but when it comes to scents, you can get a little more literal. A nice candle, elevated perfume, or comforting body wash can help you top off the perfect cozy cream look. One of TikTok's favorite luxury products, the Dipthque Vanille Candle, is the perfect example, but even something as simple as a dab of perfume oil on the wrist can complete the full vanilla girl picture.