All The Outfit Inspo You Need For A Coastal Grandmother Fall

You've met the preppy academia girl, the "that girl," and the soft girl, but now it's time for you to meet the coastal grandmother: fall edition. In early 2022, the coastal grandmother aesthetic emerged and became everyone's favorite aesthetic. The coastal grandmother embodied a mature woman living in her beachfront home and tending to her garden. On this celebrity stylist Cindy Conroy explained to The Zoe Report, "Everyone wants to completely detach [from reality] and wrap themselves in comfort. We've earned a summer uniform that doesn't consist of tight clothes and stilt-like heels. Instead, cardigans, relaxed button-downs, and khakis let us live a chill summer of leisure. Think ocean breezes that lull you into the best naps, beach strolls at sunset, and gardening. All the good stuff." 


While this style made its splash in the spring and summer, the coastal grandmother can also make her statement in the fall. For fall, the coastal grandmother is still enjoying the little things in life and taking pleasure in all of the small moments. Even if she resides in the hustle and bustle of the city, she still finds time to find her inner peace. Whether you love the entire aesthetic or the fashion, the coastal grandmother style is about relaxation and tranquility. As TikToker Lex Nicoleta points out, it's more about the way you see things rather than anything else.

Monochrome outfits

One of the essential pillars of the coastal grandmother style is a monochrome palette. While this style tends to lean more towards neutrals and lighter hues, it's still easy to get the look. Influencer Heidi Kai shows off on Instagram how to pull off the coastal grandmother look effortlessly by just going for a monochrome look. If the idea of styling stands in the way of you and this style, all you need is a one-toned look. This white-colored outfit is perfectly within the typical color palette you see for a coastal grandmother. For fall, you can easily achieve this same look by adding another white piece in the form of a sweater or cardigan.


Another fan of this look is actor Anne Hathaway. Hathaway took to Instagram to showcase her love for the coastal grandmother trend. The actor also went for an all-white combination, complete with a white button-up and white pants. To break up the color, Hathaway went for a pair of black sunglasses and a tan hat. The entire look is ready for a day of either gardening or running errands.

Coastal grandmother partywear

While you usually find them relaxing near the beach with a glass of wine, a coastal grandma is always ready for a formal night out. Whether you have a holiday or event, there are ways to bring coastal chic to your look. One of the vital things to keep in mind is that the coastal grandma is all about being comfortable. Though refined, she will always be the most comfortable in the room. With that in mind, you want to choose a painless party outfit. Influencer Anna Page shows on Instagram how to achieve this balance by simply going for a long sleeve midi knit dress styled with a pair of tall boots. Knits are vital in the coastal grandmother aesthetic, and including that in your wardrobe means you don't have to worry about stiff fabrics. The addition of tall boots adds a touch of refinement and elegance.


Christina Kacollja shows on Instagram how you can make even an elegant black slip dress into a chic coastal grandmother outfit. By adding a thin cardigan on top of her black dress, the entire look is comfortable but still ready for any event or party. This look is ideal for any chic coastal grandma who might be on their way to date night by adding a pair of black heels.

Casual, running-errand looks

Finding a balance between refined and comfortable is key to achieving the coastal grandmother look. That's why you want to fill your wardrobe with items that can check both boxes. Brittany Leighball showcases on Instagram how a simple oversized button-up can do the task of looking polished yet casual. By going oversized, the button-up is less dressed up and becomes more of a relaxed look. Pairing the oversized button-up with loose-fitting pants makes this outfit look more put-together and elegant.


Stylist Emily Henderson adds that loose button-ups and bottoms are items you need to have in your wardrobe if you want to achieve this look. Henderson mentions that an oversized button-up will go perfectly no matter which bottom you choose, making it a versatile item. A pair of loose-fitting bottoms in white is essential as it's a core piece in any coastal grandma's closet. If you want to achieve this look, try grabbing these pieces in a linen fabric, making them more relaxed and casual. This combination will have them for whatever the day has prepared for them. 

Chic and cozy outfits

Although the fall season means colder weather, it doesn't mean you can't have sunset beach visits. Since the coastal grandmother loves to enjoy those quiet, simple moments, you need to be ready for those chilly evenings. Lydia Millian shows on Instagram how something as simple as a long-ribbed cardigan can be the perfect thing to wrap yourself in during the fall season. Millian's ribbed cardigan is a cozy knit that you can sit back and relax all evening long. Complete with a basket bag, Millian's look is perfect for those days you want to soak in all the nature.


When creating a cozy coastal grandmother look, keep in mind your outerwear. Like Millian did with her duster cardigan, you want to have something that will keep you warm all around. Stitch Fix reiterates how important a loungewear look is for the coastal grandmother trend. While keeping it polished, making it look like you are always lounging is essential for the aesthetic. Stitch Fix recommends having a long kaftan and cardigan in your closet for those chilly moments.

Coastal grandma at work

Although we would all like to be relaxing by the beach, there are some times that you need to get ready for the office. When styling the coastal grandmother look, you can't go with anything too structured, or it will take away from your comfortable and relaxed vibe. @Bytrendyprep on Instagram shows us how you can achieve this by simply swapping out your fitted blazer for one that is loose and oversized. Even though she wore hers to the beach, this same look can get replicated for your work days. Complete with jeans, ugg slippers, and a hair clip, this look is the epitome of looking relaxed but still polished.


Another way you can bring some coastal grandmother style into your work is by adding some stripes. In fact, Rachelle from @shadesofshell on Instagram captures how a simple black and white sweater can give you that nautical look reminiscent of a coastal vibe. You can make this more coastal by making it into a half-zip sweater, bringing in more comfort and coziness during your work day. Finish the office look with a pair of white trousers to get the same aesthetic that is office-appropriate.