The Metallic Spin On Ombré Nails You'll Want To Try At Your Next Mani Appointment

Everyone knows that ombré nails are some of the chicest and most timeless nail designs you can get. They're an instant classic that's relatively easy to achieve. A set of ombré nails can take you from a casual day to the most sophisticated night out. While it's true that ombré nails are enough to add some extra flair and style to your nails, there's a new nail trend that's putting a modern twist on this stylish design. Metallic polish is here to turn your ombré nails on their head. From fashion to beauty, metallic has become highly sought after for its edginess and coolness. It was only a matter of time before this chic new trend landed on your nails. Metallic nails have shown up in various forms in nail designs, but this unique twist is ready to make a statement. 

To get metallic ombré nails you simply need to add a little bit of a chrome shine to your nails for some extra glam. Following the same steps you would take for regular ombré nails, simply swap out your second polish for one in a metallic shade or one that contains high quantities of shimmer. While you may need several coats to get a true metallic finish, it's a simple design that anyone can do. For optimal results, you may want to head to your salon to get your picture-ready metallic ombré nails for the season.

Subtle metallic ombré finish

Minimalism is a style that has grown in recent years due to its simplicity and cohesiveness. Adopt this trend subtly by adding a faint metallic ombré finish to your tips that will give just a hint of the design. Instead of going head first on the trend, try a light coat that is subtle enough to match your style but will still be apparent enough to make a statement. Choose a dark neutral shade to fulfill your metallic ombré to better go with your minimal wardrobe.

Long metallic ombré nails

One of the most fun aspects of nail design is the fact that you can play with nail length and shape. No matter what the trend is, you can always count on it being adaptable enough for longer or shorter nails. Metallic ombré nails are no exception. With a longer length, you have more room to play with a metallic ombré tip. Since this trend only needs space for two colors, you can use your natural nail shape and length or opt for acrylic nails with a different shape. It doesn't matter whether you have oval, almond, or coffin-shaped nails, this nail trend will look stunning regardless.

Less glitter, more metallic

Don't worry if shimmer and glitter aren't your favorites, you can still rock the metallic ombré nails. Instead of adding a shimmering coat on top of your ombré coat, simply stick to a metallic tone to complete this trend. For your ombré polish, ensure the metallic shade is the perfect silver or gold shade to get the exact look. Let each coat dry before adding a new layer to ensure you get the most authentic look.

Go bold with metallics

Doing your nails and creating these designs are all about having fun and showing off your style and creativity. Give a twist to this new trend by incorporating some fun high-shine metallic colors. We all know the typical metallics tend to gravitate towards silver and gold, however, that doesn't mean you can't introduce some fun colors. Blues and pinks are the perfect metallic shades to add if you want to add some fun pops of colors to your nails. Opt for a shade with a metallic finish to get the complete look.

Mix and match shades

While this trend has mostly been rocked by using a nude tone with metallic shade for the ​​ombré coat, there's no reason why you can't play around with colors. Instead of sticking to a typical ombré transition, opt for two bright and bold colors to get your metallic ombré design. Combine two bold but similar shades for the ultimate color blocking and ombré combination. Choose the darker shade to create your metallic ombré finish and you are ready to make a splash with your fun nail design.