Oval Nails Could Be The Best Shape For Older Hands

With effective makeup skills, the use of good skincare, and timely adoption of cosmetic procedures, one can effectively delay the aging process on the skin. However, a dead giveaway of one's age, according to a study published in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is one's hands. The study's findings revealed that people can accurately guess a person's age by looking at their hands. Even Dolly Parton, the ageless icon who gives the youngest of the lot a run for their money, chooses to cover her hands with sheer fingerless gloves to hide signs of aging when she is out in public.


Before you pull out the gloves though, we are here to share some simple hacks that will allow your hands and nails to look youthful, no matter your age. First and foremost, you must pay attention to the health of your hands by ensuring that they stay properly hydrated. You should use a regenerative hand and nail cream, preferably one that contains SPF, to avoid excessive dryness and the formation of sunspots, fine lines, and torn cuticles. Another easy way to ensure that your hands look younger is by filing your nails in an oval shape, which happens to be one of the perfectly on-trend nail shapes of 2023. Here's why this little hack can shave the years off your hands.

How do oval nails keep the hands looking younger?

Aging hands are beautiful, and this nail shape can prove it. "Classic nail shapes, like round and oval, are especially flattering for aging hands," Tom Bachik, celebrity manicurist and global nail designer for L'Oréal Paris, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Julianne Moore, explains to Best Health. He adds, "These shapes are more feminine and elegant than a really strong square or pointed shape, which means they won't draw attention directly to your hands."


Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippman agrees with him when speaking to New Beauty, explaining that oval-shaped nails help to make the fingers look longer, which gives the illusion of the hands being younger. Since times immemorial, women have preferred to keep their nails in round or oval shapes to mimic the natural shape of the nails. By avoiding unusual and 'trendy' nail shapes, you attract less attention to the hands. Further, a rounded and oval shape looks elegant and classy, making it suitable for all age groups. According to Deavita, the length of the nails should be about 15% to 20% of the length of the nail plate for the most effective results.

Other ways to ensure that your hands look youthful

The shape of your nails isn't the only factor that determines how youthful your hands look. There are other ways through which you can prevent signs of aging as well. Apart from regularly hydrating your hands with creams, you must trim your nails periodically, as keeping your nails short in length prevents them from breaking easily. You must also be mindful of the products you use on your nails as the chemicals in them can weaken the health of your nails. Give them a break from wearing polish from time to time so that they can regain their strength.


The color of the polish you apply further helps with the illusion of youth. Neutral colors like pale pinks and nudes are established favorites for older people. You can also experiment with wearing bolder, darker colors so that the attention is on the nails as opposed to the hands. If you choose to wear darker shades though, be mindful of the undertones of the shade. Orange-based shades should be chosen over blue-toned ones as the latter can draw attention to protruding veins.

If all these rules seem too much to follow, just take inspiration from the late Queen Elizabeth II. She kept her nails in a prim and neat oval shape and wore the same pale pink nail polish for over 30 years!