20 Ways To Rock An Abstract Swirl Manicure

There's a new nail polish trend in town, and we can't get enough of it. Abstract swirl manicures have become so popular that celebrities and everyday people alike have been seen rocking this look. Part of the allure of this fun and oftentimes colorful manicure is there are no rules to creating this look. Because it's abstract, you or your nail artist have full creative license to do whatever design you like, using as many polish colors as you want. "There is no right or wrong way to do abstract art," StyleSeat nail technician Sophy Phok tells The Zoe Report. "It's trending because of its simplicity, euphoric lines, and the ability to mix and match colors."

We've seen so many different versions of this look that it's impossible to pick a favorite, but if you've been looking for a little inspiration for your own abstract swirl manicure, here are 20 different ways you can rock this look.

The French swirl

The French manicure is back this season so why not combine both of these on-trend looks for a seriously cool manicure? White and neutral create such a classic look that goes with everything but adding the swirls makes this a little more whimsical and more fun than the classic French. 

Retro green

We've already seen how the hit show "Euphoria" has had a huge impact on current trends, so it's no surprise that the show's characters have been wearing the swirl manicure. Celebrity nail artist Natalie Minerva created this retro green look for actress Alexa Demie that is perfectly mod and cool.

Neon tips

Nail artist Chaun Legend, who has done the nails of celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Zendaya, and Khloé Kardashian, proves that your swirls don't have to cover the entire nail. We love the look of these neon, abstract swirl French tips almost as much as we love the combination of colors. Why choose when you can do both?

White abstract

Tom Bachik shows how less can definitely be more when it comes to abstract swirls. Leaving a little more negative space between your neutral base and white swirls creates a stunning result. This is also perfect for anyone who wants a more minimalist look while still rocking the swirl trend. While we love the starkness of the white polish, you could recreate this look with any color you like. 

Valentine's Day swirl

Sure, you could wear this look at any time of the year, but how perfect would this be for Valentine's Day? Alternating white and pink French tips with swirl art in the same color is so cute, but adding the red heart makes this look perfect for love day. If you want to do this at home and aren't confident in your nail art skills, get some heart nail decals to make things easier. 

Red swirl

This trend works with any color, but we love how striking it looks using a classic, cherry red polish. Nail artist Eri Ishizu created this gorgeous look by painting red swirls on a clear base. This manicure would be perfect for the holidays — doesn't it look like those peppermint candies you see at Christmas? — but it also works for any time you want to make a statement.

Chrome swirl

Mirror nails, which are created using a chrome finish to a manicure, are one of the hottest nail trends going right now, so it's no surprise that nail artists are incorporating this look into the swirl trend. You can add a chrome swirl to any color polish to add that pop of shimmer you're looking for. 

Skittle swirls

If you have a hard time picking a nail polish color, this Skittle swirl mani is for you! There are so many beautiful colors to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one. You can choose all the colors of the rainbow to create this look, or choose five different shades of the same color family to create a unique manicure. 

Forever Fall swirls

What's better than taking a bunch of this season's hottest colors to create a fabulous manicure? We love how this design embraces the Fall season, using mustard yellow as the base while adding complementary colors to create the swirl. This is the perfect manicure year-round, but it can be perfectly poised during fall, especially around Thanksgiving.

Neutral nude

If you love the idea of an abstract swirl design but still want to keep your manicure neutral, these nude tones are ideal. Chaun Legend created these intricate and unique swirls using a mixture of nude and white polishes. This look is perfect for any season or nail length.  

Pretty pastels

Tom Bachik created this pretty, pastel abstract swirl art by painting freehand designs on each finger. Using different colors but in pastel shades makes this manicure a great way to play with color while still staying understated. We love how he likes to use negative space to embrace this trend but still remain minimalist in design.

Feeling blue

We're getting total mermaid vibes from this gorgeous blue swirl manicure. Using a darker blue glitter polish to create swirl accents over a baby blue polish has created the most beautiful design. One of the best parts of a swirl manicure is how the individuality of each nail just makes the complete look more interesting.

Bold and bright

This is the look for you if you really want to make a statement with your nails. Chaun Legend used a mix of blue, green, orange, pink, and black polish to create these show-stopping swirls that are sure to draw attention. These vibrant colors will make your mani pop!

Pink and purple

Go ultra-feminine with these pink, purple, orange, and blue swirls. The pastel tones would look amazing as an Easter-themed manicure or as a welcome to the spring season. The colors work so well together that they create a beautiful result that we are obsessed with. 

Colorful swirls

While we love a tonal swirl, there's something to be said about using bright, contrasting colors for a vibrant manicure. Combining bright red, deep green, and mustard yellow with pale blue and white gives, this look the perfect amount of contrast while still standing out. And isn't that what life is all about?

Grecian vibes

Start the car, because these swirl nails that Chaun Legend created for Rumer Willis are giving us a serious case of manicure envy. The pale pink base, the two-tone blues, and the gold chrome accent create a simple yet elegant look with luxurious Grecian vibes. This look proves that you can do a small amount of swirl and make a big impact. 


Ever since Pantone named Veri-Peri the color of 2022, it's become an increasingly popular color choice for nail polish. We love how this nail artist used Veri-Peri in this swirl manicure while adding just a touch of nail art to complete this look. The long, oval shape of these nails complements this manicure perfectly.

Black and white

The best part about an abstract swirl manicure is there are no rules. Each nail can be completely different and you can incorporate different colors on either individual nails or per hand. While we love a Skittle manicure, there's something striking about painting one hand in black swirls and the other in white swirls.

Never-boring black

Go for an elegant and classic look with these black swirls. Painted over a milky white base, this look is perfect for day, night, and anything in between. This is the ideal look for someone who loves to experiment with a French manicure by adding a bit of color and dimension. 

Christmas swirls

If you love a themed manicure — and who doesn't? — why not give these gorgeous, festive swirls a try? Red and green swirls painted atop a sparkly white base are perfect for the holiday season. These would transition well after Christmas is over as well, making them adorable and practical.