All The Halloween Nail Trends You Need For A Spooky Mani

Halloween is just around the corner. As you get busy figuring out your costume details, don't forget about your manicure in the process! Themed nails are a fun and creative way to celebrate this spooky season and this year's trends have something for everyone.

Nail trends do vary a bit year by year, but as Emily H. Rudman, nail artist and founder of Emilie Heathe, explained to Vogue, some specific designs are always on repeat. "It varies ... depending on the most popular costume or character that year but there are yearly staples," she said. "Black cats, ghosts, pumpkins, and spider webs are always pretty popular."

California-based nail artist Laysa Cazares listed blood drips, spider webs, and Swarovski spiders as three of her most-requested Halloween designs (via Vogue). And specific nail shapes play a big role, too. "Black stilettos are definitely really in for Halloween as well but with the square shape becoming super popular, I've had a lot more clients want square nails instead."

After a few quiet years due to the pandemic, this Halloween is going to be bigger and better than ever so you're going to want to make sure you're prepared. Here is some spooky inspiration for the top Halloween nail trends this season.

Let there be blood!

Going for gore this Halloween? Whether you wear long, stiletto nails or prefer to keep them on the shorter side, blood drips are a Halloween trend that has stood the test of time. Nail artist Maddox put a tutorial on TikTok explaining how to get the perfectly gory effect at home. And while this trend traditionally features a blood-red polish dripping down natural nails, many nail artists experiment with different colors with spooky results.

Wicked webs

Spider webs are another Halloween nail art staple. There are endless varieties to choose from when it comes to this design. If you're looking for a more classic look, you can paint simple black webs on white nails. Or you could get creative like Olivia Gordon on Instagram and add spiders!

There are also endless color options when creating this look, from a white base to classic orange or even a gruesome green. The beauty of spider webs is they're just like snowflakes, meaning no two are ever the same. So they are a very forgiving design that would be a great choice for beginners and pros alike.

Cast a spell

There are so many ways to create witchy nails, you just have to decide what kind of witch you want to be. If Glinda the Good Witch is your inspiration, a pink sparkle polish topped with glitter, crowns, and gems can create an awesome look. But if you're more of a Wicked Witch of the East fan, you'll want to go for more greens and blacks.

Katelyn Tagia on Instagram showed off a more modern take on this trend, using a milky white neutral base polish and adding black pentagrams, stars, and crescent moons. You can either hand paint your designs or use stamps or decals.

The Sanderson Sisters

The Sanderson Sisters have been cult classics since the original "Hocus Pocus" movie debuted in 1993. Thanks to the recent release of the long-awaited sequel, Winnifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson are once again one of this Halloween's hottest trends. From costumes and charcuterie boards to nails, this witchy trio is everywhere!

We love this nail art by nail artist Veronica Cristina on Instagram that uses negative space to create silhouettes of each of the sisters. Whether you're going full Sanderson sister this Halloween or simply want your nails to let people know that you smell children, these "Hocus Pocus"-themed nails will put a spell on anyone who sees them.


Instead of super scary ghosts with gaping mouths and hollowed eyes, cute ghosts are all the rage this season. Typically painted on neutral or black nails like this example by Atlanta-based artist Annie on Instagram, these adorable white ghosts are easy to create and friendly enough that you won't terrorize the kids when handing out treats. Up the cuteness factor by painting the ghosts on a pink base and adding a touch of glitter.

Classic colors

You won't go wrong using black and orange polish to create your Halloween-themed manicure because it's a classic color combo that will never go out of style. The best part about using these colors is adding elements of other Halloween trends to create some seriously spooky nails, like this set by Nailology on Instagram. Whether you use just the solid colors alone or add nail art like pumpkins, spider webs, and bats, going classic with orange and black polish will always be iconic.

Freaky French

Nail artists have taken the French manicure to new levels in the past year so it only makes sense that they would add a Halloween twist to this constantly evolving trend to create some terrifying tips. This trend is versatile because you can go basic with simple black tips or get creative by adding some Halloween-themed nail art, like Nailed by PG showed off on Instagram

Blood splatter

Nothing says spooky season more than (fake) blood! As previously mentioned, blood drips are always a hot theme for Halloween manicures, but this year the trend has evolved. A blood splatter design creates an even more terrifying look, perfect for anyone who is a fan of classic slasher-style horror movies!

Blood splatter nails look great on any length or shape, but if you're looking for a truly terrifying manicure, we suggest wearing longer, square-shaped tips, like this example by nail artist Lana on Instagram, for the ultimate effect.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What's this? What's this? Fans of Tim Burton's Halloween/Christmas movie, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" have created nail art inspired by the movie ranging from detailed images of Jack Skellington, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and more of the film's characters (via Instagram) to more subtle designs of Jack's scary skeleton face painted on black nails (via Instagram). Whether you embellish just one or two accent nails with imagery from the movie or go for the full manicure, the options are endless.

Aura nails

Aura nails are a huge trend and are great for Halloween because they give you a spooky, spiritual feel that almost resembles looking into a crystal ball. "There's usually a mix of colors involved to showcase your aura, and the various colors are painted on in a circular ombré or gradient design," Brittney Boyce, celebrity nail artist and founder of Nails of LA, told PureWow.

Most nail artists will create this look using an airbrush technique, so if this is a look you're coveting this Halloween, it may be best to make an appointment with a professional.

Pretty in pink

Sure, Halloween is typically about darker fall colors like black, oxblood, red, and orange, but this year we're seeing more pastels and pinks dominating the Halloween manicure. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it only seems natural that the Halloween nail trend would begin to include pink nails. Whether it's a pale pink base with black and white Halloween embellishments, like Rachel's Beauty showed off on Instagram, or pink nails with pink glitter like Angie De La Rosa's design (via Instagram), there's no end to the pink designs we're seeing this year.

Vampire fangs

Spooky season is vampire season and vampire-inspired nails are one of the hottest new trends this Halloween. Sure, you can use nail art and stamps to add vampire imagery to your nails or wear long, stiletto-shaped tips to resemble fangs, or you can be even more creative. Many nail artists are now adding a long, stiletto nail on just the pinkie and index fingers while leaving the rest of the nails short to give a look that is truly reminiscent of vampire fangs (via Instagram).

Negative space

Nail artists often use negative space often to create new manicure designs, and Halloween is no different. We love how this artist on Instagram incorporated negative space to create this unique look featuring ghosts, spiders, and webs. There's no limit to the colors or embellishments you can use while still creating a clean look many minimalists will love.


What's spookier than eyeballs on your nails? If scary, bloodshot eyeballs — like these by Lena Phan on Instagram — aren't your thing, why not go with something a bit more mystical? Whether it's an evil eye, zombie eyes, or magical eyes, you can make your nail art as scary or as pretty as you want. Eyeballs are one Halloween trend that is popular year after year.


Stiletto nails are on trend all year 'round but they do double duty during Halloween with the right polish and nail art. If you want your manicure to be wearable before and after Halloween, think about choosing a matte black or blood-red colored polish. To fully embrace the season, add gems, blood drips, or snake designs (via Instagram), or make your nails look like claws or fangs.


Pumpkins are perhaps the most iconic symbol of Halloween, meaning they're always on trend. You can paint scary or friendly pumpkin faces on all of your nails or choose to paint just one accent nail or one tip with pumpkins and ghosts, like this manicure by KillerKlaws on Instagram. An orange glitter polish will complete the look.

Black cats

Who says black cats are unlucky? Black cat nail art, like this design by Nia Ho on Instagram, is not for the superstitious. If you want to embrace your witchy side, adding cute and clever black cats to your manicure is the way to do it. There's no limit to how creative you can get with base color polishes and the placement of the cats on each nail.


Thanks to the movie "Scream" and its many sequels, Ghostface has become one of the most feared scary movie killers of all time. Not only is the Ghostface costume on trend every year, but so are Ghostface-inspired nails (via Instagram). Painting this eerie skeleton face with its long, downturned mouth on your nails will give you a Halloween manicure that will have everyone asking, "what's your favorite scary movie?"


Just like vampires, bats are a timeless Halloween trend, and we love how these nocturnal creatures can inspire your manicure this All Hallows Eve. You can choose nail art like the smoky nails by Mary Walker on Instagram that makes it look as though bats are flying through a cloudy sky, or choose a more minimal look for your manicure.


Ombré nails are the ultimate versatile manicure look for Halloween because you can wear them long after the spooky season is over. Pairing stiletto nails with a black-to-white ombré effect, as demonstrated by Gel X Nails on Instagram, create a ghoulish and gorgeous look that's perfect for Halloween and beyond.