Wavy French Nails: The Low-Key Way To Embrace Mermaidcore

Sometimes trends come in waves (no pun intended). And wavy French nails — an update to the classic French manicure — echo the organic, curvy elements found in mermaidcore. Known for its scallop shells, ruffled skirts, and shapely corsets, mermaidcore is all about embracing the romanticism and allure of the sea maiden. Just as the mermaid glides through the water, adding a wave to your fingertips creates a similar gracefulness. In fact, according to a 2016 article published in the British Journal of Psychology, people have a preference for curved lines and perceive them as "beautiful and more pleasant." As such, curves on your tips may very well put a smile on your face.

There is no specific way to create wavy French nails, and it's an opportunity to be creative. It's very similar to painting classic French nails, except you create wavy curves instead of a structured arc at the tip. Using a thin nail brush, you may choose to outline the tip of the nail in a wave pattern and color of your choice. Or, you may choose to make the wave with a regular-size nail brush and then line it for more structure. Either way, it's freehand, so if you're not sure you can hold your hand steady, get a professional to do it. Nevertheless, here are some of our favorite wavy French nail styles that make perfect inspo.

Try a mermaid bra pattern

While mermaid-inspired trends aren't new, they've seen a resurgence of late. And while any trend is attributable to a complex mix of sociocultural, political, and economic factors, the recent release of the "Little Mermaid" remake, along with the rise in softer silhouettes, may have something to do with it. A mermaid bra pattern on your fingertips in the shape of two curves is simple and sweet, and it's a relatively easy way to indulge in the mermaid trend.

Line the nails with a metallic color

Research shows that curves tend to be associated with comfort and friendliness, and wavy, organically shaped tips feel soothing and alluring. It's like having seashells on your fingertips. Lining the curves with a metallic, like gold or silver, adds shimmer and sparkle to create enchanting, under-the-sea energy.

Update your baby French manicure with a thin, wavy line

If you love the flattering, thin line used to create the baby French manicure, then try a thin, wavy line for a mermaid-inspired update. It still has the delicate appeal of the original but creates a sense of movement for an added thrill. Use black or a pastel shade for a fun twist.

Add waves to your classic French mani

If you like to stick with the tried and true, add a twist to your classic French manicure with wavy lines. It's like your mani is having a party and adds vibrancy to your nails. The options for this look are endless, as you can paint vertical lines, horizontal ones, or a mash-up of wavy lines going in different directions.

Use a rainbow of colors

Give your wavy tips a jolt of energy by painting each nail a different color. It's like having a rainbow on the sea and is sure to boost your mood. You may even decide to line your waves with a lighter shade of each color for a pop. This repeating wave pattern resembles illuminated scallop shells and elevates your nails to the next sea level.