Sarah Seung-McFarland

Photo of Sarah Seung-McFarland
New York Tri-State Area
Rutgers University
Seton Hall University
New York University
Mental Health, Fashion Psychology, Design Psychology
  • Sarah is a licensed psychologist who specializes in using psychology to help people understand the impact of the fashion and interior design industry, our wardrobe behaviors, and our interior design choices.
  • She was interviewed by The Zoe Report on the connection between dress and emotional health.
  • Sarah is currently publishing her first children’s book about a girl who learns how to manage her emotions after losing her favorite shoe.


Sarah has worked in the area of trauma and abuse for almost two decades. She writes on a variety of topics including relationships, career, mental health, and fashion/design psychology. Her ability to turn formal scientific writing into a relatable and entertaining story is her sweet spot. As a creative, helping professional, Sarah also uses fashion and design consultation to help people create wardrobes and spaces that support their well-being. She previously worked as a contributing writer for The Everygirl, and as a contributing photographer and writer for Houzz.


Sarah's extensive psychology training coupled with her passion for fashion/design brings an informed angle to fashion trends and lifestyle topics. She has a doctorate in counseling psychology and a bachelor's degree in English. She has since earned a certificate in design psychology and is currently conducting research on the psychology of dress.
Stories By Sarah Seung-McFarland