Chromatic Pearl Nails: The Opalescent Glazed Donut Update We Needed This Summer

If you missed out on the opalescent glazed donut nail look, there's another version available for you to indulge in. The chromatic pearl color combines iridescent pastels that create a vivid holographic tint, similar to the Hailey Bieber-inspired trend known for its milky white, or chocolate brown tones. Having a translucent frosted pigment on your nails evokes the sense of beauty, serenity, and prosperity often associated with lustrous pearls. Pastels also have lots of white in them so your nails feel calming, yet enchanting as the chromatic sensation makes your fingertips dazzle.

To get the look you can use a light, white, or nude base nail color and layer it with a chrome powder, or a transparent pearl polish to create illumination. Depending on your base color and angle, you'll see shades of silver, white, pink, purple, blue, or gold for that tranquil allure. To nail the chromatic pearl trend, here are a few ways to get your shimmery tips right.

Go for classic chromatic pearl

Classic chromatic pearl nails are like having a mini rainbow of pastel colors on your fingers. As you move them, you should be able to see the pinks, purples, blues, and metallics. It's a modern version of the pearl nails that were popular in the '80s, creating an edgy elegance. To play up this vibe, wear stacks of refined, delicate rings.

Add nail art

Nail art offers additional opportunities for self-expression. To draw attention, manicure gems are perfect for anyone looking to have an extraverted moment. If you want to dress up your chromatic pearl fingernails with nail art, the choices are endless. You can paint a design on your tips, or you can add rhinestones. A simple jewel on each nail feels like understated opulence.

Try it with French nails

Take your chromatic pearl nails to the next level by combining it with a French manicure. Since both are known for being classy, they're just right for each other. You can opt for a classic white French manicure, or you can add a color. A metallic shade on the tips will play up the iridescent tones in the pearl polish.

Mix up the color scheme

Painting each nail a different color is on trend, and creates an unexpected look. Should you decide you don't want all of your nails in the exact same shade, opt for a French manicure on some of your fingertips. Keep the polish in the same chromatic pearl tint for consistency.

Consider a darker base color

While the chromatic pearl color is typically closer to a silvery white, don't rule out other hues. Using more saturated tones as the base polish, such as pink or blue, may make your nails a little more opaque but still has the iridescent, metallic look of the classic chromatic pearl. This may be a good option for those who like more coverage on their tips.