Freehand Nail Art Is The Ultimate Manicure Trend This Spring

There's nothing like going to a nail salon and coming out with a fresh set, especially with a fun design. Nail art conveys a lot about you, and gives you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. With that said, getting the nails you want isn't always affordable. According to Maniology, the average cost of nail art runs between $15 and $35 per design, and that's on top of a standard manicure, which averages $20 to $25, per We Heart This. Luckily, there's a new style you can achieve without ever leaving the house.

Enter freehand nail art, the ultimate spring manicure trend. As the title suggests, this style is all about drawing on your own design without any stencil or precision whatsoever. That's what makes it so great! Even if you think you messed up, there's no guideline to follow, so there is no such thing as messing up. If you'd like to hop on this nail art trend, take a look at some of our inspirational photos below. Happy designing!

Opt for no polish underneath

Typically, nail art is done over colorful polish, but it looks just as gorgeous over your natural nails. This can be done on your entire hand, or you can add colorful polish if you'd like to create a fun contrast between the two. As you can see in the above photo, this woman opted for the latter, and we're totally loving it.

Go bold with metallics

Matte nails are nice, but why not show off your daring side with metallic polish instead? Adding freehand nail art on top gives it that extra oomph. To really draw attention to your hands, opt for a darker color than the base polish for the design (we recommend black). If you want something more subtle, choose a design color of a softer shade. The choice is yours!

Reach for spring colors

What better way to welcome springtime than with spring-inspired nail art? When we think of spring, pastels typically come to mind, such as pink, purple, green, and blue, which look amazing on any skin tone. To make the nail art really stand out, choose one or two fingers for the design, and paint the others a solid shade to match.

Stick to 1 design

Just because the nail art is done by freehand doesn't mean the design has to be different on each finger. Choose one for your entire hand for a more structured look, but don't worry if all of the nails aren't all exactly the same. Remember, precision isn't important with this spring manicure.

Consider neutral polish for the base

Much like the no-polish look we talked about earlier, choosing a nude base color draws attention to the freehand nail art, no matter the design color (may we recommend pastels once more?). We especially love this look on extra long square nails, but whichever shape you choose, get ready for endless, much-deserved compliments.

The more color, the better

If you love colorful nails, this is the look for you. Choosing multiple colors makes the design more interesting than sticking to just one shade. As far as the nail art goes, create a criss-cross design to give it that splattered paint look. You can even add freehanded polka dots to amp up the look.

Integrate it with other designs

This is probably the most intricate nail art we've seen so far because you're placing one freehanded design amongst more structured ones. It's super unique and truly one-of-a-kind. This may require professional help, depending on your skill level with more complex designs, but we think it's definitely worth the time and money.