Tips For Rocking Pastel Without Looking Like The Easter Bunny

Spring is only a few weeks away, and in typical fashion, that means pastels are coming out to play. They're basically the unofficial colors of springtime, and why not? Nothing washes away the bleakness of winter like a nice pastel blue blazer and soft pink blouse, so it's time to bring that liveliness back into your wardrobe! The only issue with this colorful spring dress code is that it can quickly turn cheesy if not styled correctly. Pastel yellow pants with a purple blouse is a cute look, but we'll save that one for the Easter Bunny.

Yes, pastels are fun and can liven up your mood, but you don't need to drown yourself in every single color — one usually does the trick. If you're into the aesthetic, but are worried about looking like the spokesperson for Cadbury Eggs, we have plenty of styling tips to ensure that doesn't happen.

Choose a focal piece

The easiest way to avoid looking like the Easter Bunny is by choosing one item to use as the focal point and building the rest of the outfit around it. You can keep the look simple with solid pieces, but pairing pastel pants with a shirt featuring a charming tiny print shows off your colorful personality. It's fun and cute, but not over the top.

Pair with bright colors

If you're a lover of color and maximalism, this is the look for you. To offset the softness of the pastel, think about pairing the piece with something bold and bright. Easter is not typically associated with super vibrant colors, so your chances of being mistaken for the Easter Bunny are low. Don't forget, prints and patterns are always welcome.

Fabric makes all the difference

When it comes to pastels, the fabric can really make or break the entire outfit. For example, if you're going for a look that's sexy and cool, choosing a pastel pink dress with ribbons and frills isn't exactly the best choice. Once you decide the aesthetic you're going for, figure out the material and design that fits that mold. As you can see in the photo, the pastel green in the boxy teddy jacket totally complements the woman's street style.

Opt for muted shades

When choosing pastels, consider muted shades, such as a pale green or blue. You still get the colorful and fun effect of the pastel while keeping things relatively understated. Because they are not as bright, you can get away with wearing multiple pastel colors and not look like an Easter egg.

Pair pastels with neutrals

Instead of styling two pastel pieces together, swap one out for a neutral instead. It keeps things minimalistic, and you don't need to worry about looking like you are about to grab a wicker basket and hop on over to an Easter egg hunt. One of our favorite looks is pairing a collared shirt under a cropped sweater. It's as fun and preppy as the classic version, but the cropped sweater makes it much more modern.

A monochromatic look adds maturity

A monochromatic pastel look is not something you typically see every day, which is why we love it so much. Pastel colors are typically associated with children's clothing, but in this case, there's a heightened level of maturity (plus, it looks super chic). This is your chance to really stand out and bring the springtime vibes!

Consider pastel neutrals

Believe it or not, pastel neutrals do exist (think cream and beige tones). Obviously, beige is not the first color that comes to mind when you think of Easter, but it's totally an option. This look is perfect for the office or any professional setting. Not only that, but wearing shades of eggshell is a nice way to participate in the springtime trend if you aren't big into color.