Make A Statement This Spring With Colorful Boots

Spring is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to start packing up the snow boots to make room for your warm-weather wardrobe. If the latest looks from the spring 2023 runways are any indication, colorful boots are going to be this season's must-have accessory. Models donned technicolor thigh-highs for Alexander McQueen's S/S 2023 show, while disco-inspired metallic boots were spotted in the spring offerings from Tom Ford.

When it comes to silhouettes, combat boots, platforms, and heavy soles are still trending strongly. However, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the right style and shade of new footwear for your collection. "Everyone seems to have their everyday boots and are opting to refresh their shoe closet with thigh-highs, heavy embellishments, or denim variations [this spring]," Moda Operandi's buying director, Ryan Kleman, tells Elle. So shelve the safe neutrals and throw on some psychedelic pop songs — with these colorful looks, you'll feel "Like a Rainbow" in no time.

Patent pink block heels

With the McBling and Barbiecore microtrends still going strong, pink remains a favorite in the world of fashion. And who could forget the millennial pink trend that ushered in countless shades of rose quartz? "[Pink] represented this neutrality for a whole generation, who really cared about gender diversity and openness," color expert Laura Guido-Clark told Business Insider. Opt for a monochromatic look with a matching accessory in a rosy hue, or pair pink boots with analogous colors like peach or purple.

Blue suede sock boots

Spring's volatile weather patterns call for some seriously creative outfit planning. If you can't decide which color boots to choose, why not take inspiration from a style legend like Elvis and go for blue suede? Royal blue thigh-highs complement a mini-dress or oversized tee perfectly, and you can finish the look with a matching coat in cooler temperatures.

Yellow knee-highs

Is it just us, or can you hear Wiz Khalifa's seminal 2010 hit "Black and Yellow" as you gaze upon this fit? Bright yellow boots have the ability to liven up any look, but they're especially stunning when worn with all black. All eyes are sure to be on you with this color combination — but for added interest, try incorporating another yellow piece, like a sunny manicure or pair of golden gloves.

Green stilettos

"Green is just the most positive color, and the happiest," fashion icon Elizabeth Sweetheart tells The New York Times. If you agree with Brooklyn's beloved "Green Lady," you're likely to fall for a pair of green knee-high boots like these. You can wear green boots as part of a monochromatic ensemble like the Green Lady herself, or let them take center stage in a more neutral outfit.

Metallic green cowboy boots

Shimmery textures can add an entirely different dimension to classic boot styles. Metallic green cowboy boots, for example, take traditional Western wear to the next level. Thanks to their somewhat muted hue, shiny lime boots like these are versatile enough to pair with everything from bright pinks to denim blues.

Digital lavender leather

According to trend forecasting company WGSN, digital lavender is set to be 2023's color of the year. Digital lavender, in a nod to millennial pink, is said to embody gender neutrality and peacefulness. Naturally, the pale purple shade is a perfect match for this spring's colorful boot trend. Lavender leather boots look dreamy with a coordinating jacket or dress, and they also blend beautifully with pale neutrals or varying shades of violet.

Orange fold-over boots

The '60s and '70s' fashions are enjoying a well-deserved comeback these days, but finding period-appropriate orange footwear remains something of a challenge. Although the right pair of orange boots may be hard to track down, they're well worth the effort. If you're feeling groovy, fuse shades of fuchsia and orange together for a cheerful, mod-inspired look.

Metallic teal knee-highs

There's no reason why you can't have brightly colored boots and a flashy finish. What's more, boots in metallic teal hues are especially irresistible. Just look to this outfit's artful arrangement of complementary colors and textures for some shiny teal boot inspiration. With the right touch, tall teal boots can read as peak sophistication or full-on '80s gaudiness — the choice is yours.

Lemon yellow stacked heels

Each year may bring new trends, but spring fashions are inextricably linked to colorful pastels. Delicate, lemon-hued boots are an excellent choice for those looking to add brightness to their wardrobe without feeling showy. Wear buttery, lemon leather (or pleather) boots with neutrals for a subtle effect, or use them to emphasize your favorite pastel pieces.

Turquoise knee-highs

Adding color to your closet can be difficult, especially if you're hooked on darks or neutrals. However, a turquoise-colored boot is a simple way to add a touch of elegance to nearly any ensemble. Plus, you don't needn't worry about matching the color of your shoes perfectly with your outfit — turquoise boots can accompany many different shades of blue or aqua.

Pastel pink fold-over boots

Pink is arguably one of the most alluring colors on the wheel, and pastel pink is equally as charming. Wearing pink head-to-toe is one way to work with this toned-down hue, but you may be surprised by the many ways it can be worked into your wardrobe. As seen here, pale pink boots are a refreshing accompaniment when worn with complementary colors like lime green.

Silver platform boots

It wouldn't be spring without a few cloudy days. That said, you can choose to embrace the grays with a sparkling, silvery pair of boots. Silver boots come in varying intensities of reflectiveness, but we love the mirrorlike finish of this particular pair. They may not take away overcast weather, but they can definitely lighten your mood.

Purple lace-up granny boots

There's a reason why Prince loved the color purple. "[Prince] was fond of many colors in the rainbow, [but] he especially loved purple because it represented royalty," Sharon Nelson, Prince's oldest sister, told The Associated Press. You can pay homage to the "Purple Rain" star's color of choice with some fabulous violet kicks this spring. Purple knee-high boots look divine with matching coordinates but can also play well with neutral attire in navy, black, or brown.

Multicolored calf boots

Why limit yourself to one color when there's a veritable rainbow to choose from? Multicolored boots are available in various styles, so they can easily adapt to anyone's aesthetic. Try rocking a metallic finish with bold hues if you're feeling daring, or choose a more subdued design for added flexibility. Once you get used to their kaleidoscopic flare, you won't want to reach for any other pair.


What better way to make an entrance than with gold boots? Since gold is technically a neutral color, these knee-highs can be worn with virtually anything. Still, golden boots look phenomenal when worn with a simple black ensemble. Top the look off with some gold accessories, and you'll be ready to step into spring with serious style.