How To Transform Your Hair With A Pencil

You've been working for quite some time, and are getting restless. You wore your hair out because you thought it looked cute, but now it's bothering you and you reach for a hair tie only to realize you can't find one. So instead, you take the pencil staring at you and use it to tie up your hair. It works and you're pretty pleased with yourself.


Essentially, you used your pencil like a hair stick. And although pencils have not been around for thousands of years, hair sticks have. Widely associated with Asian cultures, hair sticks are functional and decorative and are imbued with rich cultural meaning. They've been indicative of social status, thought to ward off evil spirits, and deemed a reflection of a woman's dignity.

So, if this historical information gives you a new outlook on the practical, unintended use of your pencil, you can now carry on informed with your handy hair pencil intact. Here are some ways to get the look.

Make a pencil twist

There are many varied ways how to use a pencil to hold up your hair, but if you're looking for a basic twist, simply wrap your hair around the pencil and poke the pencil into your hair. Alternatively, you can twist your hair up, and weave the pencil in and out of the hair until it holds. If it feels too loose, twist it tight again, and repeat until it feels firm and like it's not going anywhere.


Opt for a pencil bun

Pencil buns are probably the most popular way to transform your hair with a pencil, and it's pretty straightforward to do. You wrap your hair around itself the same way you do when you make a bun and weave the pencil through it so that it stops the bun from unraveling. You can make the bun as slick as you want or go for the modern classic, messy bun look.


Make it a pencil braided bun

There may be days when you've braided your hair as a way to keep it out of the way, but it may not be enough. So, use the pencil in the same way — put the braid in a bun, and weave the pencil through it for a cool, pencil-braided bun.


Use two pencils

If one pencil won't do, try using two! Heck, maybe even three. While hair pencils have been created out of necessity and practicality, it doesn't mean you can't feel good wearing them in your hair since they're similar to elegant hair sticks.


With so much societal pressure to look good, let's remember to have a little fun and not always take fashion so seriously!