First Date Dress: Why It's Time For You To Invest In A Designated 'Fit

Many of us consider a first date outfit to be a big deal. We want to feel good and make a good impression, and as a result, we obsess over what to wear. If you want to end all that, model and TikTok creator Natalia Krslovic swears by choosing a designated first date dress.

She champions setting aside one special dress for first dates only, arguing that a designated first date dress is a "uniform" both she and her date love, makes her feel "feminine," and gives her the "first date energy" she needs to "vet" her date properly. Additionally, if you have a go-to first date dress, you'll invariably spend less time fretting in front of your closet, freaking out about what to choose. 

While Krslovic speaks from experience, there is actually research to back up her claims that having a first date dress makes her feel better on the date. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, clothing affects the way we think when we wear it. This is referred to as enclothed cognition, and suggests that when we put on clothing that has significant meaning to us, we take on the characteristics of that clothing. So if we associate a dress with first date energy, it's easy to feel that when we wear it. Intrigued and want ideas? Here are some first date dresses to try.

The little black dress

The quintessential little black dress is thought to be a staple must-have in everyone's wardrobe. And for good reason — it works for most occasions, including first dates. Of course, the black dress doesn't have to be "little," but generally, designated first date dresses should be kept fairly simple with regards to the shape and cut. Since you'll expect to wear it long-term, it's best to avoid super trendy details that don't age well.

The bright-colored dress

Generally, bright, pastel colors feel happy and lift our mood. Specifically, blue is a cool, calming color, and a blue pastel dress tends to feel light, friendly, and romantic, especially when cut in an elegant mermaid shape with puffy sleeves. Blue gingham is both classic and trendy, and you can take it into any weather with a chunky matching blue sweater and ankle boots.

The red dress

Red, a warm color, is considered energizing, and attracts attention and excitement, particularly when worn as a dress. A fitted but not so tight red dress with a well-positioned cut-out is a balance between provocative and prim and proper. But of course, you decide what message you want to communicate with your red dress.

The sparkly dress

If sparkles make you happy, then a sparkly first date dress is probably for you. A glittering, loose-cut sleeveless dress gives you the room to move around, and even dance if you need to. Silver shoes complete the look, and a textured bag balances out the shimmer.

The floral dress

What's more romantic than wearing florals on a first date? It's feminine, and like the gingham, can be worn in cooler months with the right accessories. Bow details with pointy-toe kitten heels make it super sweet. But paired with a form-fitting dress and high split, the sweetness is more refined and alluring, and makes for a memorable first impression.