Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Is The Accessory Trend Proving Mermaidcore Is Here To Stay

Mermaidcore is nothing new on social media. Though some thought the ocean motifs and bright colors — as seen on sea glass nails – were just a Pinterest fad or Instagram phase, the latest accessory trend shows us that mermaidcore is here to stay for both fashion and beauty. Whether it be on the big screen at a showing of "The Little Mermaid" or on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways, ocean-inspired accessories are all around us. If you are heading to the beach this summer or simply want to cosplay a beachgoer while heading to work in the city, ocean-inspired jewelry is for you.

We first saw the trend come into play at Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Week when brands such as Ulla Johnson showcased mix-and-match shell earrings and necklaces. In the following weeks, trailers for the live-action version of "The Little Mermaid" premiered, featuring all of our favorite under-the-sea looks. The combination stemmed from a mix of mermaidcore beach buzz on social media and everyday folks trying out beachy accessories. If you are looking to get in on the fun this summer, we have curated five ways to pull ocean-inspired jewelry into your wardrobe.

Shell earrings

The classic seashell shape is being incorporated into all jewelry types this season, especially earrings. Oftentimes, the seashell motif is created out of other materials such as clay. Fashion Instagram influencer @styles.and.mi, pictured above, styles her clay shell-shaped earrings with a denim skirt, bright blue tank top, and hot pink leather jacket.

Puka shell everything

Here's a throwback to an early 2000s family vacation: wearing a Puka shell necklace. Once worn with our plaid shorts and Abercrombie logo t-shirts, we are now wearing these shell necklaces with our fashion-forward summer outfits. Instagram fashion influencer @abitofbets styles her Puka shell necklaces with an asymmetrical skirt and white tank.

Gift shop shark teeth

If you have ever visited a beach, you have most likely fallen into a "tourist trap" gift shop, filled with knickknacks to remind you of your trip. A common souvenir item sold in these gift shops is the shark tooth necklace, as seen worn in the photo above. Whether made from real shark teeth or manmade, this hot accessory for summer is now being sold by jewelry shops.

Pearlcore (but make it beachy)

How you wear your pearls can make all the difference. When pearls are perfectly round and worn with prim-and-proper styles, we often see this as an aesthetic called pearlcore. Pearlcore luckily can have another side: a beachy side. Less perfect and more natural-style pearls strung onto a necklace make for a carefree look that perfectly screams mermaidcore and is a modern way to pull trendy pearls into your wardrobe.

Other big and bold beach motifs

Your outfit doesn't necessarily need to be "beach ready" for you to add a big and bold beach motif to the look. Fast-fashion retailer Zara proves this with their sparkling star necklace that features a giant starfish motif on a white cord. This necklace is the new favorite way for influencers and fashion lovers alike to spice up a traditional summer outfit.