The 45 Best Bang Haircuts That Suit Curly Hair

Ah, the evergreen urge to get bangs. We don't know how it originated, but we do know that many people have experienced it at least once — usually in the throes of a breakup or other life-altering situation. Though bangs can be a relatively safe way to shake things up in your life, for curly babes, bangs can also be a daunting idea. After all, if your hair is unpredictable on a regular basis, do you really want to add bangs into the mix?

Fortunately for all curly girls out there, bangs are perfectly achievable no matter your hair texture. Sure, you might need to commit to styling them on the daily (especially if your hair is prone to frizz), but it could well be worth all the dimension bangs will add to your overall look. If you're getting bangs for the first time, we recommend straying away from the DIY route; instead, go to a curly hair professional. Have an idea of what you want your bangs to look like — for example, know if you want subtle curtain bangs or obvious bangs that cut straight across your head — and take in some inspo pictures. From there, your stylist can help you find a bang style that suits your face shape and works with your hair's texture, as well as your daily styling routine. With any luck, you'll be rocking a set of stylish bangs before you know it.

Get voluminous crown layers with your bangs

If you're a curly girl who's new to the world of bangs, you might be worried about the overall volume of your hair matching the volume your bangs will have. To make sure your overall look is cohesive, get some shorter crown layers on the top of your head. This will keep your top layers of hair from being weighed down by too much length, giving you an all-around voluminous look. 

A short curly cut calls for even shorter bangs

Are you currently sporting a curly bob? Sure, you could get brow-length bangs, but why not make a statement with super-short bangs? They won't get in your eyes, but they can work to mask some of your forehead if that's a concern of yours. This bang style is also a great match for unique personalities. 

A thick feathered fringe can complement your volume

Those who constantly rock cuts that play up their voluminous tresses — think shaggy or wolf cuts — may want to consider getting a set of bangs to match. A thick, slightly feathered fringe that cuts straight across your forehead makes for a great statement piece, as it gives your bangs texture and plenty of volume. 

Asymmetrical bangs can look great with a curly bob

Want to keep your look fun and flirty, as your curly bob haircut implies? You can still get bangs, but don't have them cut straight across your forehead — that's far too simple for your vibes. Asymmetrical curly bangs, on the other hand, are a great way to say that you're down for a good time. 

Let a few bang tendrils show off your curl pattern

Your bangs don't have to be a thick, voluminous statement piece. If you want to just use your bangs to highlight your gorgeous curls, get a thin fringe that you can style on the daily to show off your curl pattern. Twist your bangs to make some cute and curly tendrils, and watch the compliments roll in. 

Pair mid-length bangs with a shaggy mullet

Mullets are a definite statement cut, and it only makes sense that you'd get some statement bangs to match. If you're sporting a mullet, try out some bangs that cut straight across your forehead and sit between your eyebrows and hairline. This will make your mullet cut a party in the front and the back. 

Eye-length bangs can work for voluminous curls

Maybe you're a glamorous girl who likes to show off her tresses and doesn't mind having some hair in her eyes. If that sounds like you, eye-length curly bangs may be the way to go. Your bangs will stay long enough to show off that voluminous curl pattern without getting too poofy.

Don't forget to include some face-framing curls

If you want to get bangs but don't particularly want them to stand out, get a bang cut that curves down into some face-framing curls on either side. You'll still have a few short bang tendrils in front, but they won't make a huge statement. This cut looks especially great when you wear your hair in an updo. 

Keep just a few front pieces short to achieve the same effect as bangs

For an even subtler look, get some bangs that hardly look like bangs at all. Get just a couple of front sections of hair cut to about eye length, and style your hair with a middle part. Though your haircut won't scream "bangs," you'll still get plenty of dimension. 

Cut them straight across your forehead to make a statement

On the other hand, maybe you want your bangs to be immediately apparent — you're a bangs girl now, and you want everyone to know it. In that case, get some curly bangs that cut straight across your forehead. It may be too blunt of a look for some, but if bold styles are your thing, we bet you'd rock it. 

A curly wolf cut looks great with straight shaggy bangs

Are you going for a bang look that toes the line between edgy and glam? Then add some bangs to your curly wolf cut, and give them a blowout after you wash your hair. This can give you a more put-together fringe, while the wolf cut keeps you looking as interesting as anything. 

Contrast a long shag with short bangs

While you're taking the plunge with a new set of bangs, why not go the extra mile and try some micro bangs on for size? Micro bangs are sure to make a statement, especially if you're currently rocking a longer cut. If you're worried about your curl pattern frizzing them, you can always run a straightener through them in the morning.

Or use long bangs to complement a long curly cut

Another option for long-haired curls is a set of long, face-framing bangs. Keep your bangs long enough to really emphasize your curl pattern (at least brow-length), and be sure to get some shorter layers on the crown of your head to match the volume of your bangs. 

Vary the length of your curly bangs

To add even more dimension to your new set of curly bangs, make them vary in length considerably. Contrasting some short front tendrils with longer ones on the side can give you an especially fun look when you pull your hair back. You'll definitely thank us.

Complement voluminous 3c curls with bangs to match

If you're already rocking a hairstyle with loads of volume, getting some bangs to match certainly can't hurt. Adding voluminous bangs to an already voluminous cut can give it a rounder shape, softening your overall look while maintaining the punch that all that volume already packs. 

Fluffy curls are great for longer bangs that cut straight across your forehead

Do you normally wear your curls fluffy? You prefer not to style them with a ton of product because they look great au naturel. Yes, you can still get statement bangs — just have them cut straight across your forehead, and don't feel pressured to style them. 

Dye your curly bangs to make them stand out

No matter how you decide to cut your new curly bangs, one surefire way to make them stand out is to dye them a different color. You could give them a simple contrast by dyeing them a few shades lighter or darker than the rest of your hair, or you could dye them your favorite fashion color. 

Add super short layers on top to keep the volume

Another way to keep volume front and center or your 'do is to give yourself some super-short layers on top of your head in addition to getting bangs. These layers will be shorter than typical crown layers — think of a grown-out pixie style. 

Let your curly bangs fall in your eyes for carefree vibes

If your vibes are relentlessly carefree and you want your hair to match, you'll want to get some bangs that hang loose in your eyes. Another benefit of eye-length bangs is that they're easier to mask than shorter bangs if you decide to ditch the bang look — they can be easily pinned back or parted to the side, and they won't take as long to grow out. 

Bangs can give nice shape to an afro

If you're sporting an afro, your hair is something to be amply proud of. Maximize your best feature by giving your hair some shape via bangs. They can help round out and soften your hair for an overall gentle (yet still sexy) appeal.

And they can help add interest to short cuts

Sure, you would look stunning sporting a regular ol' pixie cut, but if you have curly hair, we think you'd do well to add some bangs to the mix. Short bangs can instantly glamorize a pixie cut, and they don't have to stand out. Just let a couple of tendrils fall onto your forehead instead of getting a full set of bangs. 

Curly bangs look great if you love updos

Do you tend to wear your hair back but miss how your curls shine when they're left down? Find a happy medium by getting some curly bangs. You'll still be able to show off your fabulous curls even if you wear your hair up on a daily basis.

Curly, face-framing pieces are enough if you don't want full bangs

Maybe you're a bit hesitant about getting bangs, which is a very reasonable fear for any curly babe to have. Don't feel like you have to go all-out the first time you get bangs. Instead, just get some front pieces cut so they fall between your cheekbones and jawline. This is enough to frame your face and add some interest without fully committing to bangs. 

Make them long enough to part down the middle

This is a look that works if you're just getting bangs or if you're growing out your current bangs. Bangs that are long enough to part down the middle can be styled as bangs or face-framing pieces and can even be pinned back and hidden. 

Light, side-swept bangs look great with curly hair

If you're going for a look that's effortlessly edgy and a little offbeat, get bangs long enough to wear swept to one side. You don't have to wear your side-swept bangs all the time — they'll still be able to be pinned back or worn with a middle part — but the side-swept look can give your hair some extra volume on nights when you want to stand out. 

Straight-line bangs are stunning with a poofy afro

You may be sporting an afro to which you don't want to add too much shape. A poofy, middle-parted afro doesn't necessarily need the help of bangs to round it out, but you can give it some straight-cut short front pieces for when you want the look of bangs. Keep them eye-length or longer so they can be worn back on occasion, too.

Get ultra-voluminous bangs if you like puff hairstyles

If you're thinking about getting bangs, you'll want to take into account how you typically wear your hair. If your go-to style is a puff, it's a good idea to make your bangs match, so get some bangs that boast a ton of volume to accent your stylish 'do. 

Curtain bangs look great with curly cuts

Curtain bangs look stunning on nearly anyone, but they're an especially great option for curly folks who just want a hint of bangs. This bang style is long enough to perfectly blend into the rest of your hair when worn down, but they really shine when you decide to go for an updo. 

Use bangs to give a round shape to a curly bob

Looking to soften a curly bob? Some bangs might be your best bet — give them a slight upward curve to really round out the bob, and make sure you have some shorter layers toward the top of your head, too. This style ensures you're always sporting some volume while looking super put-together. 

Bangs and short layers help a curly cut keep volume

Getting super-short layers with your bangs doesn't always have to round and soften your haircut. Sometimes, short layers and bangs can be used to retain volume in boxier haircuts. This kind of cut stays flat on top without sacrificing volume, while bangs that cut straight across the forehead give the style some angles and edge. 

Longer curly bangs can be hidden or shown off

Long, curly bangs offer great versatility. You can show them off with an updo or by wearing them swept to the side, but you can also easily pin them back out of your eyes or blend them into the rest of your hair when you wear it down. This versatile style is for every curly person who doesn't want to commit to a single hairstyle after getting bangs. 

A thin curly fringe isn't overwhelming

Want a set of bangs that makes a small statement without overwhelming the wearer? Try getting a skinny fringe in your curly tresses. This bang style is carefree and minimalist enough to see through, and you can wear them cutting across your forehead or slightly parted. 

Keep your curly bangs brow-length

If you're going for a bit more of an '80s vibe with your curly bangs, cut them straight across your forehead and keep them brow-length. Make sure the curls in your bangs are just as defined as the rest of your hair for a voluminous hairdo that everyone will go gaga over. 

Wispy curly bangs offer minimalist appeal

If you want a hint of casual-wine-afternoon-in-France appeal, add some short, wispy curls to the front of your hair for a set of minimalist bangs. These don't cut straight across your forehead; rather, they'll sit at eye level and consist of a couple of simple, curly pieces to offer minimalist appeal. 

A few curly tendrils can achieve the same effect

Another option if you don't necessarily want to sport voluminous curly bangs is to keep a few tendrils brow-length and make sure their curl shape is defined when you style it. A few curly pieces that fall on your forehead can achieve the same effect as bangs without screaming that you have bangs. 

Layer your bangs for extra volume

We know by now that adding shorter layers to the rest of your 'do can help your hair match the volume of your curly bangs, but what if you need your bangs to have more volume? Layer them, of course! Layering your bangs can add some dimension and give them the same amount of volume you have in the rest of your hair. 

Curly bangs can help you achieve an '80s aesthetic

Another curly bang option that can take you straight into the '80s, go for a defined, rounded set of bangs that curves into almost a mullet cut. Make sure to add those shorter layers on top to keep plenty of volume. 

Your curly bangs don't have to make a statement

You can definitely have curly bangs without them being a statement piece — and no, we're not talking about curtain bangs or face-framing bangs this time. Part your bangs to follow the part in the rest of your hair, and keep the short pieces to just a couple of small front sections. 

But they're a delicious statement on a pixie cut

We've seen the appeal that a couple of short front curls can add to a pixie, but we'd be remiss not to mention that a full set of longer bangs also looks stunning on a pixie. With this style, your bangs are the primary showcase for your curl pattern, so you'll want to make sure they're defined on the daily. 

Your curly French bob is begging for same bangs

If you've embraced the minimalist, low-maintenance appeal of a French bob, we think you'd do well to add some bangs to match. You could opt for a set of micro bangs, but we think a straight-across cut of brow-length bangs is the perfect simple statement piece. 

As is your layered shaggy cut

Layered, shaggy cuts are also always begging for a set of bangs, and we love how mall bangs look with shaggy cuts. The '80s-inspired mall bangs style is practically made for curly hair, as it's meant to be voluminous and at least slightly textured. 

Even the curliest bangs don't have to be very voluminous

Don't want volume in your bangs? Even if you have curly hair, that doesn't mean your bangs have to be big and bold. Tighter curl patterns in particular can be cut into bangs without adding a ton of volume to your overall look. 

Don't cut them straight across your forehead if you want them to blend in

Another tip to keep in mind if you want to get bangs that can blend in is to refrain from getting them cut straight across your forehead. Give the cut of your bangs a curve that angles into some longer, face-framing pieces for a seamless transition between your bangs and the rest of your hair. You can sweep the shorter pieces to the center of your forehead when you want them to stand out. 

Make your bangs long enough that they only stand out with an updo

Or, to go the extra mile, you can cut your bangs long enough that they only stand out when you're wearing your hair back. These won't really look like bangs at all when you wear your hair down, but they'll add some effortless playfulness to a ponytail or messy bun. 

Mid-length bangs are stunning and versatile

Bangs that fall at about eye length and lengthen into face-framing pieces look stunning when worn down or up. The only thing to keep in mind with this bang style is that it can easily become a nuisance when the bangs get in your eyes, but if that's not an issue for you, this style is a great, versatile option when you're constantly doing trying new things with your hairdo.