'Skinny Fringe' Is The Nostalgic '90s Trend Coming Back For Your Bangs

Will there ever be an end to the barrage of '90s and 2000s beauty and fashion trends the 2020s are delivering? Whether you're wishing for a new era to begin or holding onto the nostalgia train for dear life, there doesn't appear to be any reason to expect a change soon. We've seen the return of low-rise denim, claw clips, and skinny eyebrows, just to name a few. 

Now, there's another new (old) hair trend in town. Grab your phone and get ready to call your favorite salon because skinny fringe bangs are back. "What are skinny fringe bangs?" you might ask. In response, we would have to call your attention to the iconic thin, piecey, textured bangs worn by none other than '90s bombshell Pamela Anderson. If you missed out on this rocker-wife-inspired hairstyle the first time around, we're here to convince you to try it out now with these inspiring looks. 

Loose barrel curls

Combining your skinny fringe bangs with loose barrel curls is a great way to blend them seamlessly into the rest of your hair. If you tend to have oily skin, you'll want to limit your styling products to a minimum and keep a supply of dry shampoo in stock. 

Long layers

Skinny fringe bangs can work together with long layers to frame your face in a way that highlights your best features while minimizing any excess forehead height and softening harsh angles. Using a round brush to slightly curl your layers under can help maximize the effects. 

Beachy waves

If you're looking for an even more blended, texturized look to pair with your new bangs, consider bringing out your natural waves by air drying your hair with a bit of sea salt spray or using a waver to create a more carefree, beachy aesthetic. 

Loveable lob

Adding a skinny fringe bang to a simple long bob (lob) cut is an excellent way to bring texture and visual interest to a haircut that can come off as rather muted. Introduce your personality by infusing your look with the piecey, shaggy bangs beloved in the '90s. 

Silky and straight

Waves and curls work wonderfully to blend skinny fringe bangs into the rest of your hair, but that doesn't mean they don't look great on hair that's straight. Just ask your stylist for feathered bangs to ensure that they fall effortlessly in a perfectly trendy thin veil.