Low-Rise Denim Is Staging A Comeback, And We Aren't Ready For It

If you feel like 2023 is starting to resemble a repeat of the Y2K era — especially regarding fashion and beauty, you aren't alone. We aren't happy to see a rise in early 2000s-esque diet culture and mean girl-type behavior, but at least some resurfacing clothing and makeup trends are fun. For instance, Y2K-inspired bubble hems are making a comeback this spring, and there's no denying that these bubbly pieces are adorable. Moreover, the Y2K skinny scarf look is back, whether you love or hate the sassy style.

Speaking of love-it-or-hate-it styles from the early 2000s, divisive low-rise denim jeans are back too. "This 2000s revival trend can also offer some fun play with proportions, depending on if you like to highlight your long legs or elongate your torso," Sarah Sommer, a Wardrobe Apparel stylist/associate, told Insider. Thus, while the phrase "low-rise" might seem intimidating at first, these skin-showing jeans can be flattering and cute if you're willing to give them a chance. Even though we aren't 100% ready for the low-rise resurgence, we still have some style tips.

Add a statement belt

Wearing a belt will add more personality to your low-rise jeans while keeping them in place. Since the rise is lower on these jeans than traditional jeans, low-rise denim might feel less secure, but a belt will prevent them from getting too loose and falling off. Furthermore, a bold statement belt adds an edgy touch to help elevate your ensemble.

Show a hint of underwear

Of course, this idea won't be for everyone. But if you own underwear with a logo, design, or name, such as Calvin Klein, that you want to show off, consider letting that tiny bit of underwear peek above your low-rise denim. Showing a tasteful touch of undergarment will appear daring, wild, edgy, and sexy.

Lean into the seductive style with a short crop top

People typically display some stomach when wearing low-rise denim, so why not lean into the revealing look by wearing an ultra-cropped top? Wearing a tiny top with low-rise jeans will help you look super sexy for a night out with friends. The combination of the super-short shirt and the low-lying denim will also make your torso appear longer, enabling short girlies to look taller.

Flaunt a belly chain

Anyone who wants to take the early 2000s vibes even further should add a belly chain to their low-rise denim ensemble. The sparkly accessory will make any outfit appear much more glamorous, whether the chain is subtle or bold. Either way, you'll look like you jumped out of an iconic Y2K movie.

Try a baggy pair of low-rise jeans

Opting for an intentionally baggy pair of low-rise jeans is an excellent way to put a more modern spin on the early 2000s-inspired look. Rocking a pair of baggy denim jeans with a low rise will exude edgy cool-girl energy for fun and trendy streetwear fashion with a subtle Y2K influence.

Explore low-rise denim skirts

Who says low-rise denim can only apply to jeans? If you enjoy denim skirts, consider purchasing a low-rise denim skirt for girlier, playful vibes. Low-rise denim skirts are just as fun to style as jeans and are excellent options for spring and summer weather, so everyone who enjoys Y2K fashion should have a low-rise denim skirt in their closet.