Y2K-Inspired Bubble Hems Are Making A Major Comeback This Spring

Now's the time to break out your old flip phone and pink iPod because the early 2000s are back with a bang. Whether you're happy about it or not, Y2K fashion came back in 2022 and seems to be here to stay. From the Y2K dress trends that are unavoidable once again to how early 2000s-inspired hair gems are back and trending, there's no escaping the return of that famously sassy era.

Most Y2K outfit trends are loud, girly, flashy, and sexy, showing a lot of skin, as party girl fashion is all the rage right now. Who wouldn't want to explore the exciting lifestyle of an iconic early 2000s party girl for one night? Of course, not every early aughts trend is for everyone, and we know one bound to receive mixed reactions: bubble hems. These puffy-shaped garments are back with a vengeance but aren't as obnoxious as you may remember them. Believe it or not, when styled right, the bubble look can be cute in 2023.

Iconic bubble skirts

When you hear about "bubble hems," the first image in your mind is probably a sassy pink skirt that a mean girl wore in an early 2000s movie. Of course, bubble-shaped skirts can exude sassy energy, but you can style them differently for other vibes in today's society. Try pairing a black bubble skirt with a cropped blazer for a more bubbly spin on the corporatecore fashion trend or a two-toned poofy bubble skirt with a crop top and dramatic makeup for an edgy look.

Bubble dresses are super fun

Bubble dresses are just as fun as bubble skirts and require less effort; it's one piece, so you won't have to worry about pairing a skirt with a top. Plus, different bubble dresses are suitable for various settings. For instance, a light or floral option is ideal for brunch with friends or family, while a sleeveless black or red option is a sexy choice for a night out.

Bold bubble sleeves

A dramatic sleeve can elevate any top from forgettable to head-turning, and bubble sleeves are about as bold as sleeves can get. This poofy sleeve detail can instantly become the focal point of any ensemble, wherever you wear it. Moreover, you can dress tops with these unique sleeves up or down by opting for sophisticated skirts, casual jeans, or anything in between.

Keep warm with bubble-style coats

Puffer or bubble-inspired jackets and coats can help you feel warm on a chilly day while rocking a fun twist on the bubble fashion look. Thus, you'll feel comfortable while looking trendy — it's a win-win! Try wearing a bright or bold bubble-style coat or jacket over a monochromatic neutral outfit for cute, creative contrast.

Statement-making bubble jeans

Statement bubble-shaped jeans are an edgier, more casual spin on the bubble-inspired fashion trend. Jeans that are fitted at the waist, flare out at the middle of the legs, and are fitted at the bottom ankle area provide a bubble-like shape for a different twist on the trend. Consider wearing these jeans with a cropped or fitted top for a flattering detail and/or adding a jacket for more dimension.