Micro Bangs May Be A Risky Trend, But They Make The Ultimate Bold Statement

Whether you tend to refer to them as a "fringe" or "bangs," they're an option that can frame your face in a fabulous way as well as give your normal hairstyle a twist. 

There are plenty of different kinds of bangs to try out that may suit you in various ways. For instance, if you're looking for something that can be sweet, sophisticated, or even edgy, then you definitely need to consider micro-bangs.

"Micro bangs, or baby bangs, are super short bangs that lay somewhere in the middle of your forehead," hairstylist Gia Wendt explained to Bustle. Just think about the swoopy style that Florence Pugh showed off at the 2023 Oscars. You might have also swooned over Zoë Kravitz's micro bangs which are sometimes straight yet slanted, and other times will be oh-so-carefully curled. That's not to mention other stars who have tried out itty-bitty bangs, including Bella Hadid, Emma Watson, and Emma Roberts. "I think we're seeing them pop up more because they're so bold, elegant, and feminine. They really make a statement and aren't for everybody," Wendt added. 

Of course, that doesn't mean that they're not for you. In fact, there are plenty of different ways to embrace this tiny bang trend, from delightfully dainty styles to hardcore goth-like options that you may not be able to resist the next time you need to trim your bangs.

Blunt micro bangs

If this is the first time you've dared to go so short, then you might want to stick with something simple. In that case, blunt micro bangs are an ideal choice. This will give you a chance to adjust to the somewhat dramatic change by easing you into the style. All you need to do is cut your bangs as straight as possible about an inch above your eyebrows. Although you might be used to leaving longer strands on either side, you can take micro-bangs back a little further if you want an edgier look.

Extreme micro bangs

Go big or go home, as they say. However, when it comes to micro bangs, the bolder move is to go as short as possible. Perhaps a better option if you've already tried out the typical baby fringe, this extreme version leaves just a touch of length. That means an inch or less. You should probably keep in mind that this mini part of your mane may be a little finicky, so you might need to use a few styling products in order to keep them perfectly straight and in the right place.

Micro bangs with a bob

You might assume that you need to have hair that's on the longer side in order to visually balance out micro bangs, but that's not true at all. You can definitely pull off this sleek style with something shorter like a chic bob. In fact, the combination of baby bangs and a bob can create a flattering frame around your face which can enhance your look. You can also give your bangs a slight curve so that they meet and flow into the edges of the longer hair on each side.

Micro bangs with a pixie cut

Give your short hair a fresh look with the help of micro bangs. Still an eye-catching choice, it works perfectly with carefully shaped styles that are either classic or contemporary. With the ability to have the bangs blend with the rest of the cut, you can also do the opposite and make them stand out if you opt to chop the sides into a sharp edge. 

Side-swept micro bangs

Although micro bangs might seem to be a little bit limited due to their short length, there are definitely ways to vary how you wear them if you like to mix things up. For instance, you can simply split them in the middle and sweep each section to the side. If you do this when your hair is still wet after a shower, then your bangs may stay in place on their own. However, if you need some assistance, this is again where you can use a styling product for some extra holding power.

Two-tone micro bangs

Micro bangs are certainly a bold choice all on their own. However, you can take them up a notch and make them even edgier by dividing them into two different colors. Undoubtedly a striking look, you might want to opt for black hair with a bleached section for a modern goth aesthetic. Of course, that's just the beginning. You could also go for other color combinations to achieve various vibes. Try pink and blue micro bangs, or ones that are maroon and green, yellow and orange, or even silver and gold if you're feeling particularly fancy.