These Short Hair Braid Looks Are Anything But Boring

If you've ever given in to the feminine urge to give your hair a drastic chop, you know that short locks, though stunning and generally easy to maintain, sometimes come with a slew of inconveniences. For starters, short hair is often hard (if not impossible) to pull back into a ponytail or any kind of updo, making it sometimes difficult to style. And if braids are your favorite way to wear your hair, you may have understandable hesitations when it comes to opting for a short cut. But what if we told you that, in fact, there are numerous ways you can braid your short hair?

Though it may seem like an impossible feat, braiding short hair is perfectly achievable, even if you have a pixie cut. Plus, braided styles often don't take as long to do on short hair as they do on longer locks. Remember to keep some hairspray or gel on hand to give your braided style some hold and to secure any flyaways. Other than that, if you're ready to try your hand at braiding your short hair, you're in the right place!

French braid a pixie cut

Are you sporting a long-on-top pixie cut? Yes, you can French braid it — just keep the braid to the top of your head and leave the sides alone. Section the top of your hair so there's an even part on both sides, and then French braid it before securing the braid with a decorative clip. Voilà!

Pull a full set of braids into a half bun

Are you sporting a full set of braids, like box braids or cornrows? If so, you may wear your hair down most of the time, but we think you should switch it up every once in a while by pulling your braids up into a half bun for a playful style that also stays away from your face. 

Try a simple side braid

Sure, it's perfectly possible to braid your own bob, but maybe you don't have the time or patience. On days when this is the case, a simple side braid can make an elegant accent to your bob cut. Hide the end of the braid by tucking it behind your ear, or leave it hanging for a more casual look. 

Do a few Dutch braids on top of your head

If you just want to get your bangs out of your face for the day, a great option is to pull them back in a few Dutch braids on top of your head, securing the braids together at the crown of your head with a decorative tie or ribbon. 

Give yourself two pull-through side braids

If you're struggling to do a standard braid on your short hair, a pull-through braid is a great alternative. It offers a super simple way to create the braided look by pulling sections of ponytails through each other. Doing two pull-through braids may be easier on short hair than a single braid, too!

A simple twist can be easier than a braid

Another braid alternative that seems like it was made for short hair is the loose twist. To make a loose twist, simply grab two small sections of hair and loosely twist them around each other. You can hide the end of the twist with bobby pins, or show it off by securing it with a decorative clip. 

Braid your bangs back

One great braid option for gals with short hair and bangs is to simply braid the bangs. You don't even need to braid the bangs back; instead, braid them across your hairline. Use a faux braiding technique (like the pull-through braid) if a standard braid isn't doing it for you. 

Braid some short front strands

You don't have to pull all of your hair into a braid. Why not just braid some short front strands of hair? Even just one small, thin braid can provide a great accent to your short cut, spicing it up a little. Want to get spicier? Add more small braids — there are no rules here. 

Pull a few braids into a low bun

We particularly love this style if you're sporting some cornrows. Pull the ends of your cornrows together in the back, and bind them into a bun. This style is conservative enough for the office environment and can transition well to the nightlife scene, making it versatile enough for whatever you have going on throughout the day. 

Go for some short box braids

Why not braid your whole head if you can? We think box braids are a great option for short hairstyles. As a bonus, you can do a lot with a head of box braids — pull the braids back into a short pony, a bun, or a half-bun style.

Bubble braid a short pony

If you love rocking bubble braids, we have some good news for you: Bubble braids are super easy to pull off on short hair. Simply pull your hair (all of it or just a section) into a ponytail, and secure clear elastics at intervals down the ponytail to give it a "bubbled" look. Easy peasy ... and adorable!

Or bubble braid your bangs

If you can't pull all of your hair into a bubble braid, you can probably at least do a small bubble braided section. And if you're feeling particularly fun, we think you should bubble braid your bangs. No matter what you do to the rest of your hair, bubble-braided bangs will offer an element of whimsy to your overall look. 

Double Dutch braids are stunning

Dutch braids (the underhanded version of a French braid) are a stunning pop-out hair design that you can pull off on short hair. If you can't get your short hair into one Dutch braid, you may find it easier to do two Dutch braids — one on each side of your head. 

Tie French braids into messy buns

Do you want an easy, chic way to update French braids that's suitable for short hair? Pull your hair back into two French braids as you normally would, and once you reach the nape of your neck, use bobby pins to secure your hair into buns. This hairstyle is effortlessly elegant for short-to-mid length cuts.

Pull two braids together in the back

Maybe you regularly braid your short hair, but you're after something a bit different than what you usually go for. If this sounds like you, why not try your classic double French braid — but this time, pull the ends together in the back to make a ponytail or a bun. 

Try a faux French braid look

Remember, your braid doesn't have to be an actual braid — a faux French braid can work just as well. This style is similar to a twist hairstyle, except instead of using the same two sections of hair for the whole twist, you'll add to each section as you twist your hair (similar to how you'd add hair to each section while doing a French braid). 

Yes, you can do a crown braid with short hair

We think a crown braid makes for a great bridal hairstyle, and yes, you can do it on short hair. Do a Dutch braid on each side of your head and gather the ends in the back. Then, pin each end under the opposite braid to hide it. 

A few micro braids make great accents

Remember the Y2K baby braids phase you may have gone through in, like, middle school? Well, we have some good news — baby braids are back in full force, and they look great on short and long hair alike. Scatter some baby braids throughout your short hair for a great nostalgic hairstyle.

Waterfall crown braids are elegant

If you're looking for something a little bit different as you embark on your short hair braiding journey, consider a waterfall crown braid. This braid will capitalize on the top layers of your hair, and gains its name from the waterfall-esque appearance that the hanging sections of hair make as you twist your braid around them. 

Or try a single waterfall braid

You can also pull off just one waterfall braid that wraps around your head. This style is slightly elevated from a double waterfall braid and we think it makes a great accent for textured hair. Plus, since it sits toward the top of your head, it's easy to pull off even on short hair. 

A dragon braid is perfect if you have shaved sides

Are you sporting a long-on-top pixie with shaved sides? You may have thought braids were unattainable, but you thought wrong. Elevate your already edgy vibes by giving your pixie a dragon braid down the center. To make a dragon braid, do your standard Dutch braid, and then slightly pull the braids to loosen them and create the scale-esque appearance. 

Double bubble braids are fun and unique

Another bubble braid style we're currently obsessing over is the half-up double bubble braid. This easy-to-achieve look uses two small sections of hair (one on each side) to create a bubble braid that accents the rest of your hair. We love the quirky take this can add to any look. 

Two side Dutch braids can join in a low pony

If you love Dutch braids but your hair isn't long enough to do a single one down the center of your head, do a Dutch braid on each side of your head. Then, secure them together in the back in a low ponytail or a small bun. This style can add some effortless elegance to whatever you're wearing. 

Try a half-up bubble braid style

A half-up bubble braid can make a great, subtle accent to your short hairstyle. Use a small section on one side of your head to make your standard bubble braid, and simply leave it hanging down. This approachable look says that you have your stuff together, but are still down to party on occasion. 

Add beads to short, natural braids

If you're planning on putting some permanent braids into your hair for a while, you may be looking for a way to jazz them up a bit. Why not add some beads to the ends of those braids? This is a fun style that will add interest to your micro braids, and we think they look great even if you just put a few micro braids in your hair, too. 

Pull a pixie into several angled braids

Another option for long-on-top pixie cuts is the unique, quirky angled braid, which you can get by starting a French braid on one side of your head, continuing it at an angle across the top, and ending it on the other side. Pinning decorative clips throughout the braid can give it an extra boost of elegance. 

Do a short hidden fishtail

You consider yourself to be a bit of a mystery, and your hair is no different. If you're tired of wearing your hair the same old way day in and day out, give yourself a hidden little accent by doing a small side fishtail braid. Let some hair hang over it, and when you want to show it off, tuck that hair behind your ears. 

A halo braid can work well in short hair

A halo braid gives a similar look to a crown braid, but instead of gathering two braids together in the back, a halo braids consists of a single braid all the way around the base of your hairline. This is another elegant style perfect for weddings or any formal event you may be looking forward to.

A long-on-top pixie can be pulled into two bubble braids

Sure, you could just dragon braid your long-on-top pixie every day, but personally, we think that wearing the same hairstyle on the daily can get boring. If you want something different for your long pixie, why not pull it into two bubble braids? 

Micro French braids can highlight the sides of a pixie

Or you could refrain from braiding the top of your pixie altogether. Rather, add some micro braids to the side of your pixie. Whether you go French, Dutch, or just with a plain old braid, a little side braid or two makes a great accent to your pixie cut. Keep the braids to just one side of your head for a great asymmetrical look. 

Do a double row of braids

Your braid doesn't have to reach down the whole length of your hair, so don't try to force it, especially if you're working with short hair. Instead, start a braid on one side of your hair and braid it across the top of your head. Making a single crown braid this way gives elegant vibes, while two of them can give you some edge. 

Pull your hair into a single chunky braid

Short-to-mid length hair may be able to be pulled back into a single braid — if you can pull it off, we think you should capitalize on that. Pull your strands back into a single chunky Dutch braid for a style that's casual enough for a day around town, but upscale enough to end the night at a fancy restaurant. 

Hide the tail of a single French braid

Do you hate seeing the tail end of your French braid throughout the day? Or, maybe it just tickles your neck when you let it hang down. If that's the case, French braid your hair like normal, and simply tuck the end under and secure it at the nape of your neck with bobby pins. 

DIY some short cornrows

If you have a short afro or other natural hairstyle and just want something a bit different, why not DIY a set of cornrows? Yes, this may take some patience (and a bit of practice) but we love the put-together-ness that cornrows can add to any vibe. 

A mohawk braid can give you a funky look

If you've ever wanted a mohawk but haven't had the courage to pull it off, try a mohawk braid style instead. This loose French or Dutch braid style is done down the center of your head but isn't pulled tight against your scalp; this gives it a more voluminous, mohawk-esque appearance.