Squoval Nail Inspo To Upgrade Your Next Manicure

Dear manicure aficionados, there's a new nail shape taking over the scene, and it's one we're quickly falling in love with. "Squoval" nails offer a beloved alternative to your go-to almond or square nail shape. The squoval shape boasts rounded corners and a flat top, giving softer vibes to your nails no matter what color or design you opt for at the salon. Plus, it's a super versatile shape that can accommodate nearly any design under the sun.

Why might you want squoval nails? For starters, they look great both long and short, making them perfect for both the casual nail fan and the manicure aficionado. Squoval nails are also a great option if you find that your square nails (or other shapes with sharp edges) are frequently scratching you or catching on your clothing. Beyond that, we love how they can instantly soften any look to make the wearer more approachable. If you've been on the hunt for a new nail shape, squoval nails may just be the perfect option for you.

Incorporate French tips into squoval nails

A French manicure is a classic style that already offers a soft, elegant look to the wearer, and personally, we think the squoval shape only enhances those vibes. Whether you keep the color uniform across your nails, opt for a color gradient, incorporate an accent nail, or all of the above, you really can't go wrong with a squoval-shaped French mani. 

Squoval nails are perfect for single shades

We get it — you're an understated fashionista who likes to keep things simple and elegant. If this sounds like you, you may have found traditional nail shapes to be too harsh or eye-catching. The next time you go to the salon, pick your favorite soft shade and get it painted on some squoval-shaped nails. 

Paint some polka dots on them

Have you been wanting to hop on the polka dot nails trend? Squoval nails provide the ideal palette for this fun, rounded nail design. Sure, you could get them painted at the salon, but it's also easy enough to DIY polka dot nails, as long as you have a bobby pin handy.

Go simple with a nude shimmer

The most elegant among us are probably on the search for a manicure option that's just as classy as they are. Enter: squoval nails (obviously) painted with a slightly shimmery polish. We love nude polishes that boast a slight shimmer, but you could opt for a brighter shimmery color if you're feeling particularly bold. 

Long squoval nails can make a statement

Of course, your squoval nails can be any length, so make them as long as your heart desires. This means the statement-makers among us would probably feel right at home in a fresh set of long squoval nails. If simple length isn't enough, paint them black for added boss energy. 

Or keep them short for minimalist appeal

On the other hand (pun intended), maybe you're someone who rarely likes to do anything with their nails — you prefer to keep them looking bare but clean and polished nonetheless. When this is the case, opt for a clear coat (or a very subtle nude) on a set of soft, squoval-shaped nails.

They're gentle enough for Barbie pink

Since seeing the "Barbie" movie, Barbie pink has become your signature color, and your nails are no exception. Sure, you could go big and bold with some coffin-shaped or even stiletto Barbie pink nails, but honestly, we consider the squoval shape to be the best complement to this girly color. 

Try an elegant, understated pastel tip

Do you like to incorporate little pops of color into your 'fits? Maybe you use color in your accessories rather than your clothing because you like them to be slightly more understated. If that's the case, go for a soft pastel tip on your squoval nails. You could do a split color design like in the photo above, but a single pastel shade would work just as well. 

The squoval shape can tone down a red mani

Even if you love to deck yourself out in a set of bright red nails, sometimes red just feels like too bold of a color. We don't think you should forego it, though; instead, try pairing it with squoval nails the next time you get your nails done. You'll probably find that the squoval shape can slightly soften your red mani. 

Give them some floral designs

Wanting to prep your nails for spring or summer? Floral nail designs are always popular in the warmer seasons, and we think florals look great on squoval nails. Keep it minimalist with a single flower on each nail, or do multiple — the world is your oyster. 

Or use this shape for your next Easter-inspired set

We all know pastel colors are great for the Easter season, and we think they pair very well with squoval nails. Plus, a squoval nail is the perfect canvas for a double corner French manicure! So the next time you head into the salon, pick your favorite pastel shade(s) and get that gentle double corner mani on your squoval nails. 

Have some fun with abstract designs

One of the best things about squoval nails is that they're versatile enough to complement any and every design, including the most abstract you can imagine. We love the fun design above that resembles confetti or sprinkles, and we like that the squoval shape lets the design take center stage rather than the shape itself. 

Glitter adds instant elegance

If you like low-maintenance, understated nails that give effortless elegance, squoval-shaped neutral glam nails may be a good option for you. Get a sparkly shade of whatever neutral color is your current fave, and use the squoval shape to keep your glam factor front and center.