The Double-Corner French Manicure Is A Whimsical Take On The Classic Nail Look

French manicures, regardless of passing fads, remain the most popular nail trend and the epitome of good taste. They're classic, subtle, reliable — everything you could ever want from a good, everyday manicure. Plus, they're hard to mess up. If you go into any nail salon and ask for French tips, odds are you'll be happy with the outcome. Plain and simple, they're the safest option. But is this always what we want from our French nails? A safety net? Not really.


This is where the countless iterations and experimental variations of French manicures come in. Rainbow, abstract, wavy, and negative space French tips have all had their moment in the spotlight at one point or another. These outside-the-box French manicure ideas have charmed us over and over again, and we keep coming back for more. So, if you're looking for your next updated twist inspired by the popular classic, we're here to introduce you to the double-corner French manicure.

A double-corner French manicure is exactly what it sounds like — instead of lining just the tips, you line two corners of your nail to create a dynamic and interesting design. And yes, you can get creative with it. Here are all the ways to do double-corner French nails.


Classic white, with a twist

When you think of French manicures, you think of classic white tip nails with a neutral base, almost like the color of your natural nails but enhanced tenfold. That's exactly how French nails started, by mimicking and elevating our nails' natural beige-to-white color gradient. But since then, this nail design has gone through many creative changes.


If you want to stick to classic white but yearn for a twist on French nails, this trend is for you. Simply draw your white lines on opposite corners of the nail and play around with other line placements.

Pop of color

The French nails of today are not just white and beige. In fact, they can be done in any color combination you can dream up. Plus, the lines don't strictly need to be drawn at the tip of the nail. You can line the corners, too.


The double-corner rendition of French tip nails looks even better when done with a bright pop of color. If you're doing a strong color, like orange, red, or any neon color, your best bet is to stick to a neutral beige base. This way, your colorful lines will be the focus.

The abstract

French nails leave lots of space for exploring abstract designs. We've seen it all, from negative space French nails to inverted French nails (with the line at the cuticle rather than the tip). But have you thought about how double-corner French nails might benefit from a little playful exploration of the abstract?


Here's what you do: Go for a clear, neutral base. Then, pick three to four shades of nail polish (monochrome or otherwise) and start drawing your corner lines in blobs or squares. You can even have a bit of negative space action for an interesting look.

One line, two corners

When it comes to more experimental French nail designs, anything goes. Any color, any line placement, and any shape. Blobs instead of lines are totally acceptable. So are ultra-thin lines, as well as super chunky ones. Get crazy with it!


If you want to get outside of your comfort zone with French nails, try this. Start with a neutral base and then pick any bright color — neon green, perhaps? Place this color on the tip and slowly drag it towards the side and bottom corner of the nail, making your line thinner as you go.

Back to basics

While you can get experimental with French manicures, this isn't for everyone. Sometimes, all you want is a subtle, classy nail design with enough of a twist on it to make it interesting. If this resonates, try the double-corner manicure but go back to basics.


Rather than an opaque base, opt for a clear base instead. Why? Because your usual neutral shade will become your new French tip color, of course. Whatever your typical neutral shade is, this will line opposite corners of your nails this time. We promise this subversion will look snazzy yet subtle.