30 Tattoos That Are Odes To Barbie

It's no secret by now that Barbie-mania is in full swing, with fans of the iconic doll going wild over Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie. Whether you're a longtime Barbie fan or have recently jumped on the Barbie fan train in the wake of the movie's release, there's a good chance you're constantly on the hunt for new ways to express your love for Barbie, whether it's by sporting the Barbie ponytail or getting a pink Barbielicious manicure. But if you're confident that your Barbie love will never die, what better way to pay her some homage than getting a Barbie-inspired tattoo?

Before you head to the parlor to get your Barbie tattoo, there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration. Decide if you want the aesthetic of your Barbie tattoo to match any other tattoos you may have — if you sport mostly black ink, you may want a grayscale Barbie, while a stamp sleeve could call for some smaller Barbie icons. Superfans might love a tattoo of Barbie's face, and if you're after a subtle vibe, a simple pink "B" could suffice. Can't decide on a design? Maybe you just need some Barbie tattoo inspo to get you started.

You and your Barbie can get matching tattoos

Have you had the same Barbie doll since you were five — and, moreover, does that Barbie happen to have a tattoo of her own? If your prized childhood possession is sporting some body ink, go ahead and copy her tattoo on yourself for a sentimental memento you'll never grow tired of. 

Get her name tatted on your wrist

If you're looking for a constant, ever-present reminder of your love for Barbie, what could be simpler than getting her name tattooed on your wrist? Those already sporting a sleeve of black ink tattoos can get "Barbie" in black, but if you want to go all the way with it, get her name in pink ink.

Grayscale Barbie is a whole vibe

When you want a subtler stand-out Barbie tattoo, opt to get her face tattooed on your arm in black ink from an artist who's a pro with shading. Still want a pop of color? Work some in by coloring Barbie's eyes or getting her name in pink under her silhouette. 

Workout Barbie can motivate you to get some exercise in

Are you a gym rat who can't wait to get some fitness in during the day (and who also happens to love Barbie)? Then go ahead and show your love for both Barbie and exercise by getting a tattoo of Barbie sporting workout gear. Bonus points if she's holding a dumbbell, too. 

Write her name on your arm in lipstick

Self-proclaimed girly girls, this one's for you. Memorialize your passion for pink, makeup, and Barbie when you get Barbie's name tattooed on your arm — and make it look like it was drawn with pink lipstick. This is a unique tattoo sure to get you compliments galore. 

Get multiple Barbies as a sleeve

This one is for those of you who breathe Barbie. You're a collector of even the rarest Barbie dolls, know everything about her history, and some may even say Barbie flows through your veins. If this sounds like you, get a whole sleeve of Barbie tattoos! Incorporate her name and images of the iconic doll throughout the decades. 

Give Barbie some darker edge

If a standard, bright pink Barbie tattoo just doesn't fit your vibe, then don't make it pink. Go with black ink for your Barbie tattoo, and even consider giving her a darker edge, like in the face-melting Barbie tattoo pictured above. It's a Barbie tattoo that doesn't scream "girly," making it perfect for those who don't love glitz and glam in their tattoos. 

Vintage Barbie offers a unique sentiment

Do you stan the OG Barbie? Pay homage to her vintage years by getting an image of Barbie wearing her iconic chevron swimsuit as a tattoo. Since the swimsuit is black and white, this would make a fine black ink tattoo, but you could add colorful accents if you want to make it more noticeable. 

Make your Barbie tatted just like you

Another option for those who need to give Barbie something a little offbeat is to make your tattoo Barbie tattooed, just like you (a little meta, we know). Make sure tatted Barbie still screams "Barbie" by incorporating her signature high, blond ponytail — and give her some pink accents for good measure. 

Get her whole silhouette if you're feeling extra

Sure, you could just get Barbie's face — but what's stopping you from getting her whole silhouette tattooed on you? If a Barbie silhouette is in the cards for you, we think you can't go wrong with getting a long-legged vintage Barbie sporting the black and white chevron swimsuit.

Pay homage to your old Barbie Dream House

If your childhood memories are peppered with plenty of playtime with your old Barbie Dream House, a picture of the house could make for a great Barbie tattoo. Get a color image of the house, and if you want to make sure every passerby knows what it is, get "Barbie Dream House" tattooed around it. 

Glitter Barbie is ultra glam

In case you missed it, body glitter is back, and we wouldn't be surprised if you sport some on the regular. If you're a body glitter fan, take it up a notch by getting a glitter tattoo of Barbie's silhouette (or her name) in an area where you'd also sprinkle some body glitter, like right under your collarbone. 

A side-eye Barbie is just as over it as you are

Are you constantly tired of all the drama in your life? You're just over it and want your Barbie tattoo to capture this sentiment. Go full glam by getting a vintage Barbie tattoo, but give her a little side-eye so she can stand in solidarity with you on those days when you're just done with everything. 

Set Barbie ablaze

Maybe your Barbie is so over everything that she doesn't even mind being burned at the stake a little. For a tattoo that showcases your literal burning passion for the doll and everything she symbolizes, get a Barbie that's been set on fire — and add in some side-eye for good measure. 

Smoker Barbie can give '90s baddie vibes

Sometimes you may just wish that Barbie was a little more of a relatable baddie. Why not make her one when you go to get your Barbie tattoo? No matter what Barbie design you eventually land on, add a cigarette between her lips and maybe even some tattoos to give her effortless baddie vibes.

Executive Barbie will bring back your inner boss babe

Maybe you don't want a baddie Barbie — instead, you need corporate executive Barbie to motivate you to get your stuff done. If these are the vibes you're after, throw your tatted Barbie in a suit and give her accessories to match, like a cell phone and a briefcase. 

Give your Barbie tattoo a macabre twist

Do you have both a light and a dark side that you like to exude in equal measure? Let your Barbie tattoo be a showcase for both your gentle and macabre natures when you make half of her face an ornate, floral skull. It's an option for anyone who wants a bit of a darker Barbie without being too gothic about it. 

Show your commitment with a Barbie sticker sleeve

Another tattoo idea for those who have Barbie oozing from their pores is a trendy Barbie sticker sleeve of tattoos. When you get a Barbie sticker sleeve, not all your tattoos need to be obviously Barbie-related. A pink car, a tube of lipstick, a pink cell phone, and a compact hand mirror will all scream "Barbie" as long as you have an obvious memento of her somewhere in your sleeve. 

Give your Barbie face tattoos

If you always gave your Barbies "tattoos" with a pen when you were a kid, this one's for you. Give a subtle nod to playtime gone by when you get Barbie tatted on your arm by giving her some face tattoos. It'll remind you of all the fun you had with her as a kid, and it'll keep her from looking too girly for your liking. 

Black and pink make for a great Barbie logo and silhouette

If you don't want your Barbie tattoo to be all pink, it doesn't have to be. Tone down the pink a little when you combine it with black (or even white) ink. A pink Barbie silhouette and black name, black silhouette and pink name, or some other combination of the two can make for a slightly subtler Barbie tattoo. 

Get a tattoo that matches your favorite doll

Did you have a favorite Barbie growing up? Maybe she's still sitting proudly on display somewhere in your house, or she just exists fondly as a memory. Why not memorialize your favorite Barbie by getting her tattooed on your arm? Make your Barbie tattoo match your favorite version of the doll for a sentiment you'll never grow tired of. 

Pink and yellow is a classic Barbie color combo

Fans of Barbie's iconic bright yellow rollerblades know that pink and yellow may be the most Barbie color combo out there — so go ahead and incorporate that into your Barbie tattoos! You could get her name in pink and yellow ink or just a pink letter "B" inside a yellow heart. However you do it, using the colors pink and yellow will make your tattoo unapologetically Barbielicious. 

A simple Barbie finger tattoo can be stunning

Maybe you're in the market for a super subtle Barbie tattoo that's really only just for you. When this is the case, get a small Barbie finger tattoo as a private memento. A pink letter "B" is perfect for this sentiment, but you could also get a tube of pink lipstick or a single yellow rollerblade to capture the sentiment.

Get an '80s high school Barbie

If you're nostalgic for '80s vibes in particular, then get a Barbie tattoo that exudes everything '80s. Giving your Barbie tattoo big, voluminous hair is a great starting point, but you could also give her a cigarette and a corded phone to go the extra mile. 

Goth Barbie offers a fun '00s sentiment

Remember the goth age of the '00s, when everyone shopped for hair accessories at Hot Topic, and black was your favorite color? Throw it back to simpler times by getting a Barbie tattoo that reminds you of the darker days. Give Barbie black hair, black lipstick, and a black choker for a tattoo that'll bring fond memories to everyone who sees it. 

Get sketches of Barbie and Ken

Why not get Barbie with her longtime loyal boyfriend, Ken? Sure, he can't hold a candle to Barbie's glam, but he makes for some good-looking arm candy nonetheless. Go with vintage sketches of the pair, or modernize it by getting side-by-side tattoos of Barbie and Ken. 

Put Barbie's silhouette in an ornate frame

If the rest of your tattoos are elegant as anything, you probably don't want to mess up the vibe with just any old Barbie tattoo. Make your Barbie tattoo fit in with the rest of your tats when you put her silhouette inside an ornate frame, almost like a brooch. 

Go for a vintage Barbie with glitter hair

Another option for all the glitter-loving folks out there is to get your Barbie tattooed with glitter in her hair. A glitter-haired Barbie tattoo can give off a fun, playful vibe that lets everyone know you're sweet and totally down to party. 

Surround your Barbie silhouette with flowers

If a delicate, more girly Barbie tattoo is what you're after, we'd recommend sticking with a simple silhouette. Then, surround it with some flowers in your favorite Barbie-esque colors, like pink, yellow, and even purple. You can also get her name if you want to make sure everybody knows what your tattoo is, but it will also exude Barbie perfectly well on its own. 

Get a glittery B

For a simple addition to an already existing sticker sleeve, or just a small tattoo memento of your favorite girly icon, a glittery letter "B" can stand strongly on its own as a Barbie memento, as long as you get it in the signature Barbie font. Make it pink to be extra sure everyone who sees it knows to whom you're paying homage.