Body Glitter Is Back - Rock The Trend Like A Y2K Queen

If you adore anything and everything that glitters — like shimmery nails or shiny makeup — then you might want to indulge in a trend that was popular in the past and is making a serious comeback. We're talking about body glitter. A fun, fabulous, and fierce accent depending on how you use it, Sophia from Go Get Glitter gave Glamour a couple of tips for how to slay this sparky aesthetic, saying, "Always use 1-2 colors max. Start with the bright color in the center and always blend out with a lighter tone, like silver or iridescent."

You can also choose from three different kinds of glitter to capture the look you want. Along with loose powder and fine dust glitter, there's also glitter-filled body gel. As for application, each product will likely have its own directions, which you should follow. However, generally, Sophia recommends putting on an adhesive before using a brush to gently dab the glitter onto the spots where you want it to shine. She explains, "The glitter will stick immediately and there won't be much fall-out."

Now you know how to use body glitter, you're surely interested in where you should apply it and how much you might want in each spot. Whether you're into a subtle sheen or want to shimmer like a diamond, there are a few different ways you can rock this trend like a Y2K queen.

Body glitter on the chest

Keep your glitter front and center by applying it to your chest. Of course, this works best if you're wearing something low-cut or has a deep V-neck. Starting at your collarbone and making its way down, you can ensure it's layered on a little thicker at the top before getting lighter and more sparse until it finally fades out. An ideal spot to wear any color of glitter or a fun combination of two, you can play around to find what works best with both your body and outfit.

Body glitter on the arms

Give your arms the look of shimmering angelic wings by covering them in silver or gold body glitter. You could also use these shades for looks that range from Old Hollywood glamour to a futuristic vibe. If you want something more playful, you could definitely use a hot pink, bright blue, or glowing green. Either pop a sprinkling on the top of each shoulder or allow it to fully flow down both arms. You can even let it extend right onto the back of your hands for a little extra flair.

Body glitter line on legs

When you choose a spot on your body to highlight with glitter, you may be tempted to go a little wild. However, as hard as it might be, you might want to show some restraint and decide not to cover the entire area. Instead, you can opt for a single line in a strategic spot. Ideal for anywhere on your body that's relatively long or narrow, like your legs. For instance, you could add a stripe of rainbow glitter down the outer section of either side. 

Body glitter with gem accents

Although body glitter can certainly hold its own, there's no reason why you can't take it to the next level with additional accents. Try adding various kinds of faux gems to the areas on your body that you've decided to decorate and then sprinkle glitter around them. While you might think that it's best to reverse that process and put the glitter on first, the gritty nature of the product can actually make it difficult for the gems to stick to your skin, so it's best to put the glitter on last.

Artistic body glitter accents

Put your artistic side into action by adding creative additions that help accent your body glitter or, in turn, are highlighted by the detailed accents. Offering you seemingly endless options, you might want to use a white liner to create an intricate design with gold glitter underlining each section and filling in what would otherwise be empty areas. Depending on your aim and abilities, you could keep things on the simple side with a few touches here and there or go all out and turn yourself into a shimmery masterpiece.