The Simple Styling Hack That Quickly Upgrades Your Messy Bun

If you've got a long mane, you know how much work goes into maintaining it. After all, keeping your hair healthy and hydrated is essential to making sure it's prepared when the time comes to style it. That being said, there are some days when you just want to keep your tresses out of your face, whether you're hitting the gym or about to clean the house — this is when the messy bun comes into play.

Although this hairstyle is one that can be modified to suit many different occasions, the messy bun has been a go-to for those with long tresses for ages. Not only does it keep your hair out of the way, but it can also look sleek and stylish, and only requires a single hair tie. 

Now, TikTok user @audreyvictoria_ has gone viral demonstrating how to create a messy bun in a unique way. Perhaps the best part of this hairstyle hack is that it can work for both formal occasions and casual events — think of it as a style you can wear to the office and rock after work at a party. However, unlike a traditional messy bun, the one created by @audreyvictoria_ requires two hair ties, so you'll want to have them ready to go if you want to try this hack.

How to upgrade your messy bun in seconds

When you're ready to begin, round up your tresses at the top of your head. Loop all of your hair through one of the ties you have on hand, and then continue re-looping your locks through the tie for tightness. Just as you would when creating a traditional bun, stop short of pulling your tresses entirely through your final loop — make sure your hair is directed forward toward the front of your head rather than falling toward the bottom of your newly created bun.

As @audreyvictoria_ demonstrates in her TikTok video, your long locks should be falling toward your forehead if you've followed the initial steps of this hack correctly. Now, it's time to grab your second hair tie — pull your remaining tresses through the hair tie, and begin looping them through it at about the midway point before you secure the tie in place. At this point, you should have a section of your hair tied at both ends, resting on the top of your head.

Just as @audreyvictoria_ does in her video, use your hands to split this segment of hair in half and create an opening. Then, completely twist the segment one time around, ensuring that the opening remains intact. Now, it's time for the grand finale.

Tips for finishing and securing your messy bun

Use each of your hands to keep the halved segment of your hair and its opening intact. Now, begin to flip the end of the segment (which includes the loose ends of your tresses) backward into the opening you've created. Continue flipping your hair inward into the opening, moving toward the back of your head. Once you're close to the original bun you created, loop your hair around it, and voilà! Your messy bun is complete, with a few twists within your tresses to give it a unique, classy look. The twists also do double duty, keeping your bun secured for longer while adding more "messiness" to your look. Be sure to play around with your tresses and go as loose or tight with your twists as necessary to create the appearance you desire.

If you nail down this hairstyle hack but still find yourself unsatisfied with the results, you may want to use a texturizing spray beforehand. This can be especially helpful if you've just washed your tresses — smoothness might make it difficult to keep your bun tight at the top of your head and take away from the "messiness." For more longevity, spritz your bun with hair spray before you head out the door. This will ensure that your styling efforts last all day long and even into the night if you have a packed schedule.