Black Gems Are The Latest Jewelry Trend For 2024 - Our Styling Tips

When Halloween and its associated spooky season come around, it seems the perfect time of year for black gems to have their moment. However, these gorgeous jewels can carry their unique gothic charm through the rest of the year as well. When you're looking for a touch of drama in your jewelry, nothing compares to black gem pieces. Black diamonds, obsidian, tourmaline, and onyx pair perfectly with both gold or silver for a look that's regal, sophisticated, and mysterious. 

When you like your rings, necklaces, and bracelets to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, black gems are exactly what you need to complete the aesthetic you're going for. Your jewelry can be small and dainty, or big and bold. Choose your favorite and try it out for a new look this spooky season, but don't stop there. Whether your black gems sparkle or have more of a subtle shine, they're beautiful the whole year long.

Simple, modern black engagement ring

Classic white diamonds are so widely accepted as the standard for engagement rings that it can be challenging to embrace other options. However, you have many choices these days. If you're in the market for an engagement ring, try on one that features a black diamond. Square, oval, or round, a black gem in an engagement ring can fit any style.

Black festoon necklace

Looking to go big? Channel your inner Victorian vixen with a black festoon necklace. It's like a choker, but way more dramatic, with its draping beads, chains, and gems. It pairs especially well with strapless or off-the-shoulder dresses and tops, and it's perfect for drawing attention to décolletage. 

Oversized statement ring

Speaking of going big, an oversized statement ring can really bring you out of your shell. Witchy women everywhere can tell you that rocking a giant black gemstone on your finger can really help you be true to yourself. While a single statement ring can stand on its own, you can also sport smaller rings beside it if you're more of a maximalist. Black gems like obsidian and tourmaline are also believed to have metaphysical powers of protection. 

Black on black on black

If you're someone who likes to go all in on a trend, why stop at just one piece of black gemstone jewelry? Pile it all on, we say. Mix in a few gold or silver chains for balance, and you can stack black rings and bracelets as far as the eye can see to cash in on that baddie aesthetic. 

Black choker

Whether it's beaded or velvet, you can't go wrong with a classic black choker. Depending on your budget and level of commitment to the trend, you can choose one that showcases any black gem, from diamonds to onyx. Either way, you'll hit the perfect note between edgy and mysterious. A simple choker works just as well with a plain tee as it does with a seasonal gown.

Diamond encrusted vintage black engagement ring

There's more than one way to rock a black diamond. You can go understated and modern. You can also go full Victorian vintage charm with a black diamond halo engagement ring that doesn't let anyone miss the fact that your stone is unapologetically dark.