Black Diamonds Are Making A Dark Splash In 2023's Engagement Ring Trends

Non-traditional is quickly becoming the tradition — and that is especially true when it comes to engagement rings. The trend in recent years is straying from traditional diamonds for more unique stones, shapes, and configurations. This move is most likely due to wanting a ring that represents the wearer's personal aesthetic and overall vibe. After all, it is the one piece of jewelry you'll wear every day for the rest of your life.

The last few years have seen many engagement ring trends, including lab-grown diamonds, doi et moi settings, and alternative statement stones. While all of these are still going strong, it's the alternative stones that many are seeking in their engagement jewelry. Currently, dark and moody diamonds are proving that not every ring needs to be light, white, and sparkly. A little edge with the help of a black diamond will set your ring apart. Traditional colorless diamonds aren't going anywhere, but get ready to see settings with dark stones taking center stage on ring fingers this year.

Black-on-black stones

For anyone who loves black, it's usually the more, the better. Go all the way, and feature a large black center stone with smaller black gems around it. This ring has black stones in a halo around the main stone and set into the band, with small black stones in a sunburst halo detail around the bottom. The black-on-black design is chic and a little bit flashy, which makes it ideal for anyone who likes a little moody glamour.

Sprinkle salt and pepper

If you love the dark and moody aesthetic but don't want to commit to a fully black stone, a salt and pepper diamond is the perfect compromise. These are diamonds are natural and get their coloring from inclusions – the thing that traditional diamonds seek to get rid of. They can range from colorless with a few dark specs to gray-toned to almost fully black. Salt and pepper diamonds have gained popularity in recent years because of the unique smattering of color in each stone. These are the rings for the modern and trendy future fiancé(e).

Mix edge and tradition

Use black diamonds as a way to mix traditional and edgy styles into one ring. This black elongated hexagon diamond with a half halo of white diamonds feels like a sleek upgrade to the traditional solitaire ring. It feels edgy and modern because of the unique shape, but with traditional aspects in the halo and gold band. Plus, black never goes out of style — so while it may be an alternative stone, it's still a timeless option.

Soften it with rose gold

Some people may shy away from black because it feels too harsh, but you can soften a black stone's darkness with a rose gold band. Rose gold is feminine and can easily soften a dark stone. Plus, the contrast will really make a black stone pop. With an edgy black engagement ring, you also don't need to go with a diamond. Other black stones like onyx and tourmaline are great options for a black center stone. This ring features a black onyx, which can be a less expensive option for an engagement ring.

Just go simple and classic

A black diamond is a big enough statement to stand on its own. So, if you're a fan of the paired-down, simple look, rest assured that a black center stone can hold court. You don't always need all the extra details to catch eyes. For a simple and classic black diamond engagement ring, opt for one of the traditional stone shapes like round, princess, or emerald shape. Or give it a slight antique twist by choosing a marquis shape. A solitaire setting with a minimally decorated band will allow the center stone to shine.