5 Rare Diamond Shapes That Will Make Your Engagement Ring Completely Unique

Even if you've never looked for an engagement ring before, there's no doubt you've heard of the classics: princess cuts, diamond cuts, emerald cuts, etc. These are the shapes of rings that have previously been perceived as traditional and timeless shapes that any future fiancée will love. Like anything, times have evolved, and there are some new shapes in town.


To better represent their wearer engagement rings have recently shifted. As Sriya Karumanchi, marketing manager of jewelry brand Catbird, tells Who What Wear, the concept of engagement rings has recently changed. "I think the perspective has shifted. The value of a ring doesn't have to solely come from a set of rules determined by the jewelry industry — cut, clarity, carat, and color being the common ones," says Karumanchi.

With a new shift in consumers towards looking for something that can better encapsulate the personality of a loved one, engagement rings have gotten a refresh. Whether you are getting inspiration for your future ring or looking for that person you love, now that it is time to let go of old rules and reach for so something as unique as humans.


Trillion cut engagement rings

Despite the name, trillion-cut engagement rings do not mean a price tag of a trillion dollars, even if it may seem like it. Trillion-cut engagement rings simply mean a triangular diamond or a triangle-shaped stone. Although an ordinary shape, triangular stone rings are a new addition to the rotation of engagement rings. 


According to Abby Sparks, the trillion-cut rings are a unique and elegant choice for those who want to make a statement with very little. Because of the triangular shape, Abby Sparks reports that they tend to look bigger than other stones of the same karats and tend to have more sparkle to them. 

The Diamond Pro also suggests reaching for a trillion-cut ring if you want to be able to purchase a ring without having to worry about the four C's: cut, clarity, color, and carats. Because of the shape, a trillion-cut doesn't require much in these categories for the ring to shine. The triangular shape of the ring is perfect for those who want something rare but will remain classic and chic.

One of the benefits of a trillion-cut is the variety of possibilities that it gives you. If you want a more timeless ring with flair, you can get a classic center stone surrounded by trillion-cut side stones. Although The Diamond Pro reports that very few jewelers carry sole trillion-cut stone engagement rings in their line-up, it is still an option if you want something more unique.


Signet-shaped engagement rings

Although you probably recognize signet rings from a royal medieval series where it's mainly worn by kings or lords, these rings have become one of the stars of the engagement ring industry.

Even though these rings typically don't contain stones, the engagement ring version can include an encrusted stone or an engraving. Jemma Wayne designers, Jenny Klatt and Stephanie Wynn Lalin, tell The Zoe Report, "Some women want something non-traditional, but don't want to take too much of a risk for fear that their ring won't suit them later on. A signet ring is such a timeless piece and often considered an heirloom, just like an engagement ring, so it's a natural idea to merge the two."


There's no doubt that signet rings are different than your typical engagement rings, but they are also an understated way of showing your love. They are the perfect accessory for those who aren't keen on the idea of a diamond, whether it's for security reasons or not. As opposed to a diamond center stone ring, a signet ring can be as customized as you want. As merchandiser Angela Kennedy tells Brides, you can make the head of the signet reflect anything you want. You can leave it plain, engrave it with your initial, deck it out with gems, or even create your crest to add — the choice is yours.

Star-shaped engagement rings

For those looking for something from the great beyond, this option is for you. A star-shaped engagement ring is a perfect choice if you or the person you love wants something that's made for the occasion.


Unlike most engagement rings, a five-pointed star ring requires more precision and skill from your jeweler. According to Carats Direct 2 U, to create a kite star diamond ring, a jeweler has to set each piece of diamond in such a way that it forms the star shape. That means every point and center has to be cut and placed in a certain way to get the shape right. However, thanks to this extra work, you get this beautifully shaped celestial ring.

One of the best aspects of a star-cut ring is that there are many ways to make it as romantic and extravagant as you want. You can opt for a simple kite star diamond as the sole focus of your ring or choose to have it cushioned by multiple rings like the Diamond Double Star Halo Ring by Kronenberger Fine Jewelry. Setting it amongst other stones makes the star shape seem like a cluster of stars. Whichever you choose, it will undoubtedly guide you in the right direction.


Hexagon-shaped engagement rings

If you wanted to add a bit of geometric interest or simply grandeur to your ring, you may be looking for a hexagonal-shaped engagement ring. These six-sides rings are the perfect way to make a huge statement with your ring.


The hexagon-shaped engagement ring is a great compromise for those looking for something out of the ordinary but wants to keep some of the timeless features. According to Taylor & Hart, the hexagon-shaped ring offers some variety when it comes to its shape and size. You can either opt for a wider hexagon ring or a more narrow stone, depending on how you want it to look and feel on the ring.

Although this hexagon ring is rare and beautiful, The Knot warns that it may require extra caution. Because of the pointed curves, this particular shape may be more prone to snagging onto clothing and other items. The Knot also points out that this cut is so rare that it might not be found, requiring extra time and patience.


Baguette-shaped engagement rings

One of the most vintage and romantic engagement rings, the baguette-cut engagement ring is an ode to an art deco era that brought us so many gorgeous art forms.

Raymond Lee Jewelers describe a baguette diamond as "Step cut diamonds, so they have large straight facets arranged in parallel lines on all four sides. The arrangement of facets resembles that of steps, hence the name." These types of rings are gorgeously detailed and provide a bit of glam while still being vintage at their core.


Baguette stone rings tend to lean towards a more modern look and usually use the baguette shape for the side stones. Truly Experiences explains that although baguette diamonds are unique and rare, there are some things you should know before reaching for this diamond. Truly explains that baguette diamonds tend to lack shine as they lack facets. However, because they require fewer cuts than traditional diamonds, they will ultimately be lower in price.

Although less sparkly, these baguette diamond engagement rings will shine more due to their unique shape.