What Exactly Is A Cazimi In Astrology? We Asked A Professional Astrologer

Surely, you've learned how to read your own birth chart by now. You probably also understand the secrets that can be revealed by the south node and the twelfth house and the complexities of aspects. Maybe you're also wondering what else there is to know about the planets that guide us. When it comes to astrology, however, every time you think you've discovered all there is to know, there is suddenly more to learn.


One lesser-known astrological phenomenon is what is known as a cazimi. A cazimi takes place when a planet aligns with the sun, magnifying its traits. This can occur multiple times each year for faster-moving plants, like Mercury, or as infrequently as once every two years for others. In our quest to learn more, Glam spoke exclusively to pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas, who connects people with astrology on platforms like Instagram and Patreon, to find out exactly how cazimis affect us and how we can prepare for them. 

What are the effects of a cazimi?

When a planet aligns itself with the powerful influence of the sun, forming a cazimi, you can expect to see the influence of that planet invigorated. "When a planet does this," Kyle Thomas exclusively revealed to us, "the powers, themes, and energies of that planet are fully restored and rejuvenated, as the Sun's light and power burns away (or combusts) the past cycle to prepare us for the next one." This applies whether the planet in question is currently moving forward or in retrograde.


"If a cazimi is occurring as the planet moves backward," Thomas explained, "this reveals that there may be a rejuvenation around situations, matters, or relationships with the past. When a cazimi occurs as a planet moves forward (into the heart of the Sun), then it fully ushers forth a new cycle into the present and future." This makes a cazimi the perfect time to get real with yourself about your intentions and prepare to start a new chapter, even if the event includes wading through the past to determine the right direction to move in for the future. 

What is the best way to prepare for an upcoming cazimi?

When a cazimi is approaching, you should prepare yourself for the new cycle that's to begin by finding out which planet and zodiac sign the event will take place in. "Not only should you pay attention to which planet is being rejuvenated," Kyle Thomas exclusively elaborated to us, "but you can also hone in on which zodiac sign it is occurring within ..." He advises readers to "channel the energies of this particular zodiac sign ..." in addition to those of the planet at play.


During a Mars cazimi in Scorpio, for example, the assertive nature of the planet is likely to come into play within the themes of Scorpio — mystery, passion, and transformation. When boosted by the sun and paired with a zodiac sign that's already known for ripping down life's metaphorical walls and rebuilding, Mars could majorly fast-track any transformative plans you've been tossing around in your mind. That said, keep your eye on cazimis to understand the collective cyclical energy.