Gas-Station-Core Is The Latest TikTok Trend Inspired By Affordable Fashion

If TikTok can be relied upon for anything, it's spotting (and creating) fashion, beauty, fitness, and home decor trends. The latest fashion craze spreading like wildfire across the platform is being referred to as "gas-station-core." The look was originally popularized by the absolutely-not-critically-acclaimed 2002 Britney Spears film, "Crossroads." In the movie, Spears' character dons the type of attire one can find in a gas station or convenience store: oversized graphic tees, bucket hats, cheap sunglasses, and basic sweatpants. 

How you interpret gas-station-core is, of course, up to you and your own personal sense of style. While one person might be drawn to the flannel jackets and rain boots for sale at their local fuel palace, another might feel a connection to the mirrored aviator sunglasses and bright candy necklaces. The fun part about this particular TikTok trend is that there's no wrong answer; the whole point is to look a little ironic.

Classic baseball cap

If you're a little uncomfortable with the idea of buying clothes or accessories from a gas station or similar establishment, a baseball cap can serve as a great starting point. Find an outdoorsy cap in a color you enjoy and commit to wearing it for the rest of your outing. You might find it a lot more fun than you expected. 

Statement sunglasses

When you feel like your look needs a little something and you find yourself making a pit stop, look for sunglasses. The right pair of sunnies can not only change your outfit's vibe, but it can also change the appearance of the shape of your face. Gas stations often offer a ton of different options with fun shapes and colors at super affordable prices. 

Oversized t-shirt

Who can't appreciate a cute and comfy oversized t-shirt moment? The fun part about grabbing a t-shirt from a gas station or convenience store — especially if it's a small, privately-owned operation — is that its design is unlikely to pop up again in the future. This makes road trips the best source for unique (and affordable) tees. 


When you consider the type of clientele that frequent gas stations, like over-the-road truck drivers, it becomes clear why gas stations offer such rugged outerwear meant for heavy duty work. Fortunately, you don't have to prove your occupation to buy yourself a substantial jacket or a pair of work pants or overalls that can bring a grungy, textural component to your aesthetic.

Trucker hat

Contrary to popular belief, baseball caps and trucker hats are not the same thing. While a baseball cap features a shorter, curvier, sporty design with a button on top, a trucker hat, one of 2023's most unavoidable hair accessory trends, stands tall, leaving more room for you to display graphics or logos with pride. You can't go wrong with a vintage beer or soda logo.