9 Of 2023's Most Unavoidable Hair Accessory Trends

A single hair accessory has the power to turn your messy, thoughtless bun into an elevated updo. For its size and price, the humble hair accessory may arguably do more work than any other item in your fashion toolbox. Just as trends dominate the worlds of clothes, shoes, hair, nails, and makeup, they affect which hair accessories are considered fashionable as well. This year, unsurprisingly, we're seeing a resurgence of hair accessory looks from the '90s and 2000s.

As with every trend that makes a comeback years later, 2023's scrunchies, gems, and claw clips all have an updated flare that sets them apart from previous decades. If you fear you've been falling a little flat in your hair game lately, consider experimenting with a few of these accessories to achieve basically the world's easiest hair makeover. Here's all the hair accessory inspiration you didn't even know you needed to get started.


If you consider yourself a little on the witchy side, consider incorporating your favorite healing crystals into your hair accessories. If you like to shop local, keep an eye out at your next flea market or craft fair. Crystal clip barrettes are quickly becoming a hot ticket item for small businesses and hobbyists. 

Chunky headbands

Headbands are always there for you, so don't abandon them in 2023. They hold your hair back when you're putting on makeup, performing your 17-step skincare routine, or crushing your morning workout. They can also look super intentional and fashionable when you let them shine with a simple hair-down moment. 


It doesn't get any more classic than this. If you're into putting a new spin on old-world charm, hair pearls are for you. Try some in the form of pins or barrettes or apply them directly to your hair in the arrangement of your choice for unprecedented glamour. If you're really brave, throw on some eyebrow pearls while you're at it.

Claw clips

Claw clips, the plastic hair holders of the '90s, are back in a major way. While they can feel a little bulky, claw clips are a great damage-free alternative to hair bands when you just have to get your hair off your face and neck. The variety of colors and patterns also make them fun to match with your clothes. 


Speaking of '90s relics, the scrunchie is back to being a mainstay in every fashionable long-hair wearer's arsenal. These soft, fluffy, and fabric-wrapped hair bands are another way to combat the damage of harsher hair ties and to mix and match with your outfits and friends. The satin variety is an excellent protective choice for those who like to wear their hair in a bun while sleeping. 

Baseball caps and trucker hats

If you thought a messy bun was the easiest way to deal with your hair on days when you're just not feeling it, you've never experienced what a baseball hat has to offer. These simple, casual accessories serve double duty; they keep you looking hip and trendy and also completely cover your dirty grown-out roots. 

Classic barrettes

If you grew up during the '90s, you definitely had at least one school photo taken wearing barrettes. Whether you love them as a cute accessory or just enjoy their ability to hold sections of hair exactly where you want them, there isn't much to complain about when it comes to these hardworking hair essentials.


Looking for an edgier way to upgrade your go-to hair accessories? If you prefer feeling and looking more like a warrior than a princess, try out hair chains. These intricate metal chains can be wrapped around braids, twists, or even ponytails when you're looking for a little extra fierceness. 


Another decidedly '90s trend that's enjoying a return to the limelight is oversized bows. Whether you're looking to add a little softness to some ripped jeans and a band tee or put the finishing touches on a look for your best friend's tea party themed baby shower, a bow always has your back (or your side part!).