Pearl Eyebrows Are The Ultra Feminine Trend Taking Your Look To The Next Level

Embellishments, sparkles, glitter, and other shiny objects are currently rocking the fashion industry. And as recent fashion weeks have shown us, the current trends also favor ultra-feminine and ultra-creative looks that go above and beyond. One trend, in particular, is jumping from fashion to beauty in a unique way. Pearls have long been considered classic for the way that they exude elegance and sophistication. A beautiful pearl jewelry piece was often the go-to for those looking to display quiet luxury along with their polished ensemble. While they're still the epitome of luxury, pearls are now also the newest way to enhance makeup looks for those seeking to showcase a bit of fun.


TV shows like "Euphoria" and festivals like Coachella have made face gems and accents more of an everyday look staple. Pearls are a step up from face gems and are the perfect haute couture accessories if you're looking to make a statement during your daily errands. 

While you can add pearls anywhere on your face, using them along and around your eyebrows gives them extra flair and definition; they are the best accent they could have. So ditch your glitter and opt for pearls for a bold yet whimsical 3D effect. Here are some of our favorite looks for inspo.

All-over pearls

Finding the best spots for your pearl embellishments near your eyebrows can be challenging. Instead of overthinking their locations, add a generous amount all around your eye area. Don't worry about getting the perfect placement; the randomness will appear intentional and chic.


Using a mirror, pick positions around your eye area that won't disturb your blinking and will highlight your eyebrows. Be sure to extend the pearls over the top of your brows and toward your hairline for a cohesive, artistic look.

Pearl wings

Stacked cat eyes and seductive siren eye makeup are last season's trends. Rather than simply lining your eyes and framing your brows with winged eyeliner, use your pearl accents to create a 3D wing instead.


Using your brows as your guide, take the same approach as you would with a liner to design a wing on your eyelid. Take it a step further and connect your pearl wing to your brows for a bold, head-turning look that can be just as fun to see at a music festival as it would be at a grocery store.

Eyebrow-framing pearls

Sometimes you just need to show off how good your eyebrows look, and pearls are the best way to do so. Place pearls along the front and back ends of your brows. Almost like a picture frame, this will box your brows in to make sure they're highlighted wherever you go. Use a variety of pearl sizes to create a more artistic look. You don't need to completely surround your brows, just a few pearls are enough to create a high-end look.


Under-the-brow pearls

Eyeshadows go on the lids, and brow pomades and pencils go on the brows, this leaves the space between the two bare and empty. Fill it in with your favorite pearl accents to get a more mermaidcore makeup touch to your look. Make sure no space goes untouched, as there's plenty of room for all the pearls you wish to add.


Subtle pearls

Adding pearls to your eyebrows is a significant statement to rock during your day-to-day life. If you're not ready to commit to such a bold look, but really want to test out the trend, make them much easier to wear by adding only a few subtle accents.


Stick to four or five small pearls to achieve a creative look that won't be mistaken for a costume. While it may require some getting used to, pearl accents are a trend that will definitely upgrade your makeup look.