Bold, Statement Pearl Jewelry Is Taking Over For Dainty Designs

Make way, dainty pearl jewelry, there's a new trend in town. Yep, we're talking about bold, statement pearl pieces. 2023 is all about taking risks with fashion, and that includes jewelry; however, these pieces don't come cheap. The average price range of pearl jewelry is about $150 to $50,000, according to Pure Pearls. Obviously, there's no pressure to purchase the real thing (no one is really going to notice the difference, to be honest). There are several options on the market that won't break your bank account.

Whether you love earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or all of the above, you won't have any problems finding something that suits your style. Even if you're used to dainty pieces, these bolder, statement pieces are worth stepping outside of your comfort zone. To give you some ideas of the pearl jewelry that's out there, take a look at the list we've compiled. We promise you're going to love it.

Gold accents are always a good idea

Here's a piece of pearl jewelry you can wear anywhere, any time. Adding a gold pendant, such as the one you see here, creates a casual piece, which is why it goes with pretty much any outfit. It isn't as sophisticated as some of the other choices on this list, but it's just as beautiful.

Costume jewelry makes any look super fun

What's better than a pearl ring? A bold, statement pearl ring you can see miles away. Some people may find large rings gaudy, but we say, absolutely not. Costume jewelry like you see in the above photo is super fun, no matter what you're wearing. If you choose something like this, we recommend keeping the rest of your hand bare, or adding a single, dainty band.

If you can customize a piece, do it

Sometimes customization can look a bit tacky, but not this time. To spice up your pearl necklace, consider adding your name to this gorgeous piece of jewelry. If you're afraid of wearing pearls because they seem too much for a daytime look, this is a great way to make the necklace more wearable.

Crystals are hands-down the boldest choice

This pearl necklace is not for the faint of heart, but we say go for it anyway! Any crystal would look amazing, but we suggest researching the meaning behind each crystal and choosing one you think might benefit you most. For example, rose quartz is perfect for those looking for unconditional love.

A pair of pearl earrings is a must-have

Every woman should own a pair of pearl earrings — it's not up for discussion. They're sophisticated, and automatically upgrade any outfit. You can add additional jewelry, like a bracelet or necklace, but we personally love drop earrings on their own. Too many pearls may overwhelm the look, but as always, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident!

The bigger the bracelet, the better

If you have smaller wrists, you may be apprehensive about wearing any type of bracelet; however, unlike dainty pieces, chunky pearl bracelets like this one are more likely to stay put. Feeling really bold? Stack your bracelets with varying sizes, making them the focal point of the outfit.

Pearl and diamonds make a stunning combination

It's no surprise pearls and diamonds are a gorgeous combination. If you're searching for a piece that screams opulence, this is it. We particularly love the look of these two on a pair of earrings, but they look incredible on any piece of jewelry. What can we say? Diamonds are a girl's best friend.