How To Style Multiple Earrings On An Ear Perfectly

Multiple ear piercings will never go out of style. Since the trend gained more popularity in the 1970s, it truly has never lost traction (via GEMPORIA). In fact, it is more popular than ever, with celebrities like Beyoncé rocking the look (via Instagram). No matter the look you are going for, whether it be minimalist chic or punk rock, the ear stack will perfectly complement. While you can get multiple piercings in the lobe alone, there are other parts of the ear to now pierce as well, such as the tragus, anti-tragus, helix, daith, rook, conch, and more. One fan-favorite part of the multiple earring look is that it is extremely personal to the individual, and most likely, no two ear stacks will ever look the same, making for a great form of self-expression.

While there is really no official guide to ear stacking, getting a picture-perfect ear stack may not be as simple as it seems. It takes thought behind each earring used for the stack to turn out as beautiful as the ones you may see on Instagram. Here are five tips for curating multiple earrings into an insta-worthy stack that is sure to stun. 

It's all about balance

Balance is important in all aspects of life, even in how you curate your ear stack. "I have a 40/60 rule, where I like to style roughly 40% of piercings wearing bolder or more statement earrings, and the remaining 60% of piercings filled with dainty and more understated pieces, to keep a good balance," Sit & Wonder's Emily Ko tells Elle. Balance the use of hoops, studs, and statement earrings, and avoid overdoing it with too much of one earring type.

Start big

If you are just getting started with ear stacking, this look is your best bet. One of the most common ear stacks starts big and gets smaller as it goes up the ear (via YouTube). For example, starting with a larger hoop or statement piece and using gradually smaller studs on the upper lobe and cartilage piercings. This ear stack is great for everyday wear that will also ensure that your ear isn't weighed down, causing a tear. 

Don't shy away from ear cuffs

Piercings aren't the only way to adorn the ears. Ear cuffs fit around the upper part of the ear and hang on; no piercing is needed. Shelley Sanders, co-founder and creative director of The Last Line, tells L'OFFICIEL that ear cuffs are a great way to make an impact without piercings. The ear cuff can even be worn separately from the original stack as they can be worn so far up on the cartilage.

Consider your ear size

Always consider your earlobe size when building the perfect ear stack. Too many large and heavy earrings on a smaller ear can cause pain and even rip your skin. According to Healthline, one of the leading causes of ripped ears is the frequent use of extremely heavy earrings. In addition, you will want to spread your piercings out farther if you have a smaller ear as well, to avoid too much bling all on top of each other.

Mix it up

Don't be afraid to mix it up. Not all the earrings in your stack have to match perfectly with one another. They can be different in shape, size, and color. Feel free to mix metals, like gold and silver, along with different stones. One of our personal favorite looks is to create a pattern of silver and gold earrings going up the ear. Layering these different types of metals creates a visual interest like no other (via MasterClass).