Stacked Cat Eyes Will Bring Even More Color To Your Beauty Routine

Who doesn't enjoy the allure and mystery of a good cat eyeliner look? This subtle yet dramatic liner design is simple but can do wonders for your overall makeup. The cat eye is known for its upwards lift that can draw the eye up and give the look of a pulled face. With just the flick of a tail, your cat eye can completely transform the shape of your eyes and give your makeup a sudden change. Although the cat eye is a classic in the makeup world, it's constantly being reinvented. With recent eyeliner trends focusing on more creativity and boldness, it was only a matter of time before the cat eye was remixed. Instead of focusing on only one cat eye, the newest eyeliner trend is about giving your eye double the power.

The stacked cat eye trend is all about creating a double cat liner look that will add even more drama and flair. Although double the liner means double the cat eyes to pull off, it's well worth it when you see the artistic result. This graphic liner is key if you want to step up your eyeliner game without having to go for anything too difficult, like a wing or siren eye. Creating a stacked cat eye look is quite simple and even allows you to play with two colors as opposed to just one. 

Pop of color

Creating a stacked cat eye look is perfect for those looking to do something different with their makeup look. The second cat eye gives you the ideal opportunity to inject some more color into your look without having to add a bold lip or eyeshadow. Avoid two black cat eyes as they won't distinguish from each other and will look like one singular line. Instead, add a pop of color by making one cat eye into a neon or vibrant color that will have everyone doing a double take.

Half a cat eye

For many of us, creating just one sublime cat eye is task enough; a second one of similar quality is nearly impossible. However, with the stacked cat eyeliner, there's no need to create two eyeliner looks. Simply create an identical flick underneath the first one to get the stacked look without having to create two cat eyes. Join the two flicks to the original liner on the lid for a cohesive design. Just by adding the second flick, you can get that extra flair with little to no work on your part.

Mod stacked liner

Picking out what colors work with each other for your stacked look might be the most challenging aspect of this trend. In the end, you want something that is both fun and stylish. Go for a mod-inspired vibe by using white and black liners. These classic colors contrast each other beautifully. Create thin cat eyes for a style that borders line art but still delivers that modern stacked eyeliner look. When you pair two colors like black and white that create a high contrast, your liner will seem more crisp and sharp.

Thick stacked liner

One of the worst parts of spending so much time on a liner is that sometimes it's barely noticeable. No one loves putting in all the effort for a thin line that's narrowly visible. Avoid the pain by creating a stacked cat eyeliner design that can be seen by anyone, anywhere. Take up your entire lid and give yourself a pair of thick and bold cat eyes that will have everyone wondering if it's your eyeshadow or eyeliner.