Bland Brown And Black Liner Is Out & New Colorful Looks Are In

When it comes to classic beauty products, few truly stand the test of time. Some examples of iconic looks include red lipsticks, black mascara, and dark eyeliner. This last beauty staple is all about uniting your eye looks together with the simple swipe of a pen.

Regardless of if you're a pencil or liquid eyeliner fan, the odds are that you're most familiar with the brown and black shades of the product. These classic colors help your eyes pop and bring more drama to your makeup looks. Although they function perfectly for any event or scenario, these colors can get boring quickly. The best way to combat this is by opting for a colorful hue instead.

Colorful eyeliners are some of the most fun beauty products for the season, adding an extra pop to your eyes. With these pops, you can create makeup looks that are unique but still on trend. Unlike black and brown liners, these distinct colors allow you to step out of your comfort zone.

Matte colored eyeliner

With the way beauty is currently trending, there's no need to stick with simple and safe. Grab your favorite matte colored eyeliner for a significant pop of color that will bring all of the attention to your eyes. While everyone focuses on creating the perfect winged eyeliner, try to put some of that fun into the waterline. Match your liner with other accessories or complement your eye color with wild hues that few can replicate.

Double liners

Since using colored eyeliners is already a fun way of playing with your makeup, take it a step above with a colorful eye creation. Recently, we've seen how graphic eyeliner designs have taken over social media feeds and runways. Match the creativity by creating a double-winged eyeliner outline with pops of color. Not only will your liner design make a statement, but the pops of color will ensure no one misses out on your beauty looks. If you want to make your makeup cohesive, opt for two complementary colors, ensuring they will always match.

Simple glitter liner

Although colorful liners are fun all on their own, there's nothing wrong with adding some extra glam to them. Using glitter-colored liners is one of the best ways to create a unique look since most people feel intimidated by the product. Since a glitter-colored liner will already be a statement design, there's no need to do more.

Triple liners

A graphic design with three winged liners or various liner designs will create artwork on your eyelids. While this might be more advanced in technicality, adding three different colors is enough to cause a scene. Stick with a single color palette in your liner and overall makeup look, as this ensures everything matches and looks cohesive. Match one of your liners to your lipstick and the others to various makeup products for a chic but creative look.

Subtle pop eyeliner

Not everything needs to be wild and chaotic to look bold in makeup. Sometimes a simple pop of color can make you feel happy and confident. Whether it's on your eyelid or bottom lash line, adding a vibrant and bold color in these areas will freshen up your look. Although it might feel odd at first, it's a simple way of making something new again.