TikTok's Newest Eyeliner Trend Is A Sleek Reimagining Of The Siren Eyes Look

Few tools have as much versatility and can create as much drama as eyeliner. Having led to many clumsy nights in front of the mirror trying to perfect wing shapes, eyeliner is the one tool that can test a steady hand. It can go from a classy cat eye to a Julia Fox eye smear. There's no end to the trend variations of black liner and the way it can snatch creases and lift lids.


In 2022, two new eye trends have emerged as the competing eye looks to dominate our feeds. The bright and angelic doe eyes create a round open eye look, while the siren eyes clap back with sleek and elongated gazes. With over 760 million hashtag uses on TikTok, siren eyes have become the style of the season, thanks to their ultra piercing glam look. But now the social media world is obsessed with a new look: the inner eye liner trend.

The inner eye liner trend

The siren-eye aesthetic, marked by its dark sultry wing and sharp gaze, is not a new phenomenon, according to beauty creative director of Róen Beauty Kate Synnott. "Angelina Jolie is probably the first celebrity that comes to mind who definitely rocks this as her signature look," she tells Ipsy. TikTok influencer and London-based makeup artist Danielle Marcan was one of the first to call the smudged eyeliner aesthetic "siren," referencing the evil creatures of the sea that would lull pirates to their doom. In Marcan's tutorial on TikTok, she transforms her innocent doe eyes into a dark siren eye by extending her liner out, then drawing a second line above, creating a wing of dimension. Now, TikTok has elevated the siren eye even further with inner eye liner. 


This look "is different from siren eyes because it solely focuses on creating a thin sharp line in the inner corners of your eyes towards the bridge of your nose with liquid liner," celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa explains to Byrdie. The trend is ideal for those who want to draw attention to their eyes and create the illusion of a longer shape. 

How to line the corners of your eyes

The beauty of the inner eye liner look is that it's simply a modern take on a smokey eye. If using a jet-black liquid liner is too much, you can always opt for a charcoal shadow instead. To try the look, take your liner or shadow and create an angled wing much like you would a cat eye, per Lancôme. Then go into the inner corner, and with a very careful hand, draw a sharp line towards the nose. Use a waterproof formula as this area is near the tear ducts and is prone to smudging.


To finish this look, be sure to also take your eyeliner on the bottom line on the exterior corner to darken and emphasize the eye shape you've created. Speaking to Bustle, M.A.C. Cosmetics senior national artist Michelle Clark recommends experimenting with color for a bolder look: "Inner corner liner is a super fun way to change up your look by using color," she says, adding, "Yellow, cobalt blues, violets, and greens look incredible and add a fresh vibe to any eye look."

Take the look a step further and add lashes only to the outer corner. By working just with the inner and outer corners of the eye, you've not only elongated the eye but also created the illusion of a fox eye lift.