The Eye Shape That Will Give Your Makeup A More Seductive Look

Whether the occasion is a hot date or a girls' night out, one way to feel super sexy is to draw attention to your eyes. Eyes are one of the first things people focus on. We use our eyes to convey emotions and when we're trying to be flirty, makeup can make all the difference. When you think of a seductive eye shape, you might not envision cherubic, round peepers sprinkled with pink shimmer. You'd want to create a more elongated shape that smolders.

While a bare lid is acceptable for an everyday look, if you want to really make your eyes pop, you'll need a little help with products. Plumping up your lashes with mascara will give you that coquettish look for extra flirty peepers. Shadows and liners also go a long way in accentuating your eyes to make them more seductive. So what's the best shape for seducing your crush? Read on to find out different ways you can jazz up your eyes for a bewitching effect.

Cat eyes will make you feel bold and beautiful

Many turn to this timeless look when they want to be bold and sexy and there is nothing more sophisticated or sexier than the classic winged liner. Audrey Hepburn became known for favoring this look and many have tried to imitate her. To get the perfect cat eye, Stylecraze suggests using an angled brush and cream eyeliner. Draw a line from the outer corner of your eye and then bring it inwards in a V-shape, going across your lash line. A cool hack for not-so-steady hands is to use a spoon handle or business card for an extra sharp line.

Make your cat eyes smoke with this trick

A smokey eye is always sexy but a smokey cat eye will make you sizzle. An error-free way to achieve this look is to place a piece of tape diagonally from your outer eye corners to the edges of your brows as a stencil, per L'Oréal. Apply a nude shadow all over your lids, and then blend a light gray color onto the inner half of your lids with a darker gray on the outer half. Finish the look with black shadow on the outer edges of the eyes only and along your lower lash line.

Flip things around with a reverse cat-eye

The reverse cat eye is a modern take on the classic look and has been trending for some time. Huda Beauty advises running a gray-toned shadow along the upper lids, blending into the crease. Use the same shade on the lower lash line and then run a black gel liner along the lower lash line into the waterline. Be sure to extend the line past the inner and outer corners to create a dramatic look.

Have fun with geometric shapes

Go for a futuristic look with a geometric cat eye. To recreate this fun trend, use a liquid eyeliner pen to draw along your top lash line, creating a wing on the outer corners — but don't stop there. Bring the line along your crease, stopping midway. Or follow Brit+Co's advice and use a colored pencil to create graphic lines along your lids. Be as creative as you like and play with different shapes such as drawing tiny vertical lines along your upper lash line to create a cool cat eye.

Layer on your eyeliner for a two-toned cat eye

Cat eye makeup looks are fun but why stop at just one color? With so many eyeliner shades to choose from, your options are endless. For a fun twist on a cat eye, line your eyes in a winged shape with black first. Then, layer on another color right on top of the line, being sure to go along the line. Maybelline used a chrome silver as the top color for an extra sparkle, but you can use fun colors like neon pink or a cobalt blue as well, which will ensure all eyes will be on you.