6 Secrets For Getting The Most Out Of Your Healing Crystals

Whether you're new to healing crystals or you've had a collection for a while, you may not know that you can adopt a routine cleansing routine to make the most of your stones. In fact, learning how to clear existing energy from your crystals can ensure that they're in the best possible state for healing.

Although there is no hard science that supports the supposed healing properties of crystals, many people turn to these stones to address everything from lethargy to nightmares. The idea of using crystals for healing is one that dates back at least 6,000 years. Everyone from the people of Mesopotamia to the ancient Egyptians referenced the use of crystals. Some turned to these stones to eliminate negative energy, while others used them to combat illness.

Today, the scientific community often attributes crystal healing to the placebo effect, noting that their supposed benefits can be chalked up to the power of the mind. That being said, if your crystal collection isn't doing any harm, there's no reason to toss it aside, especially if you believe you've personally benefited from its healing properties. Here are six tips for caring for your crystals and leveraging all they have to offer.

Use water to bathe your crystals of negative energy

It might seem silly to wash your crystals, and while you don't necessarily need to take a bar of soap to them, running water can be immensely beneficial. This is because water is believed to remove energy trapped within crystals, whether it be from a previous owner or the last time it was used by you for healing. To cleanse your crystals with water, simply submerge them in a bowl of it for a few moments, or hold them under running water. Afterward, make sure you pat them dry. Some people believe that using a natural source of water, such as a stream or river, is best for cleansing. However, there's nothing wrong with using what comes out of your faucet.

Just keep in mind that some crystals are not water-soluble. This means that if you do submerge these specific stones in water for an extended period of time, you risk eroding and damaging them. Selenite — a common, powerful cleansing crystal — is one of these crystals. Always do your research beforehand to avoid potential heartbreak and protect your valued collection.

Don't forget about the cleansing potential of sea salt

Another cleansing substance for crystals that is often overlooked is sea salt. Many people who practice cleansing their stones actually combine water and sea salt to create their own solution at home. Generally speaking, sea salt has been used throughout history for its supposed ability to eliminate negative energy.

To rid your own crystals of any unwanted energy, fill a bowl with sea salt — if all you have is table salt at home, it's perfectly fine to use as an alternative. Place your crystals on top of the salt or bury them within it, and allow them to rest for at least a few hours to fully cleanse. Just remember, some crystals may be damaged when exposed to salt for an extended period of time, so do your homework beforehand.

If you want to cleanse your collection with salt, but many of your stones don't play nicely with it, The Hood Witch recommends using a non-contact method. To begin, fill a bowl with the salt you have on hand. Then, place a drinking glass into the bowl, submerging it at least halfway into the salt. Place your crystals into the empty glass; over time, the salt will still be able to absorb the energy from the crystals, cleansing them completely.

Know the differences between your types of crystals

Caring for your healing crystals is critical to ensure that they not only last a long time but provide you with the most potential benefits. However, it's essential to understand the composition of your crystals before you begin cleansing them to avoid damage. While some can be submerged in water without any risk, others deteriorate after prolonged exposure to it. As previously mentioned, even salt damage certain crystals, depending on how it's used.

Semi-precious (non-porous) crystals are durable stones that can be rinsed in water without degrading. Some that fall into this category include rose quartz, amethyst, and aquamarine. Porous crystals are considered to be softer stones, which means that they cannot tolerate water without degrading over time. Most agates and onyx are examples of porous stones. If you have a crystal that has been treated to enhance its coloring or provide a protective coating, it's best to avoid submerging it in water or any other liquid. Howlite and lapis lazuli are examples of stones that are often treated, but this is not always the case — check with the vendor who provided you with your crystal for more information. Knowing the make-up of your stones can help you better understand where to start when it comes to the cleansing process.

Harness the power of the moon for your crystals

The moon has a major impact on our planet, affecting everything from tides to the migration patterns of animals. Thus, it's not too surprising that it can have a powerful effect on crystals as well. Because these stones are composed of materials that come directly from the earth, many who believe in their metaphysical properties think they are impacted by the moon. Understanding the phases of the moon can help you cleanse and charge your healing crystals.

To eliminate old energy from your crystals with power from the moon, you can either place them under its light during the full moon phase or use moon water. Moon water can easily be created at home — simply pour distilled water into a jar, and allow it to absorb the energy from a full moon. Keep your jarred moon water out of the sunlight so that you can continue to use it to cleanse and charge your crystals. Many people also use their moon water for everything from cleaning everyday household objects to mopping!

Use the power of the sun on your crystals

Similar to moonlight, sunlight can be just as beneficial to your healing crystals. Many people who believe in the metaphysical properties of these stones use the sun's rays to charge them. When your crystals are charged, they are primed and ready to provide you with all of their potential benefits.

To utilize the sun for your collection, place your crystals under sunlight for at least a few hours. This should give them enough time to shed any negative energy and recharge. Just keep in mind that it's important to know the type of crystals you're cleansing in charging beforehand. Similar to water, sunlight can potentially cause some stones to fade and become altered over time.

Additionally, you'll want to be particularly mindful of your crystal types if you intend to place them outside to catch some rays. Unexpected rain showers or intense sunlight can damage soft or porous crystals, so check the forecast before you head outdoors with your collection.

Combine your crystals to unlock their potential

Even some of the most seasoned collectors might be unaware that crystals can be charged and cleansed with other stones. This can be particularly helpful if you have a wide variety and want to combine crystals to unlock their full metaphysical potential. For example, a large piece of selenite or clear quartz can be placed on top of a stone you want to energetically cleanse. Alternatively, you can use a small group of stones to clear one large piece. For instance, hematite and smoky quartz are known for their ability to remove negative energy. If you have a handful of smaller clearing crystals, place them into a dish, and then position the stone you want to cleanse on top of the collection.

On a related note, many crystals are thought to enhance each other's metaphysical properties when paired together. For instance, black obsidian and Tiger's Eye are believed to provide a strong layer of protection from negativity. Some experts claim rose quartz and malachite help attract love while strengthening self-love. Understanding the potential of your crystal collection can help you go beyond just using these stones for healing. In the end, you just may discover more benefits than you could've imagined.