Unlimited Inspo For Your St. Patrick's Day Manicure Is Right Here

March 17 is a day when we all get to embrace the culture and traditions of St. Patrick's Day, or simply enjoy drinking green beverages and wearing that green shirt you bought just for the occasion! Whether you go basic or all out with shamrock shapes and custom graphic tees, you don't want to forget your nails. After all, who doesn't love a themed manicure?

There's nothing more fun than getting your nails done in festive colors or having your nail artist paint festive shapes to truly get into the holiday spirit. If your typical St. Patrick's Day manicure consists of a basic green polish, you may be looking to change things up this year. Luckily, we've compiled unlimited inspiration for your St. Patrick's Day manicure so you can truly embrace the luck o' the Irish this year. Now, let's dive into our inspo — you'll be booking that manicure appointment in no time!

Classic shamrock

When you think of St. Paddy's Day, you naturally think of shamrocks, so why not go full theme by painting them on your nails? We love how the base coat of this manicure is a lovely shade of light green with the shamrocks in a darker, glitter-green polish on top. Super cute and totally on-trend!

Look for the pot 'o' gold

It looks like you've found the pot of gold! This St. Patrick's Day spin on a classic French manicure features rainbow tips with green and gold gradient glitter at the cuticles. We love the addition of the rainbow accent nail with the shamrock embellishment to make this manicure even more festive.

Emerald is evergreen

If you want to be festive but still keep that minimalist look you love, opt for a deep, emerald green polish color for your manicure. Not only is this a rich, gorgeous hue that coordinates well with many other colors but it's also versatile enough to be worn after the holiday is over.

Show the love

Show your love of Ireland with this festive manicure. Although we love the combination of trends here, including the use of glitter polish and a French tip in a minty green color, it's the heart nail art using the colors of the Irish flag that we adore the most about his fun manicure.

Get embossed

If you're looking for something a bit different than the usual nail art this St. Paddy's Day, go for a fun, embossed effect. We love how this nail artist incorporated the crocodile skin embossed effect on these colorful French tips for a festive look that stands out in a crowd.

Get glittery

If bright green and nail art isn't for you but you still want to embrace the holiday, why not try this understated yet festive choice? We love the mossy green polish color combined with the green glitter. Adding a touch of gradient glitter to the thumb as an accent nail is the perfect accent to this pretty mani.

Lighten up

Although green may be the star color of St. Paddy's Day, you can choose to go with something a bit lighter for your festive manicure. This white crelly polish contains green micro glitter for just a pop of color and gold flakes to really make this manicure one you won't forget.

Get matte

There's something about a matte manicure that we will always love, no matter what color it is. You don't need any nail art or embellishments when you choose a color like this stunning olive green. The matte finish makes this manicure so versatile and perfect for any day, not just this holiday.

Embrace all the themes

If subtle isn't in your vocabulary and you want your nails to show just how excited you are to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, why not embrace all the trends with your nail art? This cute manicure gives you the Irish flag, a golden shamrock, and other gold accents on top of a Kelly green polish.

Swirl it up

This is another great way to show your love for St. Patrick's Day while still keeping your manicure versatile enough to be worn before and after the holiday. A clean and crisp green manicure is highlighted by one accent nail featuring a green, gold, and black swirl. Perfect for those who want to celebrate but still be a bit understated. 

Get lucky

You'll have the luck 'o the Irish with this super cute manicure. White French tips are adorned with green and gold accents in swirls and shamrocks while the word "lucky" is written on the accent nail. This manicure truly embraces all there is to love about St. Patrick's Day!

An Irish spin on the French

The French manicure is uber popular right now and nail artists are definitely putting their own spin on this classic design. We love the double line and how the use of negative space gives these nails a unique look, but it's the green French tips that make this look perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Stiletto gems

If the word "understated" isn't in your vocabulary, this is the St. Patrick's Day manicure for you. Extra-long stiletto nails are painted with a green and white geometric pattern on the French tip, but it's the emerald gems accenting each nail that really put this manicure over the top in all the right ways.

Here's a lucky tip

You don't have to decide on one polish color with this cute manicure. After painting each French tip in a different shade of green, an upside-down shamrock is painted on just one accent nail. This is a cute way to pay homage to the holiday without going over the top. It's also a great way to use stencils or decals to update an existing manicure.

The ombré effect

We love ombré nails because not only are they timeless, but they look amazing no matter what color polish you use. This green ombré manicure is subtle enough to be worn year-round, yet festive enough for any St. Paddy's Day celebration you attend. We love the lime green of this manicure, but you could use any shade of green to show your holiday spirit.

Get festive

Your day is sure to be blessed by some Irish luck with these festive nails. Gold gems represent the gold at the end of the rainbow nail art, while iridescent shamrock decals glitter on a different nail. Green and white marbled polish accented by green glitter completes this very festive manicure.

A marbled duo

There's nothing quite as gorgeous as a marble-effect manicure, is there? This stunning nail art fully embraces the Irish holiday by using white and green to create this look, while using gold glitter polish as an accent while also lining the French tips. This is another design that works no matter the day but is especially festive on St. Patrick's Day.

Go for the gold

There are so many things we love about this manicure that we don't know where to start! The gold glitter polish perfectly complements the deep green matte polish, and the V-shape of the French tip elongates the nail. The accent nail adds just the right amount of sparkle and shine to an otherwise subdued and sexy manicure.

Pretty pastel

Skip the nail art and decals this St. Paddy's Day and go for something a little less bold. This sweet pastel green is a lovely shade for Spring while still being the perfect color for your festive manicure. This is a look that's perfect for someone who believes less is more and prefers a more minimalist look.

Simple shamrock

How cute is this? The addition of this adorable shamrock nail art adds just the right amount of fun to this otherwise simple green and white manicure. A little gradient glitter in the same colors on a different accent nail makes this festive, interesting, and perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Iridescent green

Show your love for St. Paddy's Day with these iridescent green heart decals. These are great because they can be applied to any color manicure you choose. For this look, they really get to stand out on a natural base color while the other nails are accented with silver gems and silver glitter polish.

Lucky leprechaun

Can you say adorable? Aside from shamrocks, leprechauns are one of the most iconic images associated with St. Patrick's Day, and now you can carry the luck o' the Irish with you everywhere you go with this adorable lucky leprechaun. Alternating green and gold glitter tips perfectly accent this super cute nail art.

Green and gold

At first glance, you may think this is a black manicure, but if you look closer, you'll see the base polish is actually a stunning deep, dark green. That color is gorgeous on its own but gets a festive update with gold shamrocks and gradient green glitter. This look adds just a touch of sexiness to your festive manicure.

Find your four-leaf clover

Be your own lucky charm this St. Paddy's Day with this festive monochromatic manicure. A light green is used as the base color while four leaf clovers are painted on the nail in a darker, complimentary shade of green. Did you know that shamrocks have three petals while clovers can have up to four?

For the minimalist lover

It can be hard to be a fan of a minimalist manicure while still wanting to rock some theme nails, but this nail artist seems to have made the perfect compromise. A neutral base manicure is adorned with a small four-leaf clover in green polish and just a hint of gold glitter accent, proving you can be festive and understated at the same time.

Precious gems

Here's another way to use the marble effect to create a gorgeous St. Patrick's Day manicure. In an interesting twist on a French and reverse French manicure, the green and white marbling is lined by a gold glitter polish. We love the creativity here, and you'll be sure to have a one-of-a-kind manicure with this design.

Abstract art

There are no rules when it comes to theme nails which means you can do anything you want! Although rainbows, shamrocks, and leprechauns are popular for St. Paddy's Day, this abstract design featuring monochromatic green polishes and just a hint of dark green glitter is the unexpected design we didn't know we needed.

We love an accent nail

If you love an accent nail as much as we do, then you'll definitely want to use this manicure design as inspiration for your St. Patrick's Day manicure. The iconic green shamrock adorns a bright white nail for the ultimate festive manicure. The best part is you can do this at home using stamps or decals if you're not confident in your artistic ability.

Keep it simple

We love designs like this because it looks simple enough that you could pull them off at home if you aren't able to get an appointment with your nail artist. A monochromatic green manicure is accented with one glitter nail, while outlines of a four-leaf clover are painted with white polish.

Let's get tip-sy

Here's another great example of how you don't need to utilize the traditional St. Paddy's Day nail art to still be festive. The very popular swirl method combines with a classic French manicure to create a truly unique manicure you can sport throughout the month of March (or any time, really.)

Mad for plaid

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by adding a bit of plaid to your manicure. Nail stickers are a great way to add one of Ireland's classic tartans to your nails, especially if you don't have time to get to the nail salon. If you've got a talented nail artist they can paint the tartan by hand, which would be extra impressive!

Emerald and gold

We really can't get enough of these two colors when it comes to the ultimate St. Patrick's Day manicure. Both are so rich and elegant and complement each other well. This nail artist created multiple different looks using the same colors by adding a touch of glitter and gold accents.

All that glitters...

Switch things up by alternating green, white, and gold glitter on a medium-length almond-shaped nail. Add a shamrock to the accent nail to really show off your festive spirit. Although this nail artist used the white nail to accent you could apply the nail art to any of the nails, or all of them!

Get your greens

If you love a monochromatic moment, we know this manicure is speaking to you! Nail stamps were used to add these subtle designs including shamrocks and Celtic knots to this pretty manicure. This is the perfect way to show off your festive spirit while staying committed to your color scheme.

Gradient glitter

Here's another way to use nail stickers to create a fun and festive St. Patrick's Day manicure. We love nail stickers because you don't have to commit to a long-term manicure and they're affordable enough to change often. In a fun twist on the gradient glitter trend, these nail stickers feature shamrocks instead of glitter.

Embrace your aura

You'll be giving off Irish energy with these gorgeous aura nails. The aura nail trend has been very popular recently and mixes gradients and colors to create a cool color effect that is subtle yet stunning. If you want to feel connected to your cosmic energy while celebrating this Irish holiday, this manicure is for you.

Glitter and foil

Iridescent glitter creates a truly unique and vibrant manicure, but the addition of gold foil just makes this look even more stunning. The combination of greens and gold makes a perfect festive manicure that you would think would be over the top, yet combines to create a truly beautiful design.

Ombré sparkle

We normally see an ombré effect on the nails go from the cuff to the tip or vice versa, but we love how this look takes the ombré effect from one side of the nail to the other. Going from green to silver is a little unexpected yet perfect for a festive manicure.

Top 'o' the nail

You'll be wishing everyone a top o' the morning with this cute, themed manicure that is a fun and clever twist on the classic French design. A green and gold glitter polish is applied over a neutral nail but more concentrated at the tip, to give the effect of a French manicure.

Irish pride

There is no room for subtlety when you're showing off your Irish pride. This manicure design is fully committed to St. Patrick's Day, showcasing nails painted with the Irish flag and a variety of leprechaun imagery. This may seem over the top, but it's a fun way to celebrate the holiday and fully embrace the Irish spirit.

Get cuffed

Go for something a little different this St. Paddy's Day with this pretty manicure. A gold glitter polish outlines the cuff of the nail, adding just a touch of sparkle and a lot of personality. Then, shades of green and white are used to create the very trendy swirl design that's so popular right now. Combine the two styles and you have one gorgeous manicure.

Irish vibes

 Many themed manicures combine a variety of different styles, and this one is no different. This nail artist combined nail art, a side French tip, and a very interesting aura-style design to create this festive look. The best part about holiday nails is that anything goes and you should feel free to get as creative as possible!

Lucky charm

Be your very own lucky charm this St. Paddy's Day with this clever manicure. We often see nail art spell out certain words on one nail but rarely do we see phrases written across both hands. A green and white banner with the words "lucky charm" is painted across a sheer glitter base letting everyone know just how special you are!

So fire

We've seen lots of different green manicures for St. Patrick's Day, but it's always nice to see ones that are a little bit different than the norm, like this one. Nail stamps can be used to create fun and different shapes for a festive manicure that's sure to set you apart from the rest.

Get sparkly

Sometimes all that glitters is gold! This mossy, pea green is going to be one of 2023's hottest colors making this not only festive but trendy as well. The addition of glitter polish in both green and gold makes this the perfect look for a night on the town.

Festive tips

This is such a cute manicure for St. Patrick's Day! You've got classic French tips, you've got accent nails, you've got glitter polish and you've got nail art! What's not to love? You may think that combining all these trends in one manicure may be too much, but clearly, you'd be wrong. The bright white and dark green complement each other perfectly and make this a crisp and clean design.

Stiletto ombré

Here's another subtle tribute to St. Patrick's Day. This mid-length stiletto nail is painted in a gorgeous green ombré that transitions from vibrant lime green to a darker, more intense shade. This is such a fresh take on this technique and perfect to celebrate the holiday in style.

Go green

These long, almond-shaped nails are the ideal canvas for this festive manicure. This nail artist combines the very hot trend of chrome nails with glitter polish and adorable nail art to create a very green holiday manicure. One tiny rhinestone gem is used to embellish the hand-painted four-leaf clover.

Mmmm mint

Did you know that mint green is one of the hottest manicure colors of 2023? It's not hard to believe when you see just how gorgeous this color is. While this shade may have you thinking of all things Easter, it's also a nice way to get festive for St. Patrick's Day while keeping things light and airy.

Shamrocks and rainbows

Get in the holiday spirit with these adorable nail wraps. All that's missing is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this nail design that features a colorful rainbow overtop a dark green base and lighter green shamrocks throughout. It really doesn't get much more festive than this!

Two-toned French

How chic is this two-toned French manicure? The dark green cuts a perfect contrast to the bright white on these v-shaped tips. The addition of the shamrocks is a cute touch for St. Patrick's Day, but you could even forego the nail art and just wear the two-toned tips for a holiday manicure.

Glitter cuffs

This festive manicure features a spin on the reverse French manicure. Gold glitter decorates the cuff of the nail over top an emerald green base color for a chic manicure. We love this look because you can wear it for a daytime get-together or a fun night at the local pub.

Check this out

A deep mossy green and bright white are the polish colors used in this St. Patrick's Day mani. This shows you can get creative with your polish colors while still looking and feeling festive. The checkerboard pattern balances the shamrock nail art nicely, while the green glitter accent nail gives celebratory vibes.

Teal is terrific

We see a lot of emerald and dark greens when it comes to St. Patrick's Day manicures so it's always nice to see something a little bit different than the norm, like this teal glitter polish. We love how the teal and gold glitter catches the light and really makes this manicure pop.

Sweet shamrock

Book your nail appointment now because we know you're going to want to copy this sweet shamrock mani! How gorgeous is this lime green polish with just a hint of golden sparkle? The addition of the shamrock nail art only makes this look even more beautiful. Bring on St. Paddy's Day!

Celtic knots

Even if you're not a fan of the traditional St. Patrick's Day imagery of shamrocks and leprechauns on your nails, you can still show your love of the holiday. These Celtic knots are a perfect way to adorn your nails. Alternate with gold glitter polish and you've got a stunning Irish manicure.

Lucky leprechauns

The cutest! If you have a nail technician who is exceptionally great at nail art you may want to give these lucky leprechauns a try! Nothing says St. Patrick's Day more than a mani full of loveable gnomes decked out in green and white! Each leprechaun has its own individual style, just like you. 

A little different

This is the manicure for you if you've been looking for something a little different than a traditional themed design. Although this polish looks black, it's really a deep, dark green. The gold accent on the natural nail creates a chic and sophisticated look that works for the holiday and beyond.

We love St. Patrick's Day!

Here's another design the minimalist crowd will love. A muted green manicure is accented with crisp white nails. A tiny heart painted on the white nails shows your love for the Irish holiday without having to go overboard with glitter polish or elaborate decals.

Matte and gold leaf

Here's a manicure that screams sophistication. This dark green matte polish is perfect for a night on the town and the addition of the gold leaf foil on the accent nail makes this look even chicer. You don't need shamrocks, leprechauns, or rainbows to make this manicure stand out.

Hidden treasure

Show your St. Patrick's Day spirit with these faux emerald stones. Super long, square nails are perfect for displaying nail gems like this. These pretty emerald green and gold gems are affixed to a natural-colored nail for a show-stopping St. Patrick's Day manicure that can be worn long after the holiday has passed.


This St. Patrick's Day mani is sweet, simple, and to the point. A classic French manicure gets the Irish treatment with one lone shamrock painted on the top of the ring fingernail. This shows your nail art doesn't have to be over the top, and you can be festive and minimalist at the same time.

Mix it up

If you love the idea of an ombre manicure why not give this style a try? Choose five different shades of green for each of your fingers and create a fun look that's also festive. You could even add decals or nail art if you wanted, or keep it clean and classic without any adornments.

Silver shamrocks

Although we tend to see gold when it comes to accent colors for St. Patty's Day manicures, we love it when people try something a bit different. These silver shamrocks go perfectly against this aqua-green polish color. This is the perfect manicure if you're going to be spending the holiday on a beach!

French with a twist

Simply gorgeous! Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by putting an Irish twist on a classic French manicure. The traditional white tips are underlined with a dark green polish for a preppy look while a lone shamrock is delicately painted on one accent nail. Not only is this a really beautiful manicure but it also gives just the right amount of flare to celebrate the holiday.