All The Bright And Playful Spring Manicure Inspo You Need Coming This Way

Spring has sprung! That means everything feels a bit lighter, from your clothes right down to your nail polish color. Although we love the rich hues that are so popular for manicures in the colder months, there's something so exciting about seeing those first few pops of vibrant hues. 

Spring means there's a literal bouquet of colors to choose from when you visit the nail salon. Recent nail trends like the viral "glazed donut nails" may be falling off the map, with editorial nail artist Mazz Hanna telling The Zoe Report, "I feel like this spring we'll be seeing a lot more metallic and pearlized versions of the more vibrant shades of last spring." That doesn't mean that the glazed finish is entirely outdated, but as Hanna speculates, "Last year, we saw more pigmented pastels, but this year everything feels a bit softer." 

And although pastels are always a hit for spring, minimalists don't need to worry because, of course, nude nails never really go out of style. Whether you love nail art or a creative finish, there's something for everyone this spring. We've compiled all the bright and playful spring manicure inspo you need for your next visit to the nail salon.

Vanilla latte nails

One of this spring's hottest trends will be vanilla latte nails. The polish color is a minimalist's dream and resembles, as the name suggests, the color of a vanilla latte. This is a clean-girl look that people are loving because "everyone wants to spend their money wisely and have it show that they do," celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein told Marie Claire.

Micro tips

A classic French manicure is always in style, and we've seen a lot of different ways to update the classic look. While the quintessential white tip is always a go-to, a pretty vibrant color, like this gorgeous green, gives us spring vibes. Update the traditional French tip with a micro tip for a look that is on-trend this season.

Mushroom nails

Do a search of #MushroomNails on Instagram, and you'll quickly see just how popular this fun and whimsical nail art is this spring. Whether you choose an elaborate and colorful garden scape design or a few well-placed, simple mushroom caps, the rise of mushroom nails is a sure sign that spring is on its way.

Mossy green

The perfect balance between emerald and pastel green, mossy green is one of 2023's hottest colors. It evokes images of freshly cut grass and blossoming greenery, which is something we look forward to about the spring season. While this color is pretty neutral, it gives a bit more color than a traditional nude or pale pink polish.

Pearlized nails

We couldn't get away from the chrome nail trend last year, but this spring, we're seeing things toned down just a bit. And if the words "toned down" make you upset, don't worry — the dazzling pearlescent shine, which embraces the playful 'unicorn nail' trend, has you covered. 


Spring is the season to ditch the deep, dark polishes and brighten things up. And since the Barbiecore fashion trend is still thriving in 2023, that means lots of hot pink and fuchsia colors. Couple that with Viva Magenta being named Pantone's Color of the Year, and you know you can't go wrong with any of these gorgeous shades.

Confetti nails

Have some fun with your manicure this spring and go for lots of color and sparkle with a confetti manicure. "Whether it's a metallic single-shade confetti over clear nails or a rainbow confetti over French tip, confetti toppers are everywhere," celebrity manicurist Holly Falcone told Ipsy. We can see why. These nails are playful, fun, vibrant, and youthful — just the way we like it! 

Strawberry swirls

Abstract nail swirls are such a versatile design for nails because they can be worn alone or mixed with other trends. This nail artist uses shades of pink, white, and orange to create a cornucopia of different looks, including swirls, checkerboards, hearts, and adorable strawberries. Flowers and butterflies are also added for the ultimate spring nail inspo.

Blue florals

If you're not quite ready to give up those deep hues we love so much for winter, but still want to embrace the changing seasons, go for a color like this indigo blue. Like mossy green, it's an earthy tone that can work well for all seasons, but adding just a hint of floral nail art makes it spring ready. 

Subtle florals

Welcome the spring season with this subtle floral design. The sage green polish is such a dreamy color, and we love how it perfectly complements the two bare accent nails painted with the cutest daisies. Liquid chrome is used as the center of the daisies to add just a hint of dimension to these pretty spring nails.

Lovely lavender

This lovely lavender polish provides the base for this sweet spring manicure. Using a bright white polish to paint an accent nail, the colors are used to create simplistic nail art in the form of tiny flower petals and a striped design. Lavender is one of spring's signature colors and pops even brighter when paired with a white polish.

Daisy chain

The perfect spring nail does not exi ... oh my! Create your perfect spring nails with a daisy manicure. Two accent nails are painted with cute daisies, while a pale yellowish cream polish is used for the rest of the hand. This is an excellent look for those who love to DIY their own manicures because although the nail art looks difficult, it can be quite simple to recreate.


These medium-length almond-shaped nails are the ideal canvas for this bright and cheerful spring manicure. The combination of French tips, blue polish, and floral accent nail art creates a look ready to usher in the spring season. White daisies and blue forget-me-nots, both flowers that bloom in the spring, make a pretty pair on this accent nail.

Pastel tips

When you can't decide what color to paint your nails, choose them all! Skittle nails are another trend that isn't going anywhere in 2023, thanks to its versatility. You can choose to use monochromatic shades for a Skittle manicure or opt for a variety of pastels like this look. Shake things up by just painting the tips for a unique French manicure.

Butterfly dreams

This is the spring manicure of our dreams! If you're lucky enough to have a talented nail artist who is incredible when it comes to creating intricate designs, you should definitely ask for butterfly nail art like this. A classic French manicure is elevated with the addition of this butterfly art in gorgeous hues of blue. 

Natural glitter

Texture is going to be a big trend for 2023 manicures, and one way to create that look is with glitter polish. Whether you opt for a decked-out glitter mani or a simple application on a few accent nails, this will be a hot look this spring. A stunning gold glitter is applied to these muted tones to create a pretty and unique effect on an otherwise neutral manicure.

Minimalist pink

For those that long for something classic and minimal — but not boring — you can never go wrong with a pink manicure. This is the perfect spring shade that's not too bold or youthful and looks sophisticated and sultry when worn on a long stiletto nail. Pink doesn't have to be plain, as this manicure confirms.

Floral perfection

Daisies aren't your only option when creating a floral motif for your nails. While this look may not be groundbreaking, it certainly is gorgeous (not to mention very detailed and intricate!). "Floral nails are always a good idea and can be created both with gel polish, regular polish, or even by adding fresh or dried flowers," nail technician Iram Shelton told Who What Wear.

French daisies

Go for a soft and feminine look with this pink floral nail art. French tips, pink and white floral nail art, and pink glitter polish are the perfect combination for a spring-infused fairy nail manicure. Fairy nails have the shine of a glitter polish without the texture of added glitter. "They're a minimalistic take on a glitter nail which people always love," editorial manicurist Stephanie Stone explained to Byrdie. "They're fun, sparkly, wearable, and 'professional' all at the same time." 

Glossy nails

Spring is a fantastic time to start fresh, and that goes for your nails, too. A clean, natural manicure will never be out of style, but trend reports are indicating they will be one of the looks to have this spring. As Nails.INC founder Thea Green explained to The Zoe Report, "the no manicure-manicure is here to stay." 

Muted rainbow

There's nothing like a simple and sweet set of rainbow nails. This set is perfect for someone who likes to do their nails at home because it doesn't require an immense amount of skill. For a fun and playful touch, you can add a literal rainbow to your nails. Freehand nail art is the ultimate manicure trend this spring, so hop on the bandwagon. You can also use stamps or decals to create this look if freehand isn't your thing, or have your nail artist paint it on.

Peachy keen

Peach is a great spring manicure color because it's as neutral and understated as nude but also gives you a pop of color. This manicure features a split v-shaped French manicure in that pretty peach color with a white flower divided between two accent nails. This is such an understated, sweet, and classic design. 

Subtle and sweet

When you don't have time to visit the nail salon and your painting skills need work, try press-on nails. It is possible to make your press-on nails look like the real thing! This set is a beautiful opaque pink with a very subtle white floral design at the tips. Press-ons and other nail products give us access to some incredible designs that can make your spring manicure stunning in a snap. 

Sunshine shade

It is truly amazing what some nail artists can create when it comes to nail art and embellishments, but there's nothing quite as stunning as a classic, solid manicure in a great color. A fabulous, vibrant yellow is one of those great colors. A short, perfectly manicured nail lets this color shine without it being overwhelming. 

Nail charms

Nail charms and embellishments are another coveted nail art trend of 2023. Whether you choose to incorporate a little or a lot, this is one look that will make your mani stand out. "Think sculpting art with gel or adding embellishments or accents to the nails," Iram Shelton told Who What Wear. "I also think that nail jewelry will be popular. This is adding piercings or chains to the nails."

Bold and beautiful

If you love a bold look and prefer big, noticeable nail art, go for these adorable flowers. Pastels and darker hues are mixed and matched on these nails to create this adorable design. The limit does not exist to the color combinations you can choose for this floral bouquet.

Floral accents

We know there are a lot of flower designs here, but that's because they will always be a sign of spring. After a fall and winter season of darker colors and snowflake designs, it's nice to take things in a different direction. Try adding just half of a flower on the edges of a few accent nails for a different spin on the floral manicure.

Cherry blossoms

You know spring is on the way when you see those cherry blossom trees start to bloom. A natural gloss manicure is accented with a cherry blossom branch on one nail as a subtle and minimal nod to the changing seasons. You can create this look with decals or by hand to add as much or as little art as you want.

Sunrise blooms

If you're over pink and blue for your spring manicure, why not give orange a try? Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik created this bright and cheerful spring manicure using different shades of orange polish to create an ombré effect on French tips while adding fun, colorful flowers.

Easter eggs

It's hard not to think of spring without thinking about Easter, which naturally makes us crave Easter chocolate! Why not let those delicious mini-Easter eggs provide some mani inspiration? You can choose any color palette you like and add some cute little speckles to create this look.

Floral gems

White is a classic manicure color that will never go out of style, especially because it provides the perfect backdrop for any nail art you want to try. This nail artist painted green stems and leaves across a long, square nail and used floral embellishments to add a touch of texture.

Purple rose

Here's another example of why using nail decals or press-on nails is an excellent option for spring nails. If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive way to create the perfect spring manicure, grab a set of pretty floral press-on nails. These are also easy to change if you decide to try a different look.

Encapsulated floral tips

Encapsulated nails are when a glitter, color, or object is encapsulated between layers of acrylic. It's a fun trend that is quickly gaining popularity. This manicure uses extra-long, encapsulated nails to showcase these colorful flowers. You could paint the flowers like this manicure or use actual dried petals to create this effect.

3D effect

Create some texture to your nail art by adding unique 3D effects using nail gel. The options are truly limitless when it comes to the designs. "Nails featuring a lot of 3D texture will be big in 2023," Holly Falcone told Ipsy."Think 3D bubbles, gemstones on metallic shades, and super long rhinestone chains."

Polka-dotted flower French tips

The best part about French manicures is how many variations of this classic look we've seen —like this one above. Polka dots create adorable flowers on top of a playful pastel French tip. Adding nail art, like these flowers, helps create a pretty spring mani in the colors of your choice.  

Lava lamp vibes

When you don't know which color to choose, pick some of your favorites! Have fun and get creative with this colorful manicure in gorgeous spring shades. We love how the bubblegum pink is uniform across all the nails while other accent colors are used to create one swirl down each nail.

Ombré glitter

A little shimmer goes a long way with these ombré nails. The purple ombré effect is a subtle nod to the spring, but it's the shimmer topcoat that we love the most. This is another example of that stunning fairy nail look. "The great thing about this nail look is you can achieve it with simple polish application. You don't need any extra tools or supplies," Stephanie Stone explained to Byrdie.

Pink blooms

Spring is the season when everything blooms, so why wouldn't you want to wear these beautiful blossoms on your nails? Pink nails and blossoms combine to create a soft and feminine manicure that walks the line between minimalist and maximalist without feeling like it's too overbearing or bold.

Gradient jelly

Jelly nails will be a hot trend in 2023. "Like lip gloss for your nails, we'll see these semi-sheer shades interpreted in multiple colorways, such as juicy reds, pinks and oranges, blues and smoky grays, as well as paired with a chrome finish — resembling sea glass on your nails," manicurist Pattie Yankee told PopSugar. Step outside the box with this one, incorporating different shades and hues for a fun and playful rainbow set. Or, stick to just one color if you want to slowly ease your way into the trend. 

Metallic tips

Combine the French manicure and chrome trends, and you've got these sexy metallic tips. Chrome nails are the way to go "because they are minimalist, chic, and work across the different seasons," manicurist Zola Ganzorigt explained to Marie Claire. This is a great look for someone who doesn't want to commit to a full chrome manicure but still loves a bit of shine.