The Playful 'Unicorn Nail' Trend That's Easy To Replicate At Home

If you love to show off nails that boast a fabulously creative flair, then you might be attracted to trends like vibrant pop art nails, yummy skittle nails, and even glazed-donut nails which look as delicious as they sound. Anyone who adores the latter idea may also want to give the unicorn nail trend a try.


"[Unicorn nails are] a more fun and colorful version of the glazed-donut nail. ... Glazed-donut nails use a sheer chrome pigment, so the base color shows through more," Julie Kandalec, a manicurist and the founder of Julie K Nail Artelier in New York City, told Glamour. On the other hand, Kandalec says, "Unicorn nails have a white chrome base with an opalescent flash in different shades like pink and orange, and green and purple. ... [It's also] easy to re-create at home, at the nail salon, and also matches many different fashion looks."

To capture the effect that will truly make your manicure shine, you can use gel nail strips, nail polish, or nail powder. The products can feature a range of shades that are alluring as well as iridescent. This makes it perfect for the playful unicorn trend that you can replicate at home while creating a variety of whimsical looks for your nails.


Pearly white unicorn nails

While these nails have a pristine pearly white base, their glorious shine features an enticing rainbow that's filled with pastel colors. Every time you moved your hands, you would glimpse different delightful shades that add an enviable effect to this manicure.


While you might think that the lighter color means that it would be best suited for spring or summer, the frosty aspect of the chrome also makes it an ideal look for winter. Beyond that, it would suit a casual outfit or something more formal such as a fairytale-like wedding.

Blush pink unicorn nails

A blush pink manicure is always a pretty option and unicorn nails are a way to put a stunning spin on the enchanting shade. Although you might not immediately associate a rosy hue with a seemingly intense chrome finish, there's no doubt that you'll be left with a result that radiates a whimsical nature. Yet, it manages to do so in an edgy kind of way that you surely won't be able to resist. This is also a version and color that would suit short square nails, medium-length oval tips, or lengthy stilettos.


Baby blue unicorn nails

Kick back, chill out, and add a cool touch to your manicure by choosing baby blue unicorn nails. Just as captivating as other potential colors, this lighter tone features the kind of classic softness that you can combine with a chic contemporary twist in order to achieve this trendy look.


Of course, it would turn out just as snazzy with other shades of blue, but for a unicorn effect, be sure not to go too dark. Another choice that you could slay in all seasons, this blue could become your new go-to.

Pastel rainbow unicorn nails

Why choose just one color for your unicorn nails when you can use as many as your heart desires? Consider painting one nail an icy white shade and another a blush pink. That's not to mention a blue nail and perhaps one that's a luscious lilac hue.


Have fun with the arrangement and you could end up with a combination that is simply heavenly. On oval nails, you almost get an Easter egg effect which would be perfect for spring, while longer nails would give your manicure a vibe that's much more dramatic.

Unicorn nails with polka-dot gems

While you may be perfectly happy with the shimmer that a unicorn manicure will offer you, there are ways to take the glittery aspect even further. For instance, you can add tiny gems. It is super easy to do but can have a big impact.


Try placing a trio of your favorite rhinestones or crystals in strategic spots on each nail and you'll find yourself with an adorable polka-dot design. Granted, you can always add even more gems; however, you don't want to add too many or you risk covering up the unicorn base.

Ombre unicorn nails with gems

Put your ombré-crafting skills to good use by using the eye-catching effect along with unicorn chrome shades. You'll surely love the fact that the sheen of the finish will set off the mesmerizing transition between the duo (or trio?) of colors that anchor the look.


From there, you can combine other accents such as polka-dot gems as well as larger crystals that come in fun shapes like flowers, stars, or cherries. Thanks to the dreamy nature of this manicure, you can let your fanciful side run wild when it comes to inspiration.