How To Rock The Skittle Nail Trend

Manicures give us the opportunity to blend makeup with artistry and express our personality through colors. Whether you are feeling dark and moody or breezy and light, there is a manicure for you. 

The Skittle nail trend is nothing new to the beauty scene, but there are nearly endless options for anyone who is looking to sport the style on their own nails.


But what exactly are Skittle nails? As their namesake suggests, each nail on the hand takes a different color, just like the variety of shades that can be seen in Skittles candy. Though a Skittle manicure may seem self-explanatory, there are hundreds of color and style combinations, with some options being trendier than others. 

If you are looking to rock Skittle nails this upcoming season but are unsure of how to interpret this mani for yourself, have no fear! There are plenty of fashionable and ultra-cool ways to match the Skittle nail look to anyone's style.

Just the tips (French tips, that is)

When you are looking for something simple yet colorful, a fun spin on the traditional French manicure is a great choice. And, if you don't want to start out with something bold, French tips in multiple colors takes a more subtle approach to the Skittle nail trend. 


To create Skittle nails with a classic French mani, choose a new polish for each tip, ideally in a matching color or tone for a cohesive look. We personally love bolder tips, as it creates more contrast with the naked nail below. Manicurist @dolledupbyamisha shows off a pretty pastel look, while New York City-based salon @mstudio_nyc shares their favorite take on the Skittle French manicure with bright tips on Instagram.

Minimalist neutrals

Just because you prefer neutral or nude nail colors, that doesn't mean that you can't get in on the Skittle trend. Where bright colors may seem necessary due to the name of the manicure, there are no real rules about what colors you can sport. Many women prefer neutral nails too, as they are much easier to style with almost any outfit. 


UK-based nail artist and beauty influencer @iramshelton showcased her neutral Skittle manicure on Instagram, featuring multiple shades of beige and brown. The look is anything but boring and still adds extra "oomph" to your nails — no bright colors are required.

Shades of blue

Blue is one of the most obvious options for monochromatic manicures, with plenty of different blue nail polish shades to choose from. While this style could work for any color, the variety of available choices makes blue a great option for Skittle nails. The look creates an ombré effect across your hands, perfect for any occasion or season. 


One creator named Amanda showcases how she rocks her blue Skittle nails in a YouTube Short. In her video, she states that she "loves that Skittle nails are such a simple way to be creative" with her manicure.

Bold and bright

Bold and bright Skittle nails are perhaps the most common way to take on the trend. Truly the colors of Skittles, each nail is decorated with a bright and vibrant hue. Most commonly, each nail is painted with a different shade of the classic rainbow. 


It's unsurprisingly a popular choice among beauty influencers, with brands like @addictivecosmetics sharing their take on bright Skittle nails on Instagram, leaving wearers with truly candy-colored manis.

Pastels all the way

This look is a favorite for spring, but it can really work all year round. Pastel colors are always trending, which is why a pastel Skittle manicure is a great option. It's a softer, more subtle choice that still allows your nails to stand out.


Manicurist @lela_esmalteria_e_nails_bar shared their interpretation of the pastel Skittle nail look on Instagram, featuring light shades of yellow, purple, pink, green, and blue. This manicure is sure to brighten up any look.

Glitter galore

Glitter makes everything better, so obviously, glitter polish is a great addition to the Skittle nail trend. To get the look, you can choose your favorite Skittle idea, whether it be pastel colors, shades of blue, or bold shades, and simply switch out your normal nail polish for glitter polish. Or, if you are looking for a more cost-effective option that doesn't involve buying five new polishes, you can buy a glitter top coat to layer over your existing nail polish colors. 


Ashley Bratton aka @sparklespectrum shares her take on the glitter Skittle manicure on Instagram, showcasing that the extra step of adding sparkles really packs a punch.


A look similar to an ombré Skittle manicure that doesn't require all of the polishes to be shades of the same color, the dark-to-light style is an easy option that can be adapted to almost any nail polish collection. The dark-to-light Skittle manicure throws all rules out the window. Some choose to still stay in the same color palette, whereas others take it to a new extreme, just picking random hues and strategically picking which nail they go on to create a dark-to-light color scheme. 


For a gorgeous example, Instagrammer @checkyesmichelle, the founder of nail polish brand Mooncat, shares her neutral dark-to-light Skittle nail look on Instagram, proving that this style is possible with any variety of colors.