What Color Nails Should You Wear With A Pink Dress?

Choosing a stunning manicure has become as much a part of coordinating an outfit as picking the right pair of shoes and handbag. Your hands are the ultimate accessory so you understandably want your nails to look amazing with whatever you're wearing. Unfortunately, it's much easier to change your shoes, jewelry, or handbag when putting an outfit together than it is to change your manicure, which is why it's sometimes important to plan ahead and get a nail color that will match your outfits, especially if you have something special you've been planning to wear, like a gorgeous little pink dress!

Believe it or not, pink is almost a neutral these days, which means you have a lot of options when it comes to a nail color for your manicure. Depending on the style, pattern, and shade of your dress, you will be able to choose a look that catches everyone's eyes without standing out in a bad way. If your dress is a solid color you can experiment with different nail art, while a patterned dress may work better with solid colors.

Regardless of whether you wear press-ons, do your own nails at home, or have a standing date with your nail technician, there are so many different colors of nails you can wear with a pink dress. After looking at these gorgeous options, the biggest problem you'll have is choosing just one!

French glass

We all know what a French manicure is, but have you heard of French glass? This look is similar to the classic manicure style but instead of a white tip, the nail features a clear, glass-like tip. The French glass manicure is going to be a hot trend this year and will go with any outfit you choose. This is a great way to add understated elegance to any look.


White truly goes with anything and is one of the most popular manicure colors for that reason. It also looks great on all skin tones and creates a clean look that will complement any shade of pink you choose to wear. It's also versatile so you won't have to worry about changing your manicure to match a different outfit. We also love a pop of sparkle on an accent nail.

Denim blue

Pink and blue will always look amazing together, but if you want to go for something a bit more sophisticated and less 'gender-reveal' than pastels, think of wearing a darker, denim blue color on your nails. This will create a more sophisticated mood and offset the sweetness of a pink dress perfectly. Depending on the shade of pink you could even go with a deeper indigo or navy blue. 

Mint green

This lovely color makes us think of all things spring when paired with pink and would look lovely when worn with a light pink dress. The softness of these colors gives off a romantic vibe. You can also wear mint green accessories like earrings or a necklace to tie the look together seamlessly.


There's nothing like a classic nude manicure to coordinate with any outfit, but this is a color that looks especially luxe when paired with pink. Choose a shade with a pink undertone to bring out the color of the dress. A nude manicure is always a safe choice, but you can choose a matte finish or even some embellishments for added drama. 

Classic French manicure

Pretty and the epitome of femininity, the classic French manicure is the perfect accent to any pink dress. Whether you choose a micro tip or something a bit heavier, this look will always be in style and will go with any outfit you choose, regardless of the color. Sometimes you don't need to mess with perfection! 


Choose any one of the fifty shades of gray for the most stunning manicure. A soft shade of gray is a nice alternative to white and can help make a bolder pink dress feel warmer. Pair a darker gray with a lighter pink dress to create a more elegant, sexy look. Gray is often an underrated nail color but when paired with pink it really stands out and creates a soft, feminine aesthetic. 

Pale pink

Who doesn't love a monochromatic moment? Pale pink is a nail color that goes with almost every outfit but looks especially pretty when paired with a pink dress. You don't have to get matchy-matchy either when wearing a pink nail with a pink dress. This is a polish color that will coordinate with any shade of pink dress you have in your closet. 


If you're looking for something bright and fun, you can't go wrong with a fuchsia nail! Adding a contrasting shade of pink in a bright, bold color is another way to create a monochromatic look that you're sure to love. Whether your dress is fuchsia, pale pink, or somewhere in between, you can't go wrong with fuchsia. 


Black nails embody elegance and are the perfect balance of sweet and sexy when combined with a pink dress. Black is one of the most common nail polish choices because of its versatility and the fact that it really does match with everything. Black polish paired with a darker pink dress is ideal for an evening out, while paired with a paler pink dress may be more suited to a daytime event. 


Nothing is sexier than a deep burgundy nail. The richness of the color will pair beautifully with any shade of pink by balancing out the sweetness that we normally associate with the color pink. It can also add a bit of drama to an otherwise pristine outfit and give you a darker vibe you can carry over into your makeup and accessories. 


A gorgeous teal gives you just the bright contrast you want in a manicure. If monochrome isn't your thing and you're tired of neutrals, add a pop of color with a teal manicure. Go for a bright teal if you have a pale pink dress to brighten up the look, or opt for a more subdued teal if your dress is a brighter pink. These colors complement each other so well you can't go wrong wearing them together. 

Milky white

We love a stark white nail, but if you want something a bit more subtle, think of a milky white nail as an alternative. White is a classic polish color, but it can feel a bit harsh and crisp for some. Choosing a softer, sheerer white will still match your pink dress while giving romantic, feminine vibes. It also allows your dress to stand out while your hands simply play a supporting role. 


Brown and pink will always look good together and this rich, chocolate-brown nail color will give you the drama you're looking for. Brown is a nice alternative to black or nude, especially if you're looking for a color right in the middle. Brown pairs nicely with a blush pink, giving soft, earthy tones with a bit more color than traditional nude polish.


There are so many shades of purple to choose from, and all will look amazing with a pink dress. The key to choosing the perfect hue is to find one that picks up the color of your dress. You don't want the shade of purple to clash with the pink, but instead provide just the right contrast that will still keep all the attention on your beautiful outfit.


You may think that red and pink are only for Valentine's Day, but you'd be wrong. These are both colors that are bright, energetic, and playful, and when paired together properly can create a stunning result. You'll want to make sure you choose the right shade of red to complement your dress. A brighter pink will look amazing with a brighter shade of red, while a pastel or paler pink will look stunning with a deeper shade of red.