15 Ways To Style A Crop Top Beyond The Basic

In case you haven't heard, it's crop top season. Crop tops have come a long way over the last few years and are now a staple in many people's closets. While once only worn for casual occasions, crop tops have become a versatile wardrobe staple.

Crop tops aren't just for women, either. Singer Shawn Mendes espoused his love of the crop top during a Tommy Hilfiger event. "I think the crop tops, they're just... they're super beautiful ... They look great on men, so don't be afraid to pick them up, guys. They look good," he said. Model and influencer Remi Bader featured crop tops in a collaboration with Revolve, explaining to Refinery29 that it's important she let people know that fashion is for everyone. "Why should I wear different kinds of clothes just because I'm bigger?" she said. "I'm wearing the same clothes my sister would wear as a size small."

If you're ready to jump on the crop top trend but aren't sure where to start, we're here to help. Here are 15 ways to style a crop top beyond the basic that are sure to inspire your next shopping trip!

With a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are one of this season's hottest styles, but many shy away from this look because it can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a petite frame. A crop top pairs well with a maxi skirt because it creates balance by keeping things lighter on the top without being overwhelmed by the movement and flow of the skirt.

Mix and match

Fashion is all about expressing yourself through your clothes, and while some may prefer the simplicity of a monochromatic capsule wardrobe, others crave color and patterns. A plain, white crop top works well for an outfit like this because it acts as a neutral point between the colorful skirt and cardigan. It allows the two other pieces to stand out without clashing with either.

Casual and coordinated

If you're not a fan of colors and patterns, you can never go wrong with basic black. This cute, cropped tank top is instantly elevated when worn with coordinating pants. This is the kind of outfit you could wear with white running shoes for a casual look or paired with sandals and a blazer for something a little more formal. The matching set gives you endless options when styling and takes the guess work out of finding coordinating pieces.

Sweater weather

Just because you're wearing a crop top doesn't mean you have to show some skin. Go for a look with less skin by opting for a cropped sweater that hits right at the waistline of your favorite pair of jeans. This will eliminate any bulk you get with a larger sweater while still giving you the coverage you may want. With this cut, you can control how much skin you want to show.

Add texture

Have some fun with your outfits and make them interesting by adding pieces with different textures. These separates may not seem like they'd work together when looking at them individually, but the texture of the cropped sweater and hat work well with the pants and the jacket because the sweater provides some balance to the rest of the outfit.

Elevated athleisure

Crop tops are almost synonymous with athleisure wear. Whether you're headed to the gym or looking for something cute and comfy to run errands, the crop top is a staple choice. But you can also elevate your athleisure wear by adding a few key wardrobe items. This crop top features a high neck, which instantly elevates your look. Also try pairing it with a sexy tweed jacket, stylish hat, and classic handbag for a look that's perfect for a casual day out. Athleisure is no longer just for the gym.

Add a blazer

The oversized blazer is another hot wardrobe staple this season. If you've been looking for the perfect shirt to wear with it, look no further than a basic, fitted crop top. For a casual, yet sexy, evening look, wear a plain white crop top layered underneath a blazer with a pair of low-rise pants, or, for something a bit less daring, opt for a pair of high-waisted pants.

DIY your crop top

Go for a monochromatic look in all-white with this boho chic outfit. What's so great about this casual look is that you can adjust how much of your stomach you want to bare by tucking the hem of the shirt into your bra. The flash of skin breaks up the outfit and draws attention to the high waist and pleats of the pants. Add an oversized hat and simple accessories for a gorgeous everyday outfit.

Pair with pinstriped shorts

A cropped button-down is another way to wear the cropped style without showing too much skin. Wear it with a pair of high-waisted shorts where the two hems almost meet and only expose a flash of your tummy. Combine a plain white, cropped button-down with a pair of pinstriped shorts for a flirty look that is put-together and fun.

Go for a corset

Is there anything sexier than a corset top? Corsets were once worn only as undergarments, but this season they are having their moment as a standout piece. Corsets are flattering for every figure and go with just about anything in your closet. Wear yours with a pair of silk cargo pants and heels for a look that is sure to turn heads.

Evening chic

This outfit proves just how chic and versatile a plain white tee can be. To take this look from casual to elegant, this white tee, knotted at the front to show just a hint of skin, is paired with a black silk maxi dress and cream blazer. Cream and white are one of this season's hottest color combinations, and the silk skirt makes this look the most comfortable evening attire you can wear.

With a touch of leather

By now we know that you can wear a crop top with just about anything in your closet, including your favorite leather jacket. Choose a top in a contrasting color, like this bright white cropped tee, to draw attention to the jacket. Wear with a pair of high-waisted, pleated trousers for an elevated casual look.

Add animal print

The key to wearing animal print is pairing it with pieces that allow it to stand out and not compete with the pattern, which is why we love this crop top so much. The solid black complements the animal print pants while the one-shoulder neckline adds an almost formal feel to an otherwise casual outfit.

Coordinate with a cropped cardigan

Crop tops are cute on their own, but if you're feeling a little exposed or you simply want to add a layer to your outfit, pair it with a cropped cardigan. You still get the same effect with the crop top, but now you can add a different color and give yourself some additional options for different weather.

Add a pop of color

It's amazing what color can do for an outfit. Though this outfit would still be beautiful in all black, adding this gorgeous cobalt blue crop top transforms this look from ordinary to extraordinary. While we love a neutral crop top, why not draw attention to your outfit with a pop of bold color? The results are stunning!