How To Style A Corset Top For Any Occasion

Controversial and synonymous with torture as well as righteousness, corsets were originally worn in the 16th century to "flatten the stomach and emphasize the fullness of the skirts and chest," explains John Carroll University intern Lydia Lane for Hagen History Center. Forgotten in the 20th century to make room for pieces that liberated the body, the figure-hugging undergarments became fashionable once again in the '80s and gradually became a must-have fashion accessory in every wardrobe. Taking center stage was the iconic pink Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra corset that Madonna wore during her 1990 Blond Ambition tour.


The bodice is back in the spotlight thanks to the hit Netflix series "Bridgerton," per Tatler. From Versace to Vivienne Westwood, many Fall/Winter 2022 collections sent a variety of corsets down the runway. Brandon Maxwell, Dior, and Gucci revisited the garment with a zipper, while Rokh adorned theirs with rhinestones.

This trendy piece goes with just about any outfit in any season. With many styles, materials, colors, and patterns to choose from, corsets can be attached with lace, zippers, or hooks. The celebrity-loved trend is popular with Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kim Kardashian. They have worn corsets with high-waisted jeans, flounced dresses, and joggers with a low waist. When you look closely, it's actually very easy to wear! Here is a guide on how to style a corset top for any occasion.


With high-waisted pants

If corsets were once worn with long puffy dresses, today they can be paired with many other pieces of clothing, including high-waisted jeans. You inevitably have one of these garments in your wardrobe that you have forgotten about, so pull out those trendy bottoms to really make a statement.


Simple and effective for everyday wear, a corset can be styled with pants that are very tight at the waist to enhance the look of your curves. Mismatching colors can work, but a nude-on-nude outfit is even more impactful. However, don't overdo it, for your accessories bet on a completely opposite color: black.

On top of a bouffant dress

As you know, the history of the corset goes back to the Renaissance but can give off an air of the Georgian times with a very loose dress made of dozens of frills. With the floral patterns of that time and a touch of baroque, this corset will transport you to the 18th century to give you the style of Marie Antoinette combined with modernity and style in just a few seconds.


With this combination of fullness and adjustability, you can create an outfit inspired by yesteryear and bring it up to date. Don't be afraid to add a few ribbons to further immerse yourself in the era and embody a vintage look.

On top of a puff-sleeve top

"Wednesday" is a Netflix series that is highly popular right now, and it has brought back the gothic look of black and white clothing. The Kit shows off some parts of this style that are trending, but, of course, not everyone wants to go dark and spooky. That's why if you desire to avoid the goth look, you should wear your corset with casual basics and comfortable everyday pieces.


To adopt the black Victorian-inspired corset in a modern way, try wearing it over a plumetis top for added transparency. Whether you choose it as a belt or as a full-bust support, pair your garment with a puffed-sleeve blouse for a more casual look. This dark corset immediately makes a difference and dresses up an entire outfit, no need for accessories.

With a matching skirt

The gothic look might not be your cup of tea, but the good news is there are many more styles to explore. If a retro look is your thing, you can choose a vintage corset top with embroidery offering a pop of color. And go the extra mile with a matching skirt in the same pattern.


As if cut out of an ancient tapestry, this set is adorned with faded flowers. The mini skirt immediately brings a modern touch to the outfit. It can be accessorized with a thrift-store handbag, leather jacket, and stiletto heels to avoid a too-retro look.

On top of a cozy sweater

While the weather forecast of the day doesn't announce good predictions, you hesitate to wear your brand-new corset. Whether it's cold or raining outside, it's possible to wear one in all seasons. Even during winter, it is entirely possible to style this fashion piece. It is isn't only timeless but it is also versatile — it suits all outfits.


Paired with high-waisted corduroy cargo pants and worn layered over a wool sweater, the corset can be a successful part of a casual look. On top of that, if the colors of the corset match perfectly with your outfit then you will get a completely seasonal look.

Over a washed denim mini skirt

The hyper strict and serious side of the corset can be twisted, and to achieve that, a washed denim mini skirt is the perfect element to wear. The denim skirt is a timeless staple that can be styled with just about anything in your closet,


A nude tulle corset over a mini, paired with mid-calf boots will be the go-to outfit for going out without the hassle. You can add an ultra-trendy mini handbag to carry some of your essentials, as well as elegant jewelry to avoid overloading the look and stealing the corset's spotlight.

Over a silk shirt

In the 18th century, silk was highly valued as a symbol of wealth while lace was a sign of prestige, per Science History Institute. Today if those symbols have evolved, a shirt made with these two materials can be perfectly matched with a black faux leather corset. The Victorian spirit is revisited and completely reshaped to create a modern and trendy ensemble.


To complete this look, play the classic and authentic card to finish your outfit with black corduroy pants, or a black ballerina tulle skirt, and matching platform boots. 

Underbust over a Victorian-inspired puff crop top

Today, the underbust corset, which tightens under the chest since it covers the ribcage, allows you to show your unique style and reveal your sense of originality. This black lace-up drawstring corset belt completes the romantic look of a Victorian-inspired top. You can wear it with flare pants, or a high-waisted vinyl mini skirt that will perfectly match the cropped corset. If you want to add a gothic touch to the outfit you can add a black velvet choker necklace.


With faux leather pants

It can seem difficult to explore different materials in a single outfit, but when you look closely, it can become a fun game to play. Faux leather pants are a classic and can be styled with just about any item in your wardrobe — it's a good thing you have a great corset to show off.


The combination of the white satin corset and the black faux leather creates a mix of materials and colors that make this outfit stand out, giving the corset a new dimension. Being strapless, this one reveals your torso well enough to welcome some trendy jewelry. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, you can afford everything with this white bustier corset.

As a belt on an oversized shirt

If in the past the corset was hidden under garments, today it is no longer camouflaged. This garment can also be used as a belt to not only accessorize an outfit but also completely change the allure of it. For example, you can make a simple white shirt — that is way too large — a little sexier with just a belt. But, not just any waist cincher, it can be a cropped corset that perfectly outlines the underside of the chest. A black vinyl corset will bring structure to the look. To complete this chic winter style, you can pair this set with ranger boots and an XXL handbag.


Styled with a blazer vest

A corset doesn't have to be plain or dark, it can have modern patterns and even a few touches of color. Entirely modernized, this one is ideal for Sunday brunch with your friends. The colorful flowers it carries will bring a little sunshine to your outfit. You'll find it super easy to style it with a pair of faded denim, and a blazer to bring even more chic to the outfit. Add a necklace in the same tones as the corset to create a statement.


With low-waisted jeans

The corset can also take on a 2000s look, which is a trend that is making a strong comeback in the fashion and beauty world. To adopt the '00s style corset, we bet on the combination of lace corset with low-waisted pants to make all of your friends fall in love. Moreover, Bella Hadid is the fashionista to follow with this very Y2K combination. Complete the outfit with a baguette bag on your shoulder, mules on your feet, and some butterfly barrettes in your hair à la Dua Lipa.


Corset night dress

The corset can be revisited as a single piece, as is the case with this strapless dress. If you have an event, this evening gown will create a real statement. This one attracts the eye to the top of the silhouette. You don't need to bother with too many accessories, just grab your best pair of pumps and go to your soirée. This corset dress is an asset to have in your wardrobe to impress everyone.


Styled with bold colors

To make your corset stand out, bold and strong colors are a great way to highlight the star piece of your outfit by making a counterpoint. This embroidered garment with ribbon ties is tightened around a burgundy oversized shirt worn as a dress. Add only a few minor accessories like a couple of rings, a plain bag, and trendy flats, or heeled shoes.


Over a suit

The originality of a corset over a blazer is unique. The jacket has long been reserved for the office, but today it is also carried in the street. Very formal, it will make you immediately more elegant and snazzy. The quirky side of this combination will not leave you unnoticed. If you like to break the codes of fashion, twist your most beautiful pieces, mix styles and eras ... then this combination will be your fashion ally. 


After putting on your matching suit, attach your corset. The transparent garment reveals just enough of your outfit. In addition, the beads and sequins give the corset a more chic look and transform the outfit from a working girl mode to a ready-to-party mode.

Color matching set

How about monochrome? It's an option to consider if you want to opt for a sophisticated and trendy style. From time to time, giving importance to only one color can completely change a style.

Pants, jackets, corsets, and even accessories can be adopted in the same color. This monochromatic look is very light and allows the corset to be more discreet and the cream tones are ideal to bring a little freshness to your day. Like a strapless top, the corset is perfectly melted into the outfit.


With a leather jacket

We know that leather makes a statement on the street, especially if you match the jacket with the pants. Whether it's new or found in a thrift store, real or imitation, leather can break that too-serious side it has, while a corset can bring softness. 


The bodice is used rather in a sportswear way to counterbalance its classy lines with bourgeois characteristics. This two-tone outfit is ideal to go out every day, go for a drink with friends, or wear at a casual party. Leather being quite imposing in an outfit, bet on discreet accessories. Square glasses or some silver rings give a little gothic touch to the outfit, but don't overdo it at the cost of turning the look into a biker one.

As a soirée look

Got plans to party? You will shine on the dance floor with a rhinestone corset. If you don't have any evening gowns but you have a sparkly underbust corset, it will do perfectly. Worn over a sober dress or an XXL t-shirt found in the back of your closet, this shiny garment is a great way to spend a memorable evening. Placed on your belly, it becomes a real jewel to wear for unique occasions. This is the centerpiece of your outfit, let the rest of it breathe by not adding more shine and rhinestones.


With a long faux-silk dress

The elegance of an evening dress can be broken up by a brightly embroidered corset. The garment can be worn by itself, on a shirt, over a blazer, and also on a fluid and light dress. If you want to emphasize the waist, try layering a bustier corset on top. All eyes will be focused on the originality of this look that can be worn in any situation. For accessories, you can pick golden jewels that will echo the elegance of the dress.


Under a bodiless sweater

With more than 8 million views on TikTok, the bodiless sweater became a real trend in 2020. Leaving the bust uncovered, this super cropped knit can be paired with a corset. The mix of loose and structure gives a touch of originality to your outfit. This half sweater is worn over a straight corset to structure your waist and break the very formal side of the undergarment. The blue tones in the sweater pair perfectly with this matching bodice.