The Winter Handbag Trends That Are Completely Outdated This Season

Once cold weather strikes, it's time to pull out the warm layers, sweaters, and favorite jackets. Going to the corner of the closet and digging up last year's coats feels like a yearly ritual and can even reward you with forgotten dollars left in your pockets. Accessories are no different, with leather boots making their seasonal reappearance along with scarves and gloves now also becoming part of your leaving-the-house checklist. But what about winter purses?

Most of us tend to prioritize one bag for more than just a season, not placing much thought on the everyday purse we throw our keys and wallet in. However, with the changes in seasons, it's time to re-examine our bags and evaluate if it's time for a winter upgrade. According to Tribute To, 2022 winter is bringing us more pleated skirts, ski vests, and denim. We can expect to see more layering with vests, corsets, and leather, say trend forecasters at Fibre2Fashion, and with the elevation to winter closets comes a detoxing of old bags. Read on to see which bags don't make the cut for winter 2022.

Chain-strap bags are played out

The Gucci Marmont bag in all its forms and sizes was dominating the purse game for years. Since 2019 this classic shape has completely taken over because of its easy-to-style design and aesthetic versatility. Do you want a bag that you don't have to think twice about wearing with any outfit? This is it. 

Don't get us wrong, the chain-strap bags did us a solid. They were a great bag for a long time. But as purse connoisseur Christina B says on her Youtube channel, this bag quickly went from chic to "overconsumption." We saw this bag everywhere, and its time is up.

Fuzzy bags

One of the best things about winter is breaking out the fur. There are only certain times of the year that you can whip out your mink, fox, or vegan fur, and 'tis the season. In 2021 fur bags walked onto the scene with fuzzy trimmings acting as an extra-dimensional statement in hand. Fashion experts at L'Officiel dubbed 2020 the "year of cozy" and fur bags as a definite trend for 2021. 2022 might be the year we put the fad to rest.

Crossbodys and messenger bags are out

The messenger bag has a way of coming in and out of fashion. They make us look studious and busy and can carry both a laptop and a makeup bag. The messenger bag, however, which is recognizable by its large straps and briefcase-like shape, is on the decline this fall and winter. According to fashion trend forecaster and analyst Veronika Lipar, both crossbody and paper bags are on their way out as we wrap up the year.

Tiny bags had their moment

Let's be honest — mini bags were the moment for a while. When French designer Jacquemus unveiled his iconic two-inch bag Le Mini Chiquito, the internet erupted in awe. Never before did we see a bag that could hold our lipgloss and lipgloss only. Who needs keys when you have a chauffeur was the fantasy of 2019. Fast-forward to 2022, the micro bag's 15 minutes of fame is reaching its decrescendo. Small bags aren't completely out but think more shoulder bags with a comfortable shoulder strap.

Envelope purses are on the decline

Metal-lined jumbo clutches were all the rage at the height of 2017. In 2018 E!News reported them as the perfect choice to dress up for both day and night party affairs. The oversized clutch was, at the time, a showstopping statement piece that was sleek and chic. Sharp lines and hard angles were the main defining features. As we move into 2023, purse designs have become puffier with rounded edges and softness. Expect to see more knot hobo bags like Bottega Veneta's Mini Jodie Leather Hobo Bag.

Studded purses

Shiny objects never go out of style, and for a while, that meant in studded fashion. Gold hardware that was popularized as studs on purses and backpacks is not a trend we foresee continuing this winter. Instead, we're seeing new ideas of crystalized metallics like Bottega Veneta's metal-coated Mini Jodie and By Far's trending Hologram Leather Shoulder Bag. Quilted bags with metal studs are quickly being replaced with more futuristic Y2K variations of metallic. Expect to see more all-over gold metallic and silver bags as we ease more into fall.

Belt bags are a hard no in 2022

Belt bags, also famously known as "fanny packs," have not been in style much of 2022. Though designed to be worn around the waist, belt bags made a surprising fashion comeback in 2018, with Today reporting the accessory created a 25% boost in retail sales. As much as we loved wearing this look over our shoulder to pull off shoulder chic, we're putting them to rest come this winter. If you see these in the back of your closet looking for winter sweaters, leave them there.

Large quilted purses are classic but also outdated

Some purses are timeless. Chanel's single-flap jumbo bags are one of those bags. These bags are a classic, so we're not hating on them. This is a bag you can keep in your purse arsenal for ages and pass down to your offspring as vintage. The issue is that 2022 has become the year of Y2K, and with such a push in post-future modernism, the Chanel Jumbo is giving outdated vibes. 

If you want to be on trend this winter and still want texture, opt for denim. Nothing says 2022 Y2K nostalgia like denim on denim. Not convinced? Take a look at Stella McCartney's denim shoulder bag. This winter trade classic for daring.